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A tour of the Nightwolf

Posted on Wed Feb 14th, 2018 @ 9:43am by Civilian Rebekka Ingheiður

Location: Varied
Timeline: After Captain & crew return and store medical supplies.

Yao followed the somewhat strange woman out from the Nightwolf's engine room and couldn't help but think of tales from Earth-That-Was. Tales of beautiful sea creatures that lured men to their deaths. He was certainly second guessing his strange ad-hoc interview and the decision to just sign up with an unknown crew but then he was pretty bad at staying anywhere too long. His major failing was how easily bored he got. So far he'd met Rebekka the Companion, Kaylia the rather kooky and evasive 2IC and Sasha the captain, all of whom where alluring in different ways. Certainly wasn't the worst crew he'd dared to bunk with, not visually at least.

There was something charming about the firefly class with it's rounded doors and curiously slanted corridors. Certainly held more of a 'homely' feel than any Alliance ship, that's for sure. Yao was admiring the classic bulkheads when his stomach made a rather angry and audible growl.

"Heh, sorry." Ling apologised, clearly embarrassed. "The galley's down here, right?"

Kaylia paused and gave a look over her shoulder, "Yeah, just down a little bit."

Rebekka was in the galley making some sandwiches for those who where on the medicine mission. She smiled as she heard voices. "Lunch is nearly ready." She said as people entered.

The Engineer's attention was drawn to the word 'lunch'. "Oh, d'you guys... got something better than ration bricks?" Yao asked.

"Yes we do, fore I stocked this kitchen when I returned to the Nightwolf." Rebekka smiled. "The military types like that junk, but I don't. If you want a ration brick, you can find these in that cabinet there in boxes." She pointed to a cabinet in the corner.

"Oh no," Yao exaggerated his disdain at being pointed toward the bricks with a wave of palms, "if you've got anything else I'd happily ditch the rat-packs. Not much of anything else in the neighbourhood I was staying in, been on the bricks for months. Seems they were made to outlast Bai Hu." He smirked.

"Lunch!" Kaylia giggled and bounced clapping. "Yay!" Running over, kissing Rebekka's cheek. "Whatcha make?? Oh oh! Look what Sara gave me!" Showing off the thigh strap holster and gun.

"Variety of sandwiches." Rebekka said. "I'm not sure what everyone liked so I have Ham, Turkey, Chicken and mixed sandwiches." She gestured to the various sandwiches.

"Holy shit, is that real ham?" Ling murmured, shuffling toward the platter of sandwiches in the manner of a mesmerized child. "How many of us are there on board?" He queried, dividing the sandwiches in his head to calculate how many he could have before he was being obviously rude.

"Yes and there is enough to fill you up." Rebekka said after kissing Kaylia's forehead. "And last count, including you. 10."

Yao already had a half-sandwich in his mouth. "Hmmfpphh!" he groaned, sliding down with satisfaction into a nearby chair. "Dis iffhh gooooooood" He complimented Rebekka, mouth still full.

Sara entered the galley and examined the new comers. "You still walk like you're on a military parade." She said to Yao.

The Engineer looked up in confusion, "Huh?" Then he felt into silence as the visage of his former target casually walked into the galley.

"You may not know, but we Companions are trained in all arts that give pleasure." Rebekka said going back to making sandwiches. "Whether it is sex, food, music, singing, talking, or cooking. Which I do enjoy cooking, myself."

Sara picked up a sandwich and poured a cup of coffee. "Thanks for the food, Bekka. You're getting a cut from my bounty huntin to make sure we're not eating bricks after the day."

"Donations are always accepted." Rebekka said with a smile.

It seemed Yao had lost his appetite and unfortunately Rebekka's words fell on deaf ears. He was simply staring at Sara. With all the joy from the sandwiches lost his expression was serious, almost... alarmed. He resisted the urge to reach for the faint scar on his neck. Eventually he managed to speak.

"Old habits die hard, I guess." Yao murmured in Sara's direction, hoping the others didn't think to hard about her commentary of him. "You, uh, run on this rig?"

"Nope." Sara took another bite out of the sandwich nonchalantly.

~ Okay..... ~ Yao thought, ~So that's how it's gonna be.~ He felt suddenly very insecure and wasn't sure what to do with himself. He had a strong desire to return to his bunk and unpack the meagre weaponry he had. It had been this woman who'd begun his journey out of the Alliance, but it had also been this woman who'd killed his partner.

"Small 'verse." Yao Ling whispered under his own breath.

Lilly had been standing unnoticed in the corner. Blue long-sleeve shirt. Her tan cargo slacks and matching brown combat boots tagged her as a military type.

The combat medic sat at the table and picked up a sandwich, took a bite, and nodded. "This is good."

"Sure is." Yao commented, and then introduced himself to Lilly. "I'm Yao, just signed up as the Nightwolf's Greaser. You crew?"

"I am, yes. I'm one of your hired guns... more of a field medic though," Lilly answered. "I go where normal medics aren't trained to go."

