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Repairs to Ones Home

Posted on Sun Jan 14th, 2018 @ 4:01pm by Civilian Rebekka Ingheiður

Location: Shuttle Shutter

Rebekka entered the Bar, where she heard of the Grease Monkey that she was looking for. She really needed to get the engine on her Shuttle repaired and sense the Nightwolf is lacking anyone in that much needed department. Everyone in the bar was looking at her as she walked past and to the Bar. "Excuse me, I'm looking for a Mr. Ling, and I was told he was here." She had her long blonde hair lose and covering her left eye, but she was wearing a silk and lace black gown, with a matching choker with Ruby's hanging from it.

The Mr. Ling Rebekka was seeking was distracted by a race unfolding on a vid screen that hung on the wall near the back. It took a firm elbowing to the ribs to draw his attention to the woman who'd so rapidly become the focal point of the low-grade drinking establishment.

Yao managed a rather cliched double take as he realised someone was pointing her over to him.

Standing as she approached, the odd-job mechanic rubbed the back of his neck and said, "Somethin' I can be helping yeh with, Miss?"

Rebekka smiled at the man as she approached him. "Ingheiður, Rebekka Ingheiður. Just call me Rebekka, and I wish to hire your services to make some repairs to my shuttle's engines, and you where highly recommended for the job."

"I'd be happy to help..," Yao reined in the natural inclination to lay on some thick compliments. "This an urgent job or shall I seek you out in the morrow?" Inwardly he hoped it was urgent, he was aching for some coin and he could add a surcharge for an immediate job. This Rebekka had graced his existence exactly when he needed it. Serendipity.

"It is urgent." Rebekka said. "So, if you are free now?"

"Could be." Yao tilted his head to the side and folded his arms. "Coin or Trade?"

"Which would you prefer?" Rebekka asked the man.

"I will trade you a night of pleasure." Someone called from somewhere in the room.

"Sorry, you can't afford me." Rebekka called back. "So again? Which would you prefer? I can pay you."

Yao smirked, looked to the floor and then sighed. Lifting his gaze to Rebekka he muttered, "As sure as I am gonna regret it, I've gotta take coin. Lemme grab my tools and we can work out the details once I see what the issue is. Won't be long."

Dashing off out back, the Mechanic returned with a large, dusty and clearly heavy holdall which he hefted over his shoulders. "After you, ma'am."

She smiled when the man returned, but she looked a little miffed too. As one guy was picking himself off the floor with a red hand print on his face. "Yes, lets go." Rebekka turned and lead the Mechanic out of the Bar.

Yao followed and wondered what he should say to a woman of her calibre. Where he back on the Core Planets he might been a bit more cocky, and more than likely would be reaching for his wallet. Assuming she figured him worth her time, that was. He tried to think of some sort of conversation... but it'd been years since he'd socialised on a level higher than some piss-poor outcast. Probably best to stay quiet.

Rebekka lead the man to the Nightwolf, a Firefly-class Transport. "This way to my shuttle." She said walking into the open Cargo Bay and headed for the open shuttle hatch.

"Wait," Blurted Ling, stopping in the cargo bay looking about the space-vessel. Any Engineer worth his salt knew the types of ships flying about the 'Verse and any sentient person poessessin' some manner with which communicate had heard of the famous Firefly-class ship and her discoveries... "This isn't... is it?"

"No this isn't the Serenity." Rebekka said watching the man. "This is the Nightwolf, a custom built Firefly-class."

"Yeah," He admitted, sounding like he'd realized how stupid that was. "That'd be a major event. Still. Firefly. Shiny." He followed Rebekka to the hatch, unsholdering his toolkit.

The small entry hall was covered in Orange Silk drapes, with another darker colored drapes pushed to the side, reveling a small sitting area. Complete with a couch, several small covered chairs and some small tables, with some cabinets along the wall. At the other side was another dark drape pull over another area, most likely a bedroom. "This way." She said moving a Yellow silk drape showing the cockpit.

"So, what's the issue?" Ling queried, moving around the compact space toward the cockpit, where any access panels would be to get to the workings.

"I really don't know, but she seems to shutter heavily when I turn to the port." Rebekka stated. "Also, she seems to have her thrusters cut out when I'm landing."

"Not got a greaser on board to sort you out?" Yao asked, curious as to why such an old class of ship wouldn't have a full time mechanic on board.

"At this time no." Rebekka said taking a seat at the controls watching the man. "We had one, but he bailed when I was recalled for a short time."

"Huh." Yao grunted, absorbing that information and storing it for later. "Without wantin' to trample over propriety there's a << small amount of currency?>> charge for an urgent call out." He looked expectantly at the Companion.

"Here, this should cover your service charge." Rebekka said throwing him a Credit Stick.

"Right." Yao nodded. "Well I have have a look at the steering from here, but I'll need to have a gander at the thrusters for that there second issues and that'd be best done from outside. You able to uncouple her for me to inspect?"

