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Meeting the new Grease monkey-Engineer

Posted on Tue Jun 12th, 2018 @ 4:06pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Location: Nightwolf
Tags: Bacon

Sasha was walking the corridor of the ship as she was on her way to meet the new Grease Monkey-Engineer. She hoped he knew everything that has to with being an excellent engineer. She
was in the shuttle bay looking for the new Grease monkey.
she looked around as other visitors were settling in.

David walked in from the engine room area as he noticed the captain. "I heard you wanted to see me ma'am?" David asked calmly to her.

Sasha smiled."Yes i wanted to meet you, our new grease monkey." Sasha told David, "Welcome aboard the Nightwolf."
"just keep her running while we are in cruising in space." Sasha
told him.

"I don't believe that will be an issue." David said with a smile.

Sasha smiled back."Thats what i like to hear from a new grease Monkey." she said padding his shoulder with her right hand.
"I'm glad you will make me a happy colonel with what you said."
Sasha also said.

"Colonel ??" David said quickly lost for words now. As he tried to refocus. "Is there anything that you are concerned about in engineering? Captain??"
David asked calmly to her. As he heard the jukebox started playing Saturday Night Fever. "I am liking the ship already."

Sasha laid her arm and hand on David's one shoulder."Not
now that ive got you under the engine's controls."Sasha smiled at
David." Now will you excuse me, im headed towards the front, andI'm gonna see up in the cockpit." Sasha smiled to him as she left for the cock pit.

"I will meet you there!" as he calmly placed his tool belt on the empty clean work bench as he headed off towards the bridge cockpit area. "I am here as ordered captain.!" David said with a beaming smile. "Wow!" He said in awe of the design of the ship. "pinch me is this really happening?"


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