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Morning after

Posted on Thu Feb 1st, 2018 @ 11:51pm by Civilian Rebekka IngheiĆ°ur

Location: Companions Shuttle
Timeline: Before Ares

When Rebekka woke up, Kaylia was not in the bed. Rather she was in one of the chairs watching her, and looking down at a paper pad with a charcoal pencil. She was obviously drawing.

Kaylia also had moved the covers, that weren't already moved so it was tasteful in form, but also exposed Rebekka's breasts and torso from the waist up, as well as one leg up just close enough to not expose more.

"Morning my dear." Rebekka said without moving, for she has had been drawn before.

It only took about five more minutes before she was done and set it aside. She'd dabbled in playing with lipstick so she could and did press a kiss on it then set it aside. "Mornik."

"Did you enjoy that?" She asked Kaylia with a sweet smile. "And what is with the drawing?"

"It was....yes, I liked that feeling." She smiled, "You looked so peaceful. Not like the Reaves who never lay down. Never look peaceful. I wanted to give you that. I made another I could keep if that is okay."

"I have no issue with you keeping the picture." Rebekka said sitting up. "If you want to enjoy that again, just let me know." She winked at Kaylia.

Since the pad was out of the way, she was naked, hadn't really bothered to get dressed yet. "I will keep it in mind." Standing and moving over to get under the covers and just snuggle, nuzzling her head.

"My dear." Rebekka said holding Kaylia close and running her fingers through her hair. She kissed her forehead. "This is the best thing to do after sex."

Kaylia tilted her head up from Rebekka's breast to look at her. "Why?" Looking confused, "That felt lots more um....tinglie and then the explosions than just this. Even if its pleasant. Which it is."

"The orgamisms are always enjoyable, but laying with someone that you enjoy is just as pleasant." Rebekka said with a smile. "The after glow, the snuggling is or as enjoyable as the act itself. Come my dear just lay here with me."

Reaching up, Kaylia booped Rebekka's nose, "I am laying here with you, silly."

"That you are." Rebekka said before she kiss Kaylia's nose. "That you are."

Her nose scrinched at the kiss a little, cutely. "Yes, I am here."

"You scrunch your nose so cutely." Rebekka said.

"I think you are more odd than I am."

"Why?" She asked. "Because I find something you do cute?" Rebekka wanted to know.

Kaylia sighed and nuzzled her face into the nap of Rebekka's neck. Murmering, "Because you know what you are doing and in full control of your your....mind. You have a choice."

"So do you my dear." Rebekka said. "It is just a little harder for you to understand your own mind, wants and desires. Besides you choose to spend the night with me. You choose to learn about sex with women. Even I, was unsure about my own sexuality until I was chosen for Companion Training."

"But I'm not always lucid, and have my own thoughts. Don't know what I'm saying. I'm still not sure about the sex, cause I liked those um...rubber things you pushed inside me. Those are akin to male parts."

"Dildo's." She said. "Wait until you get a skilled male to have sex with. You enjoyed what I did, you would enjoy him even more." Rebekka stated. "Besides, everyone has those types of days, but yours where forced on you by the Alliance and their torture specialists." She cleared her throat because she wanted to tear someone's head off over the treatment of Kaylia. "So do you have a young man that you wouldn't mind bedding?" She asked trying to get her mind off the darkness that was forming.

"No.." answering her question. "And you want to kill many people for what they did to me."

"No, not kill them." Rebekka said forcing those dark thoughts from her mind and sighing heavily. "I just want them to pay, and pay dearly for what they did to you." She looked at the ceiling for a few moments, using her self control meditations that she was taught at the Companion School. "Now is the time to relax and cuddle and not dark moods and thoughts."

Kaylia tilted her head away and up to look at her again, "I am not the one having such thoughts. Why are you?" She understood being mad that someone was unjustly hurt. Just not why Rebekka cared so much.

"Because you are someone I care for." Rebekka admitted. "And it hurts here," she pointed to where her heart was, "that someone can take such a sweet girl and do such horrible things to her." She continued to stare at the ceiling. "It is just...." She sighed heavily again. "It is just so hard to pick up those kind of pieces and make you whole again."

She watched her and kissed her neck softly, "What happened to you. I won't pry, you can tell me if you want, or nots."

"I was raped once when I was an apprentice," Rebekka said, "and savagely beaten. My Mentor was killed that day, also. Lets just say that my rapist is still at large. My School is currently looking for him, and heaven forbid if I catch him."

She growled and narrowed her eyes, Kaylia shook her head, "Not if I get to him first." She wasn't ready to tell anyone details of what was done to her that she does remember.

Rebekka smiled at Kaylia's statement. "Now you understand how come I have such dark thoughts about what happened to you."

"At least, slightly similar enough," Kaylia noddled. "Yes."

"This is why I prefer women over men." Rebekka said. "But I will still sleep with men, but I make sure that they have a full background check done before I even meet them."

"Is that not what you are suppose to do anyway, being registered."

"I know a few of my clients that would get some information for me if I asked. And yes, the School does all the background checks, but I run my own on the side. Besides, mine can get a little more on the shady side." Rebekka said.

"You're on this ship, why risk it?"

