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Burying the Hatchet

Posted on Tue Apr 3rd, 2018 @ 11:59pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Location: Lincoln station

While Sasha was waiting for the others to get paid, she grabbed her Mic "Anyone still on the Nightwolf meet me at the local Tavern
as you walk off the Nightwolf." Sasha said enjoying her drink.
Sasha wanted to make sure everyone gets paid,even Kaylia.
Even Though Sasha and Kaylia never got along,it was time
for her and Kaylia to drop the ball,and start getting along for once
and quit the the tough girl act,and behave as adults.

"I'm standing right here," and Kaylia was the one acting like an adult when she could be lucid.

Sasha gave Kaylia a grin."I know we don't get along well,but i want to drop all the bull.. so you and I can get along for once." Sasha said with a grin."here you go,your payment for helping us out,and helping Jason McKenna who got hurt very badly." Sasha grinned as she gave her the money that was owed to her.

Kaylia stuffed it in a pocket for now and would go hide it later with the rest of her stash. "Yeah I know he got hurt. I also saved all of you from those guys on the top of the train. All I want is respect from you and understand sometimes I can't help it. As opposed to you throwing a huge bitch fit over something as simple as what I am wearing, and the crew having fun. If they had a problem with it, they would have said something. Which is why you were jumped on by some of them as well for you yelling at me."

Sasha gave a grin." Well no one is yelling at anyone no-more not even me,cause this is why i want to bury the Hatchet Kaylia, between you and I" Sasha said in a friendly voice.
"Now go and play or do whatever pleases you, just don't get into trouble." Sasha chuckled.

"I'm fine with just getting something to eat at the moment," Kaylia said.

Sasha smiled, "well go enjoy getting something to eat,cause im about to do the same thing,all this drinking is making me hungry, and not drunk." Sasha told Kaylia and chuckled."first i need to find the head and go,then go get something to eat." Sasha chuckled.

"I'll think about being nice and making you a sandwich while you do that." Kaylia turned on heel and headed to the galley.

Sasha nodded and smiled at Kaylia, as she excused herself to find the head.


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