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Dancie dance cray cray part 1

Posted on Thu Feb 22nd, 2018 @ 8:43pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds & Civilian Rebekka IngheiĆ°ur

Location: Nightwolf
Timeline: Before shipment dropped off

Music started playing, it came over the comms, it was being broadcast from a hand held device. Evidently, from whomever had it. Which was going back and forth along the main corridor along where the quarters were. Then a voice to go along with it. "I keep grooving, these hips just won't stop moving, its this music, in my mind and its gonna be alright."

Kaylia was in a pair of purple lace boy shorts, and matching bra set, which showed her mid-drift. Bouncing and dancing while she sung. "Just think while you've been getting down and out about the liars And dirty, dirty cheats of the world you could've been getting down to this sick beat. My ex-man brought his new girlfriend. She's like, 'oh my God', but I'm just gonna shake. And to the fella over there with the hella good hair. Won't you come on over, baby, we can shake, shake, shake."

Sasha came to the Galley to get something to eat, and she heard this music going between the Galley, cockpit, the entire ship."What in all hell is going on."Sasha said as she was only grabbing an apple for herself as she walked towards the cockpit. Sasha thought the music was pretty good, so she walked to the cockpit to see who was playing the music.

Poking his head out of his room, John was surprised to see a woman in underwear dancing around in the halls. "What the devil are you doing?" he exclaimed. "You've interrupted my coloring!"

Kaylia heard him, still dancing and twirling around, shaking her ass and cocking her hips back and forth, "Singing and dancing!" Taking his hands and doing so, "Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play. And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake. I shake it off, I shake it off!"

"Oh, yeah, all right, hot dog, dancing!" replied John. "Coloring can wait! Here we go!" And he broke into the worst dance anyone had ever seen.

Kaylia blinked a little and then fell over giggling and laughing. That was so terrible. She guessed if he was having fun like she was then okay, that could be forgiven.

Sasha came up to the Hallway with her Apple."What in all hell is going on." She said angerly, seeing the doc dancing to the music,and Kaylia laughing on the floor."Damn it Kaylia get up and put some damn clothes on,you are not streaking in your underwear ,or kinky outfit on this ship." Sasha said to her,and looks up to Doc John." John do you have anything to say for yourself." Sasha was totally upset with both of them.
Even though Sasha liked the music,she didn't like what they were doing.

Rebekka walked down the hall and looked at the dancing pair and then Sasha. "Let them be." She said. "They know to take the sex in private."

Sasha looked a Bekka. "You Bekka, a member of this crew, isn't embarrassed by this?" Sasha asked. "The music is nice, but this is not the place to dance here on the Nightwolf, especially with Kaylia in her underwear. Then there is our Doctor following Kaylia with his own weird dancing at least he has his clothes on." Sasha said. "And Yes I'm embarrassed by this,they are lucky no one else is watching this mockery of Kaylia, and the doc," Sasha said as she shook her head and wanting to strangle one of them.

"Nope, not embarrassed at all." Rebekka said. "They are blowing off steam and having fun too. If you come by my shuttle at night and I do the same thing, but in a little less attire." Then she grinned at the woman. "Perhaps you should join them?"

Kaylia leaned up and then stood, squaring her shoulders. "I will dress however I want. I'm not naked. Thanks for ruining the mood, Sasha." 'Bitch,' said under her breath. Taking Johns hand, "Lets go dance else where since we're not allowed to have fun and do what Rebekka said." Giving a smile to Rebekka, "Thank you for understanding, and like hell she's joining us. Fun isn't allowed remember."

Sasha was in the corridor with her Apple in her hand. "What in all hell is this." she said angerly, while chewing on her Apple.
Sasha sees Kaylia, and the doctor having fun dancing and laughing near crew quarters. "Kaylia what's the matter with you,go put some clothes on young lady."

