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Lurking around Lincoln Station,while on Business and,or R-N-R

Posted on Mon Mar 26th, 2018 @ 8:57pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Location: Lincoln Station

Sasha needed to cool off, and get some air after the Verbally fighting of Kaylia, she thought she'd check out the sites of Lincoln Station and see what was out there. She looked around and see what Lincoln station had to offer for her crew,and her as well.
She reminded herself she needed to pay Jason his cut.

Jason fell back asleep after returning to his room from being in the galley and never got himself any food to eat. At that point, he just did not care anymore at that point.

Sasha thought it be nice to Jason being badly wounded,besides paying him,she thought she'd go to one of the stores or Markets
To getting ideas for a present to Jason while he heals,he did a very good job even though he hurtted himself badly. Sasha thought an extra treat will go well with getting paid..

Jason was dreaming a dreamless sleep he forgot he had locked the door before he fell asleep.

Sasha put Jasons money in the front pocket of her pants and hoping theres no pick pockets so she can get a suprise for him.

Jace looked around for the nearest bar, finding a cozy little spot over by the bazaar, entering it, he sat down. "Something tall and Strong." he said, then was served his drink, he sipped at it for a while, looking around, seeing if he could spot a particular woman know to be at this station last.

Sasha got paid,and got medicine to the good doctor,and they got some back for their medical bay. Sasha smiled."I can't wait to pay Jason." Sasha said as she left,and starting to head back to the Nightwolf." Sasha smiled,sand grabbed her mic and told the crew."Ok everyone, Mission succesful, she let me have some of the medical supplies,Its R & R time, and we got paid."
Sasha smiled."I have to give Jason his payment,for the good duties he did,and was injured badly for it, and im heading back to the ship to give Jason his pay,and you all will get paid too."
Sasha said."Enjoy R&R." Sasha smiled.
Sasha walked onto the ship looking for Jason."Jason its Sasha you want to get paid or what." she yelled for him. She kept yelling his name through out the ship."Your getting paid first Jason,then everyone else will get paid after you Jason, now slowly get your ass out of your quarters and receive your payment, you deserve it first then everyone else. " Sasha yelled.

Jason woke up as he heard his name being called numerous times. "What in bloody hell happened now!" as he got dressed quickly as he flew out the door. And followed the voice until he almost crashed into Sasha. "whats going on!" A bit out of breath as the pain came back to him with a vengeance. as he fell against the wall in pain again. "Maybe I should stay in sickbay. I won't have to go far for pain killers.

Sasha smiled at Jason,."I'm sorry Jason, but here you go my friend your part of the payment of the Train deal." She smiled at him."you deserve it,and now i got to hunt everyone else and give them their pay,and i promised you first." She Smiled at Jason,and patted him litley on the back,now go have fun." Sasha smiled at jason,as she left to go find the others to get paid.

After the pain subsided to a more manageable level he slowly returned to his cabin and laid back down again. "Somedays it does not pay fo me to get out of bed."Jason said softly as his head touched the pillow as he fell back to sleep again.

Jace set down his drink, and proceeded to the corner of the bar, still keeping an eye out. Then, she walked in, a beautiful woman of Latino descent, black flowing hair, and beautiful brown eyes. She then saw him and proceeded to his corner table,

"So, Mr. Knight, whatever are you doing here?" She asked him

"I joined a crew, Ally, I was passing through, and I figured I'd stop by," Jace replied.

"And just when I thought I'd gotten rid of you,"

"You should know you can't get rid of me that easily, babe," he replied, then they both went to the Bazaar, and Jace waited for everything to be finished


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