"I only do it when I think something is off with the check from my school." Rebekka said. "And, I know all my male clients are sweet. Some can be a little darker in their desires. We Companions are trained in all forms of pleasure."

"That's not what I meant by risk it. I meant being here, knowing we're hunted. If for no other reason that Kenzi and I are aboard."

"I help fund the construction of the Nightwolf." Rebekka said. "Besides the Alliance Brass knows not to mess with Companions to much. You would be surprised on how often Alliance Brass uses our services."

"That does not mean if you push to much they will ignore the pleasure given for whatever else to get their way, imprison, kill, or otherwise."

"I'm not worried to much. The Nightwolf is a small time freighter, and not all of the rank and file Alliance Officers would know about you or Kenzi. That would let the cat out of the bag." Rebekka stated.

Kaylia crinched her nose, "But I am sure they know the ship already."

"You would be very surprised how slow the Alliance Intelligence really is." Rebekka said. "They may have the ship's registration on file, and maybe the listed crew, but I'm sure that not all the new crew members are list, officially."

She shook her head, "Pretty sure I'm not, officially. Though I wouldn't be surprised if they don't have an idea."

"So, officially you are a passenger, and I know for a fact that passengers don't have to be registered." Rebekka said. running her fingers lightly down Kaylia's back.

She gave just a slight shiver and hid her face.

"Ticklish are you?" Rebekka said continuing to run her fingers lightly up and down Kaylia's back.

Kaylia shivered again, "No..that feels good, are you ticklish?"

"Good." She said as she brought her other hand and fingers into play across Kaylia's back and side. "I wont tell if I'm ticklish."

Her face still stayed that way, hidden but reached down. Kaylia played her fingers at the back of Rebekka's knee crook. Seeing if that was a ticklish spot.

She pulled her knee up and away from Kaylia's questing fingers. "Oh I see how you are going to play." Rebekka said as she increased the tempo of her light brushing of her fingers over Kaylia's side and back.

"Not going to tell huh?" Kaylia pushed more to get both underside of Rebekka's knees.

"No, I'm not." She said shifting her legs so Kaylia would have a harder time at getting her knees. But she shift her hands and fingers to start tickling Kaylia under her breasts.

"Are too!" Giggling and twisting to try to get at Rebekka's knees.

"You can try." Rebekka said continuing to tickle Kaylia.

Kaylia shifted a little wiggling and giggling as well. Though the ticking on her wasn't working, at least not that spot.

Rebekka kept moving around Kaylia's body looking for her truly ticklish spot.

While Kaylia was tickling her, if she could manage, Rebekka would finally find it at the sides of her neck near the base of her skull.

Just as Rebekka found Kaylia's ticklish spot, Kaylia found hers. Her ankles.

"Say uncle!" scrunching her shoulders up to try to protect her neck.

"You first." Rebekka said attempting to move away from Kaylia and her tickling fingers around her ankles, but she continued tickling Kaylia neck.

"Never!" Kaylia continued relentlessly. Switching to one hand at Rebekka's ankles the other at the back of her knees.

Rebekka stopped tickling Kaylia, because she was laughing to hard. "Okay... Okay... Uncle.... You... Win."

Giggling, Kaylia kept on for just a moment more before she stopped. "I win!" Snuggling against her.

"Yes you won." Rebekka said taking the snuggle. Then she started to lightly run her fingers up and down Kaylia's back again.

Kaylia closed her eyes once the fingers started on her back.

Rebekka smiled at the look on Kaylia's face. "You really do enjoy that, huh?"

She noddled her head, "My mother...well, she turned into my mother, used to do it. She was one of the people that was at the facility. I remember my father, not my real mother. She adopted me in a manners. She was killed in the break out when Simon broke River out. I um....lost it holding her limp body. That's where the six gunshot scars came from.."

"You don't have to talk about this." Rebekka said not wanting to push Kaylia.

"I are surprised you didn't ask about them."

"I'm respectful." She said continuing to run her fingers down Kaylia's back and side. "I didn't want to pry into hurtful memories."

"Now you know without the bloody details." Kaylia sighed.

"True." Rebekka stated. "Things do heal in time."

"Emotional wounds do, physical ones not necessarily, sugar."

"Sugar?" Rebekka said surprised. "That is the first time anyone has called me sugar, and I like it from you."

"I like saying that, and I guess its just a draw sometimes to say. I'm glad you like it though." Kaylia smiled.

Rebekka returned the smile and continued with running her fingers up and down her side and back. "Comfortable?"


Rebekka chuckled at Kaylia, but she just enjoyed laying there with her.

Kaylia glanced at her stomach, which was growling. "I think I'm hungry."

Rebekka chuckled again. "Then lets get dressed and get something to eat. If you wish to snuggle naked again afterward, we can."

"We will see about that last part, right now, fooods."

"So adorable and cute." Rebekka stated about Kaylia. "Lets get dressed and to the galley. Where I will cook you a nice meal."

Kaylia kissed her soundly then pulled from her to get up and get dressed.

Rebekka smiled at the kiss. "Lets go get food, love." she said grabbing her own clothes.

"Okays," Kaylia gave a nod and moved for the hatch.


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