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Settling In

Posted on Tue Apr 3rd, 2018 @ 12:49am by

Location: Ship's Crew Dorms

Lilly found her way up in the crew dorm hallway, looking for name plates. Or lack there of. She wanted to make sure she picked a room that had not yet been taken yet.

"Whatcha doing?" Kaylia had been following silently the whole time.

"Looking for an empty crew bunk," Lilly answered very abruptly, she turned around, pulled down her blue shirt, and dusted off her khaki pants.

"There are a couple." Kaylia smiled.

Lilly nodded, taking that in as she found a bunk. Left side, second crew hatch from the bridge. She kicked the door open and then turned her trunk on its end.

"What do you do on this ship?" Lilly asked, keeping small talk as she began to line her trunk up for a long drop down the ladder.

"I'm the first mate," giving a look down like a curious cat. "Hope you did not have anything that would break in there. Silly."

"Nothing that explodes," Lilly smiled. "I'm... well I don't know my exact role. I was once an Independent Duty Corpsmen. Means I knew how to diagnose and treat most injuries found on the line, without supervision."

Kaylia jumped down without touching the ladder and moved out of the way, "Field medic, and I don't know either."

Lilly dropped her trunk down the hole with a loud thunk. It actually made her smile with amusement. "So what do you guys do for down time?"

She backflipped hand-sprung to keep getting hit by the trunk. "They like shooting things."

Lilly frowned at the showboating, but kept her thoughts to herself. She unlocked her bunk to open up the storage chest. Then opened up her trunk.

A lot of browncoat era was in there. Her semi-auto, her shadowbox with her paratrooper wings. But also medical books and protective underarmor.

"Anyone I should steer clear of?" Lilly asked the first mate.

She actually wasn't show boating, it was instinct. She could have been squished. Giving a look over the top of the trunk. "Cap'n seems kinda off more than I am sometimes. Yao is okies, so is everyone else that I can tell." Kaylia mused a moment, "Whats are those?" Motioning to the wings.

"Paratrooper wings." Lilly pointed to the circular unit patch on the khaki BUD jacket in her trunk. The head of a striking mamba on a field of light brown. "That was the unit I was their spotter and independent duty corpsmen in."

"Oh.." Kaylia gave a glance and reached to feel of it. "Cool."

"I gave up becoming a surgeon, to fight the Alliance." Lilly grew quiet there, as if trying to control her rage, sadness, and whole other multitude of emotions on the subject.

Reaching up she scratched her head and set it down. Pursing her lips, Kaylia moved over and gave her a hug. "I sorry. You can do so now though. You should go for what you want."

"No good medical school will accept a former prisoner that once rebelled against the Alliance," Lilly spoke bitterly.

"Who said it had to be an Alliance medical school."

"It's the law. There are no medical schools that aren't Alliance-owned." Lilly spoke simply. "Sure... I could be a medic on the fringe planets. But I'll never have that knowledge I need to be the best fringe medic I could."

"That's just selling yourself short then," Kaylia shook her head. "There is always a way."

"Possibly... I'll keep looking for a way to achieve what I want, for sure." Lilly was not so sure she'd find that out on the fringes though.

"We have a doctor. Why don't you start there, sugar?"

"I don't think he's a surgeon. But I'll seek him out at some point," Lilly agreed.

"Never know," Kaylia smiled.

"Ever thought of what you want to do with your life after you got enough shiny?" Lilly asked conversationally.

Kaylia raised an eyebrow, "I'm just happy to not be under the Alliances fingers. Never thought past that when I can think right."

"Well... you should sit aside some time and find what it is you truly love doing." Lilly smiled at the young woman. "Never hurts to plana head."

"I suppose we'll see." Kaylia nodded.


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