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Dire Wounds

Posted on Thu Feb 22nd, 2018 @ 10:16pm by

Location: Med Bay

"All right," said John as he and Kaylia (carrying Jason) arrived in the medical bay. "Lay him down over here. Now what happened?"

"I was on the roof of the train, throwing bad people off. When I got down and in, he'd been shot so....shotteded I would say? I sedated him."

"That... was probably not an entirely terrible idea," admitted John as he studied the wound. "Hm," he added, carefully slipping his hand under the patient to check for an exit wound. "It seems the bullet went clean through. It's a very tidy wound. I like tidy wounds; they're so much easier to clean and stitch up. Lots of bumps and bruises, too, but those will heal on their own. All right! Let's get started, shall we? I need some warm water and a clean cloth- that drawer there."

"We?" Kaylia blinked a few times. "I'm suppose to help?"

"Yes, we!" replied John. "Come on, come on! I need an assistant after all."

Kaylia scratched her head a moment and got a syringe with a stimulant. Putting it the IV and injected it, then stuck her index finger into the gunshot wound. "There, stopping the bleeding."

"That's great, but I asked for warm water and a clean cloth," he responded. "Besides, I need to stitch that up and check for internal bleeding."

"Yew did?" Kay tilted her head and pulled her finger out, wiping it off. "Um okay then." Going to get those he asked for and bring them back over.

"Thank you," he replied, taking the clean cloth and wiping away some of the blood. "It doesn't appear to be terrible. The bullet went clean through. Grazed the liver on the way. I'm going to stitch that up just to be safe, then close the wound. It's not serious, but he's going to have to take it easy for a bit."

With Kaylia's help, John had Jason all put back together and stitched up, complete with bandages, in no time at all. Granted, it was a rather routine type surgery, but even so, it would have taken longer if he'd had to keep removing his gloves and searching for supplies. With Kaylia finding sutures and syringes and other needs for him, it was a much more efficient operation.

"Perhaps I should train you as my assistant," he mused as they waited for Jason to wake up. "I could use an assistant. Only, can I call you a minion? I've never had minions before; it's new."

Kaylia tilted her head a bit, "An assistant minion?" She looked a little giddy. "Maaaybe, but Lilly wanted to be a surgeon, perhaps you should ask her. It would be nice for her to get her dream in some semblance."

"Ooo! Yes, I shall have to ask her," he mused. "A surgeon, you say. Has she had any schooling? I mean beyond Primary and Secondary school."

"I don't know actually. The way it sounded no, because you have to be Alliance to go to a proper medical school and you can do that in our line of work."

"True story," agreed John. "Of course, one could always be like me and defect after training. There are a lot of defected doctors and nurses these days. Anyway," he added, glancing at Jason. "We should probably let him rest. We should go tell the Captain that he's resting comfortably. Come on." And he led the way out of the small Medical Bay.


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