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Dancie dance cray cray part 2

Posted on Mon Mar 12th, 2018 @ 9:25pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Location: Nightwolf

Sasha looked at Bekka."Whats wrong Rebekka" Sasha asked her in concerned way.Sasha Just stared a bit a bekka."Well if your ready you and I can talk in your shuttle." Sasha sighed.

"I am pretty sure they would have a hard time short of shooting me dead to rape me. And," taking Sasha's arm very lightly, shaking her head. "Just let it go, if Bekka wants to tell you about it she will," Kaylia said.

Sasha looked at Kaylia." Hey as captain of the Nightwolf,its my job to be concerned for my crew." she said sternly."What am i supposed to do ignore her Kaylia." Sasha asked."I don't think so, I'm responsible for every crew member here Kaylia." Sasha said a bit angerly...

Sasha left Kaylia alone,and stomped her way to another part of the ship pissed off,and didn't look back at Kaylia,and kept going very upsetting like..

Jace sat in his quarters, cleaning his weapons, not paying attention to anything around him. He had just about everything you could imagine. Rifles, repeaters, knifes, he even had a pair of Katanas that belonged to his grandfather originally. he had them laid out on the bed, with some music going.

Sasha decided to stay in her quarters to cool off of this Kaylia/Sasha war ,and to her they both sound like children.
"I guess i need to apologize to her." Sasha said to herself,and get this bullshit war out of the way." Sasha said to herself drinking some old scotch she had in her quarters.

Sara spoke as the two walked by and smiled. "For the record, Bekka. You are not going to ever get raped. Just tell them you're Sara Li's best buddy, and they'll leave you be if they know what's good for them." She managed to overhear some of the conversation. "And I'll try to get Kay cooled down a bit for some make up time."
Sasha got out of her quarters, she just needed time to breathe,and cool off. Sasha saw Sara looking at both of them,and slightly grinned.


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