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Future Prospects

Posted on Fri Jan 19th, 2018 @ 7:48am by Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Location: Nightwolf, Ares Docks

Ariel was a disappointment for Lilly. Try as she might to get former classmates to support her in returning to medical school here, she hit goose eggs.

Now here she was, looking at a firefly transport. Junker, so that say. But it seemed to attract little attention. That was what she wanted. To board a ship unnoticed, find work on the fringes.

Maybe there they'd accept someone with medical skills, no matter the background.

Lilly adjusted her sleeves of her knee-length brown coat, and then did the same with her matching messenger bag. Then came a sigh. A release of stress. Her mother said it helped ease anxiety with PTSD. Lilly thought that complete dung.

With her right hand, she lifted the handle on her trunk and bang to roll it up the ramp. Lilly did not go far into the ship. Only the cargo hold.

Sasha was by the front door getting air while breathing as they finally got the Medical supplies in the ship to be delivered to Adel Niska, Nishka's daughter. It was the first time dealing with her. Bashie her so called pal was the one who gave Sasha the job to begin with.

Left. Right. Up the stairs to the catwalk. Lilly assessed the situation and found it oddly quiet. Any further in, and someone might consider her a trespasser. So Lilly began to call out.

"You folks about?"

As Sasha was stretching her arms, she saw this woman with her belongings. Sasha walked up to her, "Hello ma'am, and welcome aboard the Nightwolf. She's a pretty neat old ship, but it gets the job done for us. She's a bit larger Firefly class starship, and seen some better days." Sasha Smiled at her, and extended her hand and arm. "I'm Colonel Sasha Reynolds, and I'm Captain aboard this mighty fine Vessel called Nightwolf."
Sasha said in a friendly voice. "So who are you, and what brings you here to Ares and my ship?" Sasha asked in a pleasant voice.

"Lilly Underwood," the combat medic declared as she continued to case the area with her eyes. "I was seeking passage off-world."

Sasha looked at the woman. "Well Ms Underwood like I said before welcome aboard the Nightwolf," Sasha smiled. "Your welcome to join our crew. We have a nice dinning area to make your meals with, and also share with the others." Sasha told the woman. "As soon as everyone comes back crew, and visitors too, we will be on our way off of Ares, to the Base Station to drop off Medical supplies,and get paid." Sasha also told her in a friendly voice.

"How are you on your ship's own supplies?" Lilly asked with curiosity.

Sasha looked at Lilly. "Well we try our best to keep up supplies for us,and if we need any more supplies we just check out areas like star bases,or planets to see what they have to offer us." Sasha smiled. "So what do you want me to call you Ms Underwood, or Lilly." Sasha also asked. "Are you here for work ,or just be part of the Visitors and come along for the ride?"Sasha wondered.

"Lilly is fine... and I don't really know where I want to go yet," Lilly replied. "You said you're a colonel... Former military?"

The former med student continued to case the ship with her eyes as she tried to figure out what sort of people lived here.

Sasha looked at Lilly. "Well either way your welcomed here on the Nightwolf." Sasha said in a friendly manor. "I was former Military, I fought for the Brown coats against the Alliance."
Sasha said. "I also helped out my half brother Malcom Reynolds with his team against the alliance as well." Sasha explained.

"I see..." She did not know who that was exactly. A former browncoat, but that was it. "I'll just put my things in a room then. I'm a combat medic, should you need some boots on the ground that knows how to repair most battle-inflicted wounds."

Sasha looked at Lilly. "Hey more help is always needed." Sasha smiled at Lilly. "Now we have rooms for crew, and rooms for guests,you can check out the rooms to see what makes you comfortable." Sasha explained.

"Are there any crew rooms that are single-bed?" Lilly started to see potential in this boat after all.

Sasha looked at Lilly. "Most of them are unless you bring another person with you, like a friend or if your married." Sasha explained to her in a proper manor. Sasha was happy to see new crew and hoping they like their stay on on Nightwolf.

"I'll go get settled then, Captain." Lilly nodded politely and headed up to the crew hall for a fresh bed.


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