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Taking in more rest and roaming

Posted on Thu Mar 8th, 2018 @ 3:08am by Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Location: mess hall
Timeline: Stardate 252202.27

slept calmly and luckily without any nightmares. The meds that were still in his system helped him stay asleep for longer then he would have had alone. A few hours later he woke up to his tummy growling. Jason slow sat up in bed as he tried to get his eyes to focus. As he grabbed some clothes and slowly moved towards the galley. He was still sore from all the damage his body took not including surgery.

Sasha too was in the Galley eatting,and drinking coffee,even though shes a Tea drinker ,she needed to wake up. Sasha Grinned,
"Jason,why are you up your supposed to resting, if you wanted to eat,and drink i would of brought it to you,not you walking in pain i bet." Sasha said all concerned for Jason.

Jason put on a small smile as he walked towards the table and took a seat. "I was not sure if anyone was on board for one and my tummy started to growl. So I figured I better get something to eat. I can go back to my room?? Jason said as his smile faded." Jason said calmly. "whats to eat??" Jason asked quickly.

Sasha grinned."Whatever is in the cub bards, or i got some apples from where we were at before,I and few others have been eatting them." Sasha smiled at Jason."But if you feel uncomfortable,and in pain still grab what you need ,and head back to your quarters,to eat and relax Jason." Sasha said as she grinned.

Jasons face changed. "I changed my mind. I will go back to bed." As he stood up and left back down the corridor Without another word.

Sasha sighed."Whatever you need to Jason,i don't mind delivering food to you,in your quarters." she said with worriment.

Jason just left the galley as he slowly made his way back to his room again Ignoring what was even said. He truly did not care anymore at this point he rather starve a bit he could stand to lose some nagging weight. As he made it to his door with a tear in his eye as he walked through the threshold of his door and closed the door behind him and locked it.


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