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Arrival of Kade 'Doug' Douglas

Posted on Mon Apr 9th, 2018 @ 4:35pm by

Location: Lincoln Station

It was common knowledge that the Nightwolf had a tale or two to tell to its weary travellers and this was something Kade liked a ship with a history. Since leaving the Alliance as a double agent during the latter part of the war he knew his life was never going to be the same again and that what he had done meant he was to stick with the Browncoat allies. Kade had been at Lincoln station for a day having spent several months on a border planet making money any way he could. Staring at the Firefly-class transport he had just approached he knew it was time to settle down and pick a side good or bad. Approaching the ships entrance the tall raggedy corporal peered around for signs of life yet to come across a member of the Nightwolfs crew he decided to venture onboard. With a large duffel bag situated on his right shoulder and a weapon holstered to his side Doug as he was usually approached by ventured up the ramp and into the cargo bay “Hello” came the authoritative voice of a once respected Alliance officer. “I come meaning no harm I simply am looking for a job and safe harbour” he went onto say situated in the centre of the cargo bay peering around at the aesthetic look at what was once one of the Browncoats best transport classes.

Doug did not want to venture too far into the ship due to not knowing 1. if anyone was aboard and 2. who the crew were remaining silent but with caution, the corporal placed his hand on his holstered weapon and observed for any sign of life heading towards the currently lifeless cargo bay.

Kade 'Doug' Douglas.


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