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Ares Trip,and a Suprise Guest Pt 3

Posted on Sat Jan 13th, 2018 @ 2:03pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Location: Ares

Sara sighed and shook her head as she lowered her pistol and moved to Jason's side. "Alright. We can argue about the nitty-gritty of how I'll get paid later." She took Jason's arm. "I am going soft."

"Thank you!" as Jason lost his breath again. as he started to get dizzy as he spits out a bit of blood from his mouth.

Sasha looked at Jason." Jason i thought you were going back to the ship to see our Doctor?" Sasha asked as she still a bit mad at him,for fucking up the plan. "Or maybe they might have a doctor here on Ares?, I know Bashie is still on the planet she might know?" Sasha also said thinking of seeing blood coming out of Jason's mouth. Even though Sasha still had no trust in Sara,she put her pistol back in her gun holder.
Sasha looked at Jason."Even though im mad at you,i can at least find you a doctor in town,I think Bashie is still in town too." Sasha also said.

"I simply did not get shot, its not hard when you move out of the way, silly." Kaylia gave a glance to Jason. "Oh nos. He's not doing good." Since no one was going to do anything she moved over to give a look at his wounds.

Sara shook her head. "I need your ships medlab. It's facilities, and a needle and threat. "Sara took her belt off and used it to seal of some of Jason's wounds. She looked as Sasha. "And you... some free advice. You can trust me a hell of a lot more than you could ever trust Bashie." Sara tightened the belt to stop Jason's bleeding. Sara began to carry Jason into the ship to the Doc.

Jason wrenched in pain from the tightening." as Jason lost his voice again. "Besides I rather take it and take the chance I can appeal to someone's humanity then lose mine over some else's error." Jason said feeling more let down.

Sasha looked at Sara and Jason."You 2 are lucky the Nightwolf isnt that far." Sasha frowned,and looked over the bomb,and how to bring the Medical supplies to Adel,and get paid.Sasha looked over at the Medical supplies,and called everyone on the radio comm to come pick up the Medical supplies ,and head back to the Nightwolf."gawd i need a stiff drink."Sasha said to herself.

All Jason could do was to sigh and he hoped that this type of scenario does not ever happen again. At least to him and he hoped he did not damage his friendship with Sasha but she had every right to kick him off the ship now. He thought to himself as he felt like he was falling and he was still being held up by Sara. "doc?!" Jason said softly as he looked like death at this point.

"And yet he doesn't need to be moved yet." Kaylia grabbed one of the medical supply boxes and opened it. "Considering if you idiots would use that thing three feet above your ass, called a brain. He has to be evaluated first. You better be glad I'm lucid at the moment." Ripping his shirt off to look at the damage so she could evaluate before she started and treatment.

Sara folded her arms quietly, and she flipped out a cigarette and lit it while leaning against what was left of the rail car.

Jason walked off and away from the others not sure if he was heading to the ship or not. As he attempted to find the doc on his own. All the others wanted to do is argue and do what they wished. "Doc!" Jason said louder. As he stumbled a bit but recovered like he was doing ballet. As he swayed back and forth as he walked.

Jason didn't get any farther than trying to sit up before he was pushed to lay back down. "Be still till I am done looking." Kaylia was still looking over him for what wounds might be there. External or internal.

Sasha hung around and helped Kaylia out with Jason,she did feel bad he got shot and didn't expect anyone getting shot. So
Sasha got closer to Kaylia to assist."I'm sorry Jason you got shot i didn't expect any of this would happen. I just wanted to grab the Medical supplies ,and get the heck out of dodge." Sasha said.

Sara shook her head. "Your ship nearby? I'm a hell of a pilot. I can retrieve both you and your medical supplies."

Sasha nodded to Sara."Well even though its gonna take me some time to trust you,I could give you a try being a pilot. Kaylia seems to trust you and a few others do too,I guess i can try to give you a try." Sasha said with a small smile.

"Because I'm a woman of honor. You saved my life, that means I have to do you a good turn. Even though I've broken a contract." She explained to Sasha. "Sides, I want to vanish for a while."

Kaylia shifted and opened the box. Grabbing some pliers and and nonchalantly pulled the bullet out. Flicking it over her shoulder. Then poured some coagulation powder into the wound. It would hold it for the moment. At least until they could get Jason back to more suitable medical housing. If you could call their med bay, suitable. Then injected him with a sedative, "Jason, goes sleepie time now."

Sara approached and picked up the bullet. "Okay, so I wasn't shooting at your people, and you didn't shoot your person, so who was shooting at us?"

Sasha looked at Sara."Someone or some bodies were shooting at my team?"Sasha said, "Who was doing the shooting?" Sasha said. "I just hope it wasn't alliance shooting or we are all in trouble,and we got a job to do. Get the Medical supplies on the Nightwolf,and send them to Adel Noska,and get paid."Sasha told them all.

"Can't tell you either, I threw all three off the train car before I could ask them. Silly of me." Kaylia looked back to Jason. "I think he can be moved now and get him to the doc."

Sara shook her head and looked at Kaylia. "We need to get you a proper handgun. You're too pretty to be wasted by some third-rate punks. I'm going to go get your ship. Where is it, and I'll need the keys."

Kaylia actually blushed, "I pretty?"

Sasha looked at Sara."Let Kaylia take Jason to see the doc,while you and I grab the medical supplies and put them on the Mule, and get paid." Sasha said.

"Uh.....we all kind of need to be on the mule considering its what will take us to the ship." Kaylia glanced at Sasha and was seriously considering that Sasha was more out of it than she was.

"Kaylia, we're going to drop you and Jason off. I'm going with Sasha here. If those people were Bashie's, you're going to need another gun. That bitch is dangerous." Sara noted.

"Um, okay," Kaylia nodded, "But I should just come with you after Jason gets on the ship."

"We're not going out to play Kaylia. Chances are there's gonna be blood." Sara mentioned. "We need to get you a gun while we're on the ship."

"I just took out three men twice my size with guns. I am pretty sure I am fully aware its not going out to play," Kaylia narrowed her eyes. She was fine with having a gun, just didn't mean she'd necessarily resort to using it unless she had to.

Sasha looked over."I don't think Bashie ,and her men would betray us." she said,"Maybe someone else heard of our grabbing of the Medical supplies, and wanting a piece of the action."Sasha said."Whoever found out,is not gonna get a piece of our action,were taking the Medical supplies to Adel,and getting our asses paid,not anyone else." Sasha also said.

"Look Sasha. We don't trust each other, but I know these types. Finish your business with Niska and Bashie, and don't ever work for them again. They will leave you hanging in a tree." Sara loaded the supplies onto a nearby mule.

Sasha Frowned." Look Sara, if Bashie's goons did betray me,then Bashie has a nice present coming from me."Sasha said."Adel niska, Niska's daughter wants the medical supplies its our first time dealing with her."Sasha said. Sasha then also helped Sara get the Medical supplies on the flying Mule back to the ship.

Sara responded. "Hey, I'm just here to get paid. But I know who pays their bills, and who betrays you. Had to when I'm doing bounty huntin professionally."

"Can we maybe discuss this when he aren't laying here bleeding," Kaylia glanced up.

Sasha looked at everyone between the box car,and flying Mule."Ok lets all get back to the ship,and get jason healed, and the medical supplies to the ship,and deliver them to Adel Niska, and get paid." Sasha said. "We can't keep the lady waiting lets move it Now." Sasha ordered."Kaylia drive the flying mule,and get us off this rock now."Sasha also ordered.

Jason did not say a thing he looked like he was dead now. Since he was sedated like a dead limp corpse.



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