Then Sasha saw john. "Doc you know damn well not to be dancing in the corridor with a half neikked, in her underwear Kaylia. Kaylia I said put some clothes on now you bitch." Sasha was so upset with both of them. "Next time anyone in this Crew decides they wanted to dance, take it out in the cargo area, and be fully clothed." Sasha also said.

Sasha turned to Bekka. "With you in your shuttle its ok for you to dance in your shuttle, since you are renting it from me." Sasha explained. "With you and your whorish ways anything could happen in your shuttle." Sasha chuckled, as she was trying to calm down from being angry with Kaylia and the doc.

Kaylia kissed John's cheek, and gave Rebekka's hand a squeeze as she walked by and right into Sasha's face. "You listen here you little spoiled brat. You think you have a problem with me? With all this. Try to tell me what I can and cannot wear, like I'm your teenage daughter. You may own this ship, but without us, you would have nothing." Kaylia narrowed her eyes.

"We will dance where ever we want to, and dressed however we want to. If I want to take my bra off I will, and until anyone else says they have a problem with it, I will do as such." Kaylia held up a finger, "Oh..One more thing, Sasha." She gave Sasha a hell of a right cross, then slammed her head into the bulkhead and shoved her on the deck. "If you ever talk to Rebekka that way again or call her that again, I will end you." Leaning down to grab Sasha's shirt and make her point clear with a look, "Are. We. Clear. Capt'n."

"Oi!" exclaimed John crossly. "That'll be enough out of both of you! I will not tolerate disrespect- from anyone!" he added, pointedly looking at Sasha. "Now, I think what everyone needs to do is to calm down and... eat some fruit or something. I mean, it's either that or a naked dance party, and I hardly think the Captain would agree with that." He was, after all, still completely goofy and random even when he was cross.

Sasha rubbed her head. "Listen to me Kaylia you Bitch." Sasha said and pushed Kaylia back a bit harder. "I'm in charge of the Nightwolf, and everyone here obeys my rules of my ship." she said angerly to Kaylia, and ignoring what the Doc said.

"All I want is one simple favor, and you blow up on me for this Kaylia." Sasha said. "I said you can Dance only in the Cargo area, where the flying mule is." Sasha said angerly not appreciating the pushing and knocking on her head. "Kaylia I'm The Captain, you do not push or tell me what to do whats so ever, or I'll have Lilly help me push you out in space, young lady. So you better obey my rules of the ship,young bitch, or suffer the wrath of space, with no protection just you by yourself to explode or whatever happens to a person with nothing to protect them. You understand me Kaylia? I'm the boss you listen to ME!" Sasha yelled.

Sasha looked at the doc. "I'm sorry John but that Bitch needs to learn respect on My Ship,The Nightwolf like everyone else does."she told John. "I was serious John, Next time anyone in this crew feels like Dancing use the cargo area,and please wear clothes,Not that Kinky Underware Kaylia was wearing.That bitch is not telling me what to do on my Ship. If Kaylia wants to dress like a whore,she can join Bekka,and learn to be a companion,aka a fucking whore on Bekka's shuttle and have fun." Sasha said in a calming voice to John while rubbing her head after what Kaylia did to her."There is no way in Hell i'm gonna listen to that fucking bitch, The fucking bitch will take commands from me,and not grab my shirt and tell me what to do,all i just have to get a hold of Bashie,and see if she has any pull from the alliance spies,and have them take Kaylia away." Sasha also told John." Sasha was so tottally upset of what Kaylia said,and did. Sasha looked that way with flames in her eyes,and wanting to Strangle Kaylia ,and throw her ass in space,with no protection. As In leave Kaylia in her underware only,and push her into space in her underware.but shoot her first then space.

"Oi!" exclaimed John. "That doesn't sound respectful! I said everyone and I mean everyone! Nobody said you have to listen to her, but name calling is a pretty despicable practice. If that's the way things work on this ship, I'm not sure it's the place for me."

Sasha looked at John. "Oh I'm sorry, we want you to stay here as our Doctor. We need you with your suburb Medical skills,especially with Jason." Sasha sighed a little."Oh is Jason still in your office resting john,or is he resting in his quarters." Sasha half smiled to john.

