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Meeting with the body guard

Posted on Wed Mar 7th, 2018 @ 11:45pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Location: Nightwolf
Timeline: 02-12-2523

Sasha decided to leave the cockpit, and head to the belly part of the ship. She grabbed the comm on the Wall. "Lilly Underwood meet me in the dining area," Sasha said on the comm on the wall, then she hung it up back on the wall as she headed to the dining area to wait for Lilly.

Upon hearing the summons, Lilly tilted her head with intrigue. Moments later the combat medic climbed up the ladder from her room and headed down the crew corridor.

Spotting the skipper Lilly nodded in greeting, "What you need?"

Sasha looked at Lilly. "I just want to get to know you better," she smiled at Lilly. "Want to come to the dining area and talk." Sasha smiled and lead her to the dining room. "Maybe there would be something good to eat," she also told Lilly.

"Not much to say. I come from a border planet, was sent to a POW camp at the end of the war." Lilly sat down gently. She was not so sure she wanted to tell a lot of her story.

Sasha nodded, "That sounds interesting." she said. "What else can you tell me about you?" Sasha said. "See, I like to get to know my new crew members I have on the ship." Sasha grinned.

"I would rather not talk about my past," Lilly respectfully declined. "There's not a lot of fun memories for me to look back on."

Sasha looked at Lilly. "I'm sorry," Sasha said with a brief sigh. "We can talk about something else like. How you enjoying your time here on the Nightwolf?" Sasha said with a short smile.

"It could be a bit more peaceful, but otherwise it is good," Lilly admitted. "What is your overall goal for this crew? What point do you declare time to retire?"

Sasha looked at Lilly. "I'm not sure Lilly, just keep up the adventures of getting work and getting paid, for now," Sasha said with a short smile.

"Criminal work can be fun, but at some point, a person needs to learn to leave the life." Lilly paused only a moment. "Not to deter you, just sayin' we don' need to end up in an Alliance prison when all this is done."

Sasha nodded and understood what Lilly was talking about. "Oh, I understand you fully," Sasha said as she went to get a cup of coffee., for her and Lilly. "No way in hell are we gonna get captured by Alliance. Over my dead body." Sasha explained that she would make sure all crew was safe from Alliance.

"So why take this job? Clearly, this woman operates the way her family has always been. And if I remember correctly, your brother walked out on a deal with caused the mob to hunt him down." Lilly frowned, "Don' seem like a smart move for us. Especially if it is likely we'll be double-crossed."

Sasha looked at Lilly. "Malcom is my half-brother. I was adopted by his parents." she said to her."So whatever happened with Malcom, that's his problem, with his crew. I'm not part of what Malcom did. He's got his troubles to worry about, so that's his business, not mine. Malcom has his thing, I got mine to different situations." Sasha said to her. "But I will be ready for any double crossing, and you should too, being the bodyguard," Sasha explained. "Now let's get to the medical supplies and get them ready for Lincoln station." Sasha grinned.

"Jace will be your bodyguard. I'll case the joint. Try to find a nest for me to blend in at. If things get hot, I'll direct you via comm where to go," Lilly promised. "I've already started reading the schematics of that station's layout. Knowing where the drop is and how many guns in the room will be Jace's task to relay back to me."

Sasha looked at Lilly. "That is a very good plan." Sasha smiled."Oh Lilly, while you are casing the station, pretend you don't know us, in case something goes wrong." Sasha said concernedly.

"That is a given," Lilly nodded. "I will be roaming around as a high-end core world buyer."

Sasha grinned and nodded to Lilly."Very good plan Lilly, I like your style." Sasha went to get something to eat and Drink from the Galley,while with Lilly..


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