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End of R&R,back to work on the Nightwolf

Posted on Mon Jun 11th, 2018 @ 11:19pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Location: Nightwolf to Harvest. part 1

Sasha was on the ship after she took her nap, She walked to the pilot seat, starting things up. and getting the ship ready to rock
as soon as the crew got back on the Ship. Sasha left the cockpit to let the engines run, while watching the crew come back onto the Nightwolf.

Sasha grabbed the mic "Ok everyone you all should be on the Nightwolf getting ready to Rock,to our next mission." Sasha said waiting for the pilot and crew..

Kaylia was already in the cockpit and lounging with her feet up on the flight console. Tilting her head back to look at Sasha as she came in. "Oh, you show up. I've already got all the shit programmed in since you all seem to like to play more grab ass than anything, sugar."

Sasha chuckled at Kaylia."well theres no more ass grabbing i just
received word from Bashie that Whitefall needs medical supplies badly. So we need to find an alliance type planet,to find Medical supplies,for Whitefall." Sasha said. "I heard Miranda might be the spot,according to Bashie." Sasha also said."so Kaylia lets take off for Miranda, and get Whitefall their medical supplies." she also said.

Kaylia leaned up and slide her legs off of the console. "Or, we could go to Harvest. That planet should have medical supplies. I'm sure there is something we could do for them in return."

Sasha looked at Kaylia."Oh one Favor for another, That sounds like a plan."Sasha said,as she grinned at Kaylia." Ok lets head for Harvest,and hoping they will have Medical supplies we can take for Whitefall,and do something for them in return." Sasha smiled.

"That's easy. While you all have been playing grab ass while I've been laid up. They have some missing people we could try to find." Kaylia grinned, "And I get to hurt someone."

Sasha looked at Kaylia."Oh one thing for another part ,medical supplies for Whitefall ,and we search for missing people." She said."That should be interesting on Harvest." Sasha also said.
"Did they say why or how are these people are missing?" Sasha asked?

She shook her head a little, "Nope. Didn't want to say over comms. So I don't know." Kaylia pouted also, "Did say they had no ice cream."

Sasha frowned."No Ice Cream!,Damnit" Sasha said shaking her head over no ice cream. "Well were still gonna do the swap,we'll find another planet or space station ,that carries Ice cream,i like any flavor." Sasha smiled some.

Kaylia raised an eyebrow and giggled, "The ice cream was a joke, silly."

Sasha looked at her shaking her head."aaawww, I was really hoping for Ice cream." Sasha told her with a slight chuckle.
Sasha was wondering what the people of Harvest will have in Medical supplies,and what can she,and the crew can give to Harvest for those Medical supplies for Whitefall.

Kaylia wandered over to the pilots seat and checked their progress. Once in range of the planet she started their landing approach. Setting the ship down a bit on the outskirts of the main settlement.

"Alright everyone, we're here. I gotta go find the contact, yall do..well, your thing." Kaylia got up and stretched. Checking on Smokie before she went to leave.

Heading straight for the only bar there. She did not mind the walk, the others could use the Mule. Humming as she walked and checking her shiny pistol in that Sara gave her before down into the bar itself. Giving a look around, she had a description to work off of.

Getting two drinks and walking over to David. Setting one drink down in front of him. The rest of them could find the Harvest contact, Kaylia was looking for this man, David, whom was looking for a ship.

He watched a woman walk from the bar towards his table. He was not sure what to make of it as she placed the drink down in front of him. "May I help you!" David tried to ask in a sincere and calm tone. As he now looked at the drink in front of him again.

Kaylia's violet eyes just looked at him a moment. Shifting to sit down and take a sip from her drink. "You wanted a ship right."

"Yes, I am looking for a ship." David said calmly as he took a good long drink. "Thank you for the drink. Are you looking for an engineer? And who are you if you don't mind me asking I am David. David Robinson." David said with a small smile.

"I have a ship." Granted Kaylia was the first mate but still that statement can be true. "We actually do need a new one." Giving a tilt of her head a little. Looking off to the side a moment to survey the area. Didn't see much that would be threatening so far. Looking back to David. "Kaylia Strenvale."

