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The Odd and the Oddity

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Location: Engine Room, Nightwolf
Timeline: After Yao meets the Captain

It was just a little bit depressing to be able to pack pretty much all his stuff in one large rucksack. How far the mighty fall, eh? When he used to think of the estate he grew up on, all the fine things that came with the wealth and status of his family... If he missed anything, besides his family, it was probably clean clothes and decent food. The feel of a tailored, fresh shirt against his skin and food that wasn't reconstituted in some manner. Yao's stomach gurgled at even the thought of a ration brick. Sometimes his life before defecting felt like a dream... and it was probably best to leave it that way.

Ling shifted the weight of his pack as he approached the Nightwolf once again. There really was something special about these birds. He made his way to the engine room. which was nestled above the primary reactor, which would make for a warm albeit convenient place to set up camp. It was still a little messy from where he and Rebekka had searched for parts. Well, he could tidy that up no time. Right now he needed to make this place feel a little more like 'home' and check over the main systems so he knew -at least in brief- the status of the girl at least before take off.

And so Yao set about unpacking his meagre belongings. He had a few books, a smattering of clothes and a lot of tech; varying from weapon modules to small vid screens, as well as things with no obvious use, all in various states of completion. His most important kit were the tools he'd brought with him to fix up the Companion's shuttle. Knowledge got you so far, but tools of the trade were vital and it'd taken him the better part of his life amongst the outer planets to piece together his current kit.

Kaylia had been hanging out up on one of the struts above and dropped down silently. It was only when she was watching what he was doing and moved, accidently kicking a spare part that gave her away.

Yao turned at the sound, an alertness and perhaps a bit of paranoia betrayed by the sharpness in his movements. Also his hand seemed ready to unholster a weapon that wasn't even there. Old habits n' all.

"Hey, Sorry..." he began, as his eyes absorbed the young, really quite stunning woman. "... you gave me a start there. I'm Yao... just been taken on by your Captain here." The mechanic extended a hand in greeting.

She'd gona about trying some jeans and a spaghetti strap shirt since she had a gun belt and thigh holster with pretty gun now that Sara gave her. Kaylia gave a look at the hand and walked right up in front of him.

Giving a moment of looking then reaching up to poke his nose, "Beep. I know." Smiling, before she took the hand. "Hi. Kaylia."

Yao backed up half a pace and blinked away his surprise before realising she'd taken his hand. He shook it, tentatively. "All right then... You've gotta unique way of saying hello there." He managed a smile. "So what's your function on this boat?"

"Me? I look to things. Make decision when the Capt'n isn't round to."

"Hell, they're make 'em young these days," the mechanic laughed without malice, "You kids got experience out in the black?"

"I don't like the black, it, and quiet." Kaylia said.

"That's mighty accurate. Pretty cold too, so far as I have heard though I've not seen fit to test that personally." Yao commented lightly, still on the back foot in terms of his interpretation of Kaylia. Whist clearly an adult, she held a childish quality about her and an innocence in her words. "There anything I should know about the Nightwolf, from an engineerin' perspective? Any troubles lately? Upgrades or refits I should know about?"

Kaylia only read him visually, at least for now. There was no need to go mind fucking him without permission. Not that they always come with her willfully trying. "I don't know, I hadn't actually looked at what all Kenzi had done before she had to go away and deal with a few things."

Ling leaned against a bulkhead and folded his arms casually. "So you got any idea where we're headed? Capt' just said 'a base station' but I've got no idea where that might be. Ball park distance would be useful just in terms of engine prep."

"If she said that, then a base station, probably to drop off the medical supplies so we can get paid."


Although he tried to conceal it, Yao was somewhat irritated with that response but he couldn't work out whether Kaylia was a moron, whether she thought he was a moron or was hiding details for security sake. He was new, Yao got that, but he was taking a mighty huge leap of faith flying off to... random unnamed base station, of which there were many.

"You just trying to make my life harder, kid?" He sighed. "It'd be a kindness to have a rough idea of where my life is headed in the next couple of days. See, most base stations, at least those that I know of, are either on or orbiting a celestial body of some description... " His eyebrows raised and his face held an expression of anticipatory hope that she'd at least give a planet name.

Kaylia gave a little spin and beeped his nose again. Giving a bit of a shrug. "If I had been told, I might give you the courtesy of telling you. Since I don't and wasn't, I can't really help you. Only thing I know to do is go to the cockpit and look at the monitors and the set course."

"Gotta know where you're going to set a course." Yao commented, thinking he probably should have checked the entire crew before signing up to this rig. Though one thing seemed to be certain, it wasn't a boring place. "So how long have you been serving with the Captain?"

"Not to awful long."

"Hmmm." Ling nodded, feeling rather awkward about the lack of interest and information coming from Kaylia. Gave him a good excuse to keep his own secrets though, and he had a fair few.

The two were left in an awkward silence as neither said anything. Yao couldn't take the tedium and so said, "So did you come down here just to poke me on the nose, or is there something that needs a-fixin'?"

"What, my saideses not awful long." Kaylia huffed a little bit, crossing her arms under her bust. "No, nothing to need a fixin'. I go see all the new people. I also wanted to poke your nose, you looked like you needed it."

Yao laughed at that and felt some of the gracelessness of the situation dissolved. "Can't say I can find much reason to argue your point there. Lotsa folks have said what I look like and that is probably the kindest." He shrugged and seemed to relax a touch. "Well, if anything does need fixing, just give me a holler. I could take a look at your side arm if you like, see if it can be improved some?"

She tilted her head curiously at him, "Why the kindest?" Kaylia's nose crinched a little bit. Giving a look at the new gun, shaking her head rapidly, "No thinkies, but thank you. Someone just gave it to mes and it was her favorite one toos. I can't have it messed with. That would be rudes without permission."

"Fair enough." Admonished the mechanic holding up a pair of surrendering palms. He wasn't sure what to say to the strange speaking woman. "Say, you don't wanna show me round do ya? Might be good to introduce myself to other folks on board."

"I guess, I can. If you know this class ship, you should know the layout. Mechanic fiver and all." Sticking her tongue out at him.

"Ha ha!" Yao laughed, "you sure are kooky, ya know. And sure, I know this class of vessel, but the Companion said it was custom build and it's a bit bigger than the standard model, so who knows what else has been shifted 'bout."

Kaylia held a finger up to her lips, "Shhh.." Leaning up to his hear and whispering. "There's a secret cake factory."

"Well that I gotta see... I'll follow you, ma'am." Yao indicated with a playful bow, playing into Kaylia's weirdness.

Giving a turn Kaylia skipped, literally, off expecting him to follow.

And with only a slight hesitation, he did.


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