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a New adventure for the Nightwolf

Posted on Sun Apr 15th, 2018 @ 5:45pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Location: Leaving Lincoln Station,for new adventure

Sasha was sitting at the cock pit,making sure all was ready to go,
then a message came in it was Bashie, with a message for the crew.
Sasha opened the comm button for Bashie."Hey Bashie whats cooking your end."sasha told her. Bashie then spoke." Hey Sasha
not much just hanging on this one planet,called Bellerophon.
I need you and crew of Nightwolf to meet me on Bellerophon,
Theres this guy who landed his ship here,selling extra items he don't need." Bashie said. "The person goes by the name of Morty,I told him you and your crew of the Nightwolf would be interested, he said he will wait for you." Bashie said.
Sasha looked at Bashie on the screen."were on our way, i just hope everyone is aboard the Nightwolf so we can head to Bellerphon." Sasha told her.. Bashie grinned."I will let Morty know
you are on the way." Bashie said. Sasha nodded to Bashie,and let her go so Sasha can make sure her crew is back on the Nightwolf,
so they can head for Bellerophon, from Lincoln Station.
OOC: the guy in firefly is called Monty,but i changed to Morty
So everyone were on our way to Bellerphon,for a good sale.


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