"And you got a name there, extreme-o medic?" The engineer asked, a little mirth playing on his lips.

"I'm Lilly Underwood," the former browncoat answered with a bright smile.

Yao smiled and gave Lilly a little bow. "Well, I'm kinda hoping I don't ever need your expertise but am glad to have you about."

"Some how I think with the jobs we do on this crew, I'll be getting a lot of work," Lilly spoke with a frown.

"I'm sure we are going to attempt to avoid the 'getting shot at' part of our jobs." Rebekka said with her own smile at the woman. "Oh, I'm Rebekka Ingheiður and I'm the ship's resident Companion and cook."

"What is your criteria in clientele?" Lilly asked conversationally.

Rebekka looked at Lilly with a smile. "The usual kind. The rich, high up military types and on a really rare occasion a rich criminal. Why?"

"No reason," Lilly responded a bit too quickly and turned away from everyone, to hide her actual feelings on the matter.

Yao snorted to himself. ~Rich, Military type eh?~ Oh he knew the type. He used to be that type. Giving Sara Li a wide berth, the Engineer moved round the kitchen area.

"There any tea on this boat?" He queried, to the group.

Kaylia looked up from her eating, which evidently she was also in pretty much zoned out on. Which is why she hadn't said anything. Wanted more but that would not be fair. "Desserts?"

"Tea is there." Rebekka pointed to the stove with the knife that she held in her hand. "Fresh baked cookies are there." She pointed to the plater with the knife.

"Oh man..." Yao's worried about Sara Li ebbed away as he salivated over the cookies. "Say, uh, Miss, I'm kinda curious. You ever... fall for your clients? One of these... charismatic, wealthy, military folk? Or is it all business?"

"No I haven't fallen for any of my clients, one of these... charismatic, wealthy, military folk." She said looking at the engineer. "A Companion is all business. We become what our client wants." She set the knife down. "If he, or she, wants to play house, then we play the house wife. If he wants to be dominated, then we become a Dominatrix. If he wants to be dominate, then we become submissive."

"Cookies!" Kaylia was up and over at them, snatching at least four and eating them fast. Talking with her mouth full, "She showed me sex."

Rebekka choked at Kaylia's statement and she turned a slight shade of red. "Well that was a hell of an admittance Kaylia." Then she looked at her with a smirk. "Are you trying to embarrass everyone present?"

She giggled and moved to kiss Rebekka's cheek, "What? Why should I be ashamed of it. I didn't know what it felt like and you showed me. Are you embarrassed about what you do? We kind of do know after all."

"It is a bit prude to discuss personal relationships in front of strangers," Lilly interjected.

Rebekka smiled at the group. "I'm not ashamed of my occupation." She stated. "It comes down to politeness of your shipmates."

Kaylia pouted, looking down at her feet.

"No need to pout, Love." Rebekka said with a sweet smile.

"But I'm in trouble, cause I shouldn't have said that to everyone. I was just thankful, and wanted people to know how thoughtful and caring you are," Kaylia said.

"Don't worry, Love." Rebekka said. "Your not in trouble. Just letting you know about being polite."

"I always polite?" there was a tilt of Kaylia's head.

"I know you are love." Rebekka said with a smile.

"It's my fault." Yao spoke up, having been cringing from behind the galley counter. His cheeks were an obvious shade pinker. "I shouldn't have asked our Companion about her business. Sorry folks, curious mind got the better of me."

Kaylia gave a glance over her shoulder, "Not your fault, not everyone knows the intricacies of what they do or do not do."

"Some subjects are better left alone in mixed company, as a general rule," Lilly supplied gently. "At least until you get to know the people around you. Certain cultures view the subjects of sex and religion as too controversial for civilized and gentile conversation."

"Well put." The greaser agreed, taking an instant liking to the well spoken combat medic. He'd been too long playing the part of outer-planet hillbilly that he'd actually become one. Thank goodness his father couldn't see him now. Yao almost flinched at the imagined upside-slap to his head.

Kaylia glanced up again at each of them.

Yao had made himself a mug of tea. "I, eh... think I should head back to the engine room, before I kick up any more dust." He was pointedly not looking at Sara Li. "If anyone needs me, feel free to come knocking."

Curiously, Lilly watched the man leave before she dived back into her sandwich.

"Well this little meet and greet has started to fall apart." Rebekka said with a shake of her head.

"Meh... considering the personalities, it could have gone worse," Lilly spoke casually.

"Wait!" Kaylia stomped her foot. "Nuh huh. We're having foods and Rebekka made it for us. So sit, and lets change the subject. Have a nice lunch together."

Rebekka looked at Kaylia for a moment before she started to chuckle. "Everything is alright love."

" No? I dunno..just thought it would be nice if everyone sat and ate and just talked." Kaylia huffed.

"Don't worry, there will be other times to sit and talk." Rebekka said with a smile.

"I guess..." Kaylia pouted a little.


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