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R&R on Lincoln Station,and Nightwolf

Posted on Tue Apr 3rd, 2018 @ 10:37pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Location: Lincoln Station

Sasha had just paid Jason, for a job well done she went back to
Lincoln station to hunt the rest of her crew."Here fine crew of The Nightwolf time to get paid now." she yelled,as she got back on Lincoln station.
Jace set down his drink, and proceeded to the corner of the bar, still keeping an eye out. Then, she walked in, a beautiful woman of Latino descent, black flowing hair, and beautiful brown eyes. She then saw him and proceeded to his corner table,

"So, Mr. Knight, whatever are you doing here?" She asked him

"I joined a crew, Ally, I was passing through, and I figured I'd stop by," Jace replied.

"And just when I thought I'd gotten rid of you,"

"You should know you can't get rid of me that easily, babe," he replied, then they both went to the Bazaar, and Jace waited for everything to be finished

Sasha came back on Lincoln Station, from Nightwolf, she paid Jason McKenna Jr, and put extra medical stuff in the docs office,and walked back on the Station to go find her crew on R&R,and have some play money.


Sara waited until Sasha had concluded her business before she moved in on Adel Niska's office. She noticed the guards in front of the office and smiled at them as she approached them. All of them could not help but to stare at Sara Li's exceptional physique until she dropped a bracelet.

One of the guards decided to be helpful and bend down to pick up the bracelet for Her. "Sara then flipped on the guard and pinwheel kicked his companion before they could even draw their weapons. The other guard that tried to pick up the bracelet was then promptly flipped into the wall as Sara used the momentum to dispatch both of them fluidly.

The bounty hunter entered the Receptionist's office and shot her in the head before she could draw her weapon. "Next time I'll schedule an appointment."Sara moved to the office door leading to Adel's office. She could already hear the sounds of weapons being drawn, cocked, and aimed at the door. She did not need to waste bullets, there was nowhere to run. She took cover near the door and drew a small device she cooked up from spare parts on the Nightwolf. Sara activated the device, cracked the door open and tossed it into the office. A flash Bomb erupted as every guard, and Adel herself in the room, was instantly stunned by a home-made flashbang.

Sara walked through the group of moans that came from Adel's bodyguards until she found the woman herself. "Adel Niska. I am a professional bounty hunter. As per my contract, and accordance to Alliance bounty hunting regulations, I am taking you into my custody. You will be turned over to my employer at all due haste." Sara began handcuffing and restraining Adel.

"You Bit...." Sara also gagged the woman before placing a black cloth sack over her head.

Sara Li lead the woman out into the reception area and flipped open what appeared to be a cellphone/a video Mic. "Mayor Johnson. This is Sara Li. I'm sending you coordinates for an escrow on Lincoln Station, in which you should be able to retrieve your medical supplies as our contract stipulates."

The Mayor responded. "Excellent, Ms. Li. Excellent. You indeed come highly recommended. I am transferring your credits as soon as I can confirm the Escrow on Lincoln Station."


Sara lead what appeared to be a bound, gagged, and blindfolded woman into the Nightwolf's main cargo bay. "I found my mark." She stated. "Two contracts in one day." No one could really know who this woman was, because she had a sack over her head.

Adel was bound and gagged, and wondered who would have a bounty on her head. She was trying to breathe while bound and gagged with a potato sack on her head,and blind folded too.
She couldn't scream or yell whats so ever...

Sasha was hunting for her crew on the lincoln station, she grabbed her mic , on her long brown jacket. "Hey Crew of the
Nightwolf,I know were all on R&R ,but i need to see you all,if we can meet by this one bar, so i can pay you all so you all can have more fun on your R&R,with spending money." Sasha said as she headed for the bar to wait for her crew, to pay them.

Kaylia was still brandishing the new gun and thigh holster she was given when she showed up. "Did you know, I found peoples that dun hazes food. I gave them monies and they went yay!"

Sasha looked at Kaylia."Its your money, you do what you want." Sasha said. "Did the person who didn't have food,sell you that gun,with holster?" Sasha said being worried.
It was the first time seeing Kaylia with a gun,and holster.



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