"Honestly... Both Sasha and Kaylia are overreacting," Lilly spoke up as she climbed up her ladder from her room. But her eyes squared on Kaylia. "Though we are not a military, this ship follows a similar structure. So regardless of what the captain says, you follow it. All of us. Without question, without complaint. Sasha has the right to dock pays, fire, and eject people from the ship. If you have a complaint, take it in private. All this fighting does is create divisiveness."

Lilly spoke calmly as she began to address the others. "Recreational activities are relegated to the cargo hold and kitchen table, per captain's orders. It is a fair decree. Not something to imply a mutiny over... Now, every one please disperse the area and go play in a less crowded part of the ship."

Lilly did not like the fact skipper and first mate were going at it, and in public. What she'd like to do was put them in a room together and drill command structure and application at them, but that was not her job. Her job was.... well at the moment, it was keeping everyone from going off on each other.

Sara entered the hold and leaned against a crate. Lighting a cigarette, she began to watch what was happening.

Sasha looked at Lilly and agreed. "You are exactly right Lilly, I do have rules." Sasha said with a short smile. "I don't mind if the crew blows off steam, but to parade all over in their underwear, I don't like. If you like to dance that's fine but only in the cargo area, and clothes remain on at all times." Sasha also said with a short smile to Lilly. "Maybe I should of made you first mate Lilly you got the whole rule thing down pat." Sasha smiled at Lilly. "But you just got here." Sasha said still smiling at Lilly.

The combat medic had no idea how to respond to that. She simply nodded and went back down to her room, closing the door behind her and hoping to kill the noise with her pillows.

Sasha looked at Sara."Hey Sara li hows things going piloting wise i was coming up to check on you,or take control or what else matters." Sasha smiled at Sara Li.
Sasha was not sure herself to go to the cock pit, or go to quarters.Sasha was feeling drained after what happened with Kaylia and all."I was gonna come to the cock pit to check on you Sara Li, but i feel tired im heading to my quarters." Sasha told Sara, as Sasha left for her quarters.

"Fair or not, no matter what anyone else thinks, this is not near as much of a dictatorship as you may think. As well as, if it is right to follow what she would like done as far as a few things. You do not walk in here like she did and start acting like she's Alliance. Acting like Alliance unless its undercover is one way to get dead fast. I will also wear whatever the hell I wish." Kaylia leaned back against the bulkhead.

Sasha was in her quarters resting after Kaylia's little underware show,it really pissed her off.She just wanted to stay in her quarters to cool off her steam by taking a nap,then head for the cockpit when she gets up.

Jace then popped out of his quarters. "What in Fuck's name just happened?" he said, while looking around.

Sara smirked as she leaned against a bulkhead and pulled out a PDA. She began to take several notes on it before returning to the Cockpit.

Sasha walked up the stairs.And peeped her head out too from her quarters. "What the hell is going is right." Sasha said looking around.

"I smacked the Cap'n around for throwing a hissy fit because we were listening to music and dancing. Oh, and if you think about walking around with your shirt off, don't. We're not allowed to wear whatever we want." Motioning to her top and boy short lingerie. "She'll have you shoved out of an airlock."

Jace just raised his eyebrows. "Allllrighty then." and proceeded back inside his quarters.

Sasha looked at Kaylia."Pull that off again, and I will command Rebekka to use her companion knowledge and teach you what it is to be a companion." Sasha frowned. "I don't care if any of you hear music or have music, and dance to it." Sasha said."As long you dance in the cargo bay, being fully clothed." Sasha said.

Then Sasha said again. "If any of you dance again in your underwear, go see the Companion, she just might dance with you in hers," Sasha said. "I know it seems to be not fair," Sasha explained. If the guys get warm I will allow the guys to take their shirt off." Sasha said.

