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Business is Business on Lincoln Station

Posted on Sun Mar 25th, 2018 @ 6:18pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Location: Lincoln Station

Sara watched as the rest of the crew approached Adel's Office. She needed to take out the guards at the front entrance quickly before they could raise any alarm, and get inside. Sara had managed to fashion a few flashbangs out of some used power cells, and a few other parts she borrowed from the Nightwolf. She just needed her distraction to meet with Adel.

Sasha was the last to get out,and lurked around Lincoln station,
she was walking around checking the Lincoln Station out,as one of the other crew grabbed a cart with the Medicine on it,and she lurked around looking for Adel's Medical office.
Sasha grabbed the Cart,and looked around to find Adel's Medical office on Lincoln Station .

Adel Niska was in her office,wondering when her medical supplies were coming. She got word from Bashie that Sasha Reynolds,was delivering Medicine,along with her crew. So Adel decided to clean her medical instruments,while waiting for Sasha Reynolds.

Sasha walked around with the medical supplies, on the cart, asking around for Adel Niska's office. Sasha also lurked around making sure there's no Alliance officers around, and making sure her crew was behaving themselves and also looking for their bodyguard Lilly Underwood, just to check in with her, while looking For Adel Niska's office.

Lilly was in the station's bazar. Dressed in a high-end black pinstripe suit, she looked the part of rare goods buyer. Briefcase in tow, she strolled the area.

Guards were only visible at the bulkhead exits. Personal bodyguards, however, trailed their employers. The only way you could tell between station security and private security were the uniforms.

Turning to look at some electronics at a nearby window, she brushed her ear nonchalantly to turn her comms on. Then Lilly spoke quietly to Sasha.

"Looks like five station guards at the exits. About a dozen private security. No idea if any of them are plain-clothes security for the station though," Lilly ended.

Sasha listened as she looked around the station making it looked like she was ignoring Lilly,as she nodded to her,before taking off to Adel niska's office.
Sasha excused herself to Lilly, and asking around for a medical office,pretending to be not feeling well, and hoping to find Adel Niskas medical office.

Jace kept his distance from Lilly while following her t the same time, he wore a black tactical-esque jacket, that hung low enough to conceal his gun. "Looks like plain-clothes to me, I don't see one damned uniform in this place."

Sasha pretended not to notice the two, as she asked someone where Dr Adel niska's Office is. So Sasha headed towards that direction too..

Lilly clicked her mic to get everyone's attention. "Noncombatant personnel should head to the ship soon. All else, check-in."

Sasha kept heading to the direction she was told with a rolling cart with medicine, then Sasha found her office, and walked in,
and saw a receptionist."Hello I have an appointment to see
Dr Adel Niska, i have something to give her." Sasha told the lady at the desk,as she got up to go get the good doctor.

Adel was working some paper work, as her receptionist went to her,and told her about a delivery. Adel looked at her receptionist and nodded to her."AAhh Sasha Reynolds came through thanks to Bashie." she said to her receptionist, as Adel walked up to where Sasha was to grab her Medical supplies.

"Well Done." Adel said to Sasha."you must be Sasha Reynolds,"she said. "Bashie told me all about you." Adel said.

Sasha grinned."I hope what Bashie said was all good." Sasha smiled. Adel looked at her. "well i see you have all the medicine i needed,and heres your payment Sasha."Adel said giving her a pouch with payment." Sasha smiled Thank you ma'am." Sasha smiled.Adel looked at Sasha."since theres alot of medical supplies i needed, why don't you and your crew take this much,for your ship." Adel smiled,as she and her receptionist were gathering their part of the medical supplies.
Sasha smiled."Why Thank you doc." Sasha said with a smile,as Adel and her receptionist had grabbed their part of the medical supplies they needed...

Jace ducked into a dark corner, and climbed up to an overlook on the station.He could see the entire floor, and spotted Lilly right away, "Lilly wat'c out, you got a couple of tails,"

Sasha walked out with her money and was concerned that its enough for everyone on the ship,so she took off for The Nightwolf top pay jason first, he got wounded doing his job.

OOC:im Ending this log, since we got 2 logs doing the same thing.


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