"Sure." She stated as she turned and fired up the shuttle. Once the shuttle was extended out from the main hull of the Nightwolf, she engaged the thrusters. The shuttle started to shuttle slightly as she lifted off. When she spun the small craft around in a slow circle, the engines started to wine a little. When she finally set the shuttle down, it seemed to do a sudden drop the last few feet, with a jarring effect on Rebekka and Yao. Yao could see that Rebekka was an excellent pilot and the landing could have been a lot rougher for a less experienced pilot. "See what I mean?" She said powering down the engines again.

"Sure do." He said, holding the back of the pilot's chair. "That's a bit stomach churnin'" Yao ran a hand through his slightly straggly hair. "I think the juddering is probably a misalignment. Can probably tighten that out pretty sharpish. But the cutting out.... that's more likely to be sensor based. I'd recommend checking the landing gear isn't getting trashed from the sort of drop too."

"You're the engineer here." Rebekka said. "So, if you suggest that we check the landing struts, then we check the landing struts."

"Well let me sort the steering misalignment, I can do that from here. We can go forward from there." He smiled and hefted his heavy bag onto the co-pilot's chair.

"Alright." She said moving out of his way.

A while later, Yao was waist deep into the console of Rebekka's shuttle. "I think I've found your problem..." He called from within the gubbins and workings. "...but it ain't what I thought."

Rebekka had only returned a few minutes before to see how the work was going and to bring the Engineer a drink and a snake. "So what is the problem?" She asked coming over to the console and looking underneath.

The mechanic pushed himself out from the console panelling, holding something wrapped up in shirt. "You kids missing the ship's uh... animal companion?"

"Hmmm." Rebekka said taking the poor little kitten. "Kaylia has a kitten, but not in this color. I think she will know what to do with it. Did the kitten do any real damage in there?"

"Naw, did get in the way of things. Not sure how long it's been in there but it doesn't look great." Just at that moment it mewed and then hissed at Yao who backed away from hims it like it were a snake. "You, uh, wanna take care of this and I'll realign what the little fella managed to mess up?"

"Sure thing." Rebekka said taking the kitten and placing it in a pet carrier. Which she was surprised that she even had on her shuttle.

It didn't take Ling long before he emerged, grease smeared across his face as he wiped his hands on a rag. "I think your stuttering should be sorted though I warrant a test is in order before you sign off on that." He smirked. "I'll get to the thrusters and the landing gear."

With the confidence of someone who'd worked on many starships, Yao inspected the extended gear and, confident they weren't about to snap in two, turned his attention to the thrusters. This involved some more specialist equipment which, luckily he had. It was essentially an electronic bypassing tool, that allowed him to simulate the systems with an external connection without actually activating them. He let the analysis run and went to double check the landing gear with a sonar probe. They were not that battered. Some stress fractures were beginning to develop but they were at the micro level, and that wasn't a huge surprise. They might need replacing in a couple of years, but there was essentially no work to do now.

Which was a shame for the money-hurting mechanic.

When the analysis was complete Yao knocked on the shuttles hatch.

"There's are three transistors that are fried and it's adding resistance into the system, messing with the timing triggers for deactivation. Reckon if you replace 'em you'd be golden. I'm happy to do the work for you, but I don't have the components myself."

"Do you know where to get them at?" Rebekka asked.

"Anything stored in the main girl's engine room? These shuttles share a lot of key components with the main vessel." Yao suggested.

"Perhaps, but I don't know." Rebekka said. "Lets go and find out shall we?"

Yao canted his head to the side. "Lead on, ma'am. I hope your Captain won't mind us diggin' about."

"If she has a issue with it, I'll handle it." She said leading the man back to the Nighwolf. "Besides, we need to find those parts."

He shrugged. "Heck, it's not my ship, but I've known many private and military folk who're might particular about who snooped about their ship. Guess it depends on whether you've got anything to hide." There was a little bit of mischievous about him.

"Sasha doesn't have anything to hide, that I know of." Rebekka said showing him to the engine room

The engine room was reasonably well ordered for a workspace that had been abandoned. "looks like you've a decent stock. If we can't find the direct components, pretty sure I could make something that'd suffice." He started looking.

"You folks come to Ares often?" Yao asked, by way of making conversation.

"I only just rejoined the Nightwolf." Rebekka said adjusting her skirts. "As for coming here often is up to the Captain. I may return for my client if he requests me again."

Ling nodded, mentally trying not think about Rebekka and her 'client'. Pulling out a crate he cleared his throat and said, "Huh, think we got something here... " He held up a boxy component about the size of his forearm and analysed it against the schematics he'd pulled up on his engineering tablet. "Yah, if we can find two more of these, we'll be golden."

"How about those boxes there?" Rebekka asked pointing to the 2 half hidden boxes in the back of the room.

"Worth a look." Yao agreed.

The boxes did indeed provide them with another transistor and after a few minutes of further searching they'd discovered a third.

"Oh so, this should take me about an hour to install these replacements and then I can get outta your hair. I'll just get cracking." And so Yao did, humming away to himself as he worked.

Rebekka smiled at the man as he headed back to her shuttle. She followed but stopped at the main cargo hatch for the Nightwolf. She wanted to talk to Sasha and see if maybe she could use a good mechanic on the ship.



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