Then Sasha explained. "The whole dancing in underwear thing I'm worried about, we do have men aboard, and I just don't want a reaction started." Sasha explained, "Reaction meaning the men start whistling, and getting all excited, especially their lizards in their pants stroking it. I just don't want to start a sex department on the Nightwolf, we're here to work, and get paid."

Sasha also said. "I don't need no strip show on my ship," Sasha said as well. "If we had any visitors and one of our female crew was in their underwear, Then theres gonna be trouble, of the male kind."
Sasha also said. "Do you guys and gals understand me, I hope so." Sasha said.

"You can go screw yourself. I'm leaving just as soon as we get to the station. You are being nieve, absurd, and particularly fucking stupid, Sasha. I have half a mind to beat you into a coma and take your ship. If you don't start thinking instead of being a raging hormonal bitch, I might just do that. Do us all a favor, shut your mouth, go to your quarters and cool the hell off. That is an order." Kaylia stood her ground, "Because everything you just said is absolute crazy bullshit. I should know, since I am reminded all the time I am crazy part of the time. Now shoo."

Sasha looked at Kaylia."look all im asking is its ok to dance to music,just dance in the cargo bay."sasha said in a easy voice.
"Plus Dance with clothes on please?" Sasha said. "no one needs to leave,all I want is an apology for hitting me, and slamming my head into a bulk head how hard is that. Then Sasha said."i'm sorry for yelling at you i just got a bit upset for what you did.dancing in your underwear ,i just didn't appreciate it,and i wanted you to put clothes on,and dance in the cargo area please Kaylia.

"Asking is no where close to how you handled it. We aren't your little drones. Yes its your ship, yes on most things, we need to follow your orders and respect them. How you carried your self over two people having a little fun, was completely unacceptable. I'm wearing more than a bathing suit covers, or just normal bra and panties. Are you to say that if I was wearing an actual bathing suit you'd have not thrown a fit? I will not apologize for my state of dress, nor will I dress like a nun because you have issues with your body and being shy. I will apologize for hitting you, though."

"I'm heading back up to the cockpit." Sara tossed a spent cigarette away.

Sasha looked at Kaylia."Thank you for that apology." Sasha said."The reason i was upset about you dancing in your underwear Kaylia is what if we were landed on some planet,and you were dancing in your underwear and we get some company." Sasha said."They'd probably like the show you put on, but it be an embarrasement to me." Sasha said."I'm just saying be careful on what you do around here" Sasha also said."Kaylia you are lucky we are still in space, when we reach Lincoln Station you will be allowed to look around with clothes on." Sasha also explained. "I'm really sorry Kaylia that I was upset but for the record your little dance number was cute in your underwear." Sasha said."Just be careful when it comes to that,and a visitor sees you, like i said." Sasha said with a slight smile." I just don't want some ass hole taking advantage of you in your underwear,if we ever land on a planet or Base station like Lincoln Station.Sasha tried to smile more to Kaylia.

Rebekka listened and understood Sasha's concerns. "We are still in space, with no passengers, so I think you can be a little laxed with the undies dancing." Then she got a really dark look on her face. "Besides, dressed like a nun or dressed like a 2 pence street walker, if someone wanted to rape her, or any of us lady folk, they will." She quickly turned and headed away from the little dance party, turned argument. She was really upset about something, which Kaylia knew about.

Sasha looked at Bekka."Whats wrong Rebekka" Sasha asked her in concerned way.Sasha Just stared a bit a bekka."Well if your ready you and I can talk in your shuttle." Sasha sighed.

"I am pretty sure they would have a hard time short of shooting me dead to rape me. And," taking Sasha's arm very lightly, shaking her head. "Just let it go, if Bekka wants to tell you about it she will," Kaylia said.

Sasha looked at Kaylia." Hey as captain of the Nightwolf,its my job to be concerned for my crew." she said sternly."What am i supposed to do ignore her Kaylia." Sasha asked."I don't think so, I'm responsible for every crew member here Kaylia." Sasha said a bit angerly...

This is part 1 ending to part 2

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