"Nice to meet you Kaylia Strenvale." He said sincerely. "As for the job? What is it entailing? And the pay?" David asked casually but quietly so that no one else overheard the questions that were asked. "Care for a snack? I was planning on ordering some nachos or onion rings and chicken fingers. Or whatever you like?" David said with a smile again.

"We're on a mission right now, the pay is as usual. Per job." Giving a tilt to the other side of her shoulders with her head. "Ooo...I wan cheese sticks!" Which Kaylia was a little loud with that.

"that's fine cheese sticks it is. And I would have the onion rings and chicken fingers." David said with a grin. "As he waver the waiter over please give us some cheese stick and onion rings and chicken fingers with dipping sauce too, please. BBQ and honey mustard and some marinara sauce. Hello, and a small pepperoni pizza also refills to our drinks." David finished the order. "Is there anything else i need to know for this assignment?"

All of those seemed fine to her, specially since that was normal food, which they didn't always get. "We just need an engineer. There is a job on this planet as well though." Kaylia nodded.

"A job here? that's a rarity" David said as he took on a strong drink of his beverage. "Anyone else going to join us?" David inquired. "So there would be plenty of food here for all of us."David waited for an answer.

Kaylia shook her head at the moment, "No, they are suppose to be doing something else about the job. I came to come find you. Not that I really gave them a choice, more of an order."

Sasha walked off he ship,sand headed for town hoping to find
Kaylia in one of the buildings,as she walked about minding her own business like a typical browncoat. She had learned alot from her step brother Malcom Reynolds.

Sasha walked into this one building, and saw Kaylia talk to someone. "oh there you are Kaylia I was looking for you." Sasha said, as she sees her with a guy talking."Hello sir, are you the one to help us get medical supplies for Whitefall?" Sasha asked the gentleman sitting by Kaylia.

"No ma'am I am not the medical supply officer." David said with a soft smile. "And you are?" David asked politely.

Sasha smiled. "I'm Colonel Sasha Reynolds,of the firefly ship called Nightwolf." she said to him."So what brings you over here?" Sasha asked.

"I am trying to find new work? It still hard to get other than being in military services." David said calmly to her. Been wondering around for the most part from ship to ship and planet spaceports to other spaceports.

Sasha Grinned."Well you need work?' Sasha said smiling."My ship The Nightwolf is looking for a grease monkey, you have any engineering experience?" Sasha asked as she ordered a drink
in mandrin language,to the bar tender.

"Her rank actually doesn't count anymore by the way David. She also is suppose to be doing something other than trying to chat you up and pitch a position when I already did as such and in a much better manner." Kaylia gave a glance to Sasha.

Sasha looked at the both of them."Ok Kaylia you finish your pitch to this gentleman,I just wanted to get a drink ,before doing our medical supplies run."Sasha smiled at the gentleman,as she rubbed his back with one hand, and took off to find Medical supplies,and nodded to Kaylia as she left.

David thought great now two women are fighting over him to have him for the same job. as he blushed a bit. "Yes I am looking for work and I believe I will accept your offer Kaylia and captain Reynolds." David said with a smile. David took a long drink of his drink. "I believe this was the first job I have gained the fastest from any other job."

Sasha turned herself around after facing Kaylia, and the gentleman. Sasha made it outside and to start her Medical supply hookup. i wonder where i start first she thought
to herself.
Sasha continued walking and shook her head as she saw Bashie
in town."Well Bashie what brings you here?" Sasha asked.
Bashie smiled."Well I was in town thought i'd see how you are doing and your hunt for Medical supplies to Westfall,"Bashie said.
Sasha looked at Bashie."Well im just starting off could you tell me where i should go Bashie?" Bashie looked at Sasha."I can give you a hint,its in the center of this town theres a few doctors with Medical supplies that might help you." Bashie grinned.
Sasha shook her head,and Grinned as she took off to the center of town of Harvest.

End of part 1

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