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Medical supply run on Harvest

Posted on Sat Jul 21st, 2018 @ 10:00pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Location: Nightwolf to Harvest. part 2

David thought great now two women are fighting over him to have him for the same job. as he blushed a bit. "Yes I am looking for work and I believe I will accept your offer Kaylia and captain Reynolds." David said with a smile. David took a long drink of his drink. "I believe this was the first job I have gained the fastest from any other job."

Sasha turned herself around after facing Kaylia, and the gentleman. Sasha made it outside and to start her Medical supply hookup. i wonder where i start first she thought
to herself.

Sasha continued walking and shook her head as she saw Bashie
in town."Well Bashie what brings you here?" Sasha asked.
Bashie smiled."Well I was in town thought i'd see how you are doing and your hunt for Medical supplies to Westfall,"Bashie said.
Sasha looked at Bashie."Well im just starting off could you tell me where i should go Bashie?" Bashie looked at Sasha."I can give you a hint,its in the center of this town theres a few doctors with Medical supplies that might help you." Bashie grinned.
Sasha shook her head,and Grinned as she took off to the center of town of Harvest.

"So where were we Kaylia?" David asked as the captain left abruptly as they did as she came in. David thought as he waited politely for kaylia.

"I believe we were discussing the ship, and a job actually since our last grease monkey left." Kaylia pursed her lips.

Bashie,and Sasha were talking for a bit on the way to the place where the medical supplies are at,Bashie thought she'd be nice and show Sasha the building,but Bashie would not go in."Here you go,a gentleman named Jules will be in there to help you hes a good friend of mine, Sasha"Bashie said to Sasha. Bashie wouldn't stear Sasha wrong..

Sasha went inside to see Jules,and hoping she will get a good idea for Medical supplies.

"what else do I need to know about this job as Grease Monkey as you put it?" as he looked at Kaylia casually. As he took another drink of his ale.

Sasha was having a meeting with Jules about buying some Medical supplies for other people, while others were enjoying themselves.

"Just that its dangerous." Kaylia nodded.

"Dangerous?? What do you mean Dangerous?" David asked with a bit of concern.

"Dangerous, you know...doing jobs are dangerous to ones health."

"Well, that's normal dangers then that's fine." David said calmly. "I am good with dealing with that danger."

Kaylia giggled a bit, "Are yew now? I guess we'll see sugar."

All david could do is laugh. "I know we always never prepared for this but I will try." He said sincerely to her.


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