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Ares Trip,and a Suprise Guest Pt 2

Posted on Thu Jan 4th, 2018 @ 8:44pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Location: Ares

Jason put on the sun glasses and felt a bit better. He was still not liking the plan but he had no other choice as he would follow her lead in this operation. he just hoped he did not freeze up. As he listened to Sasha. "so no on porn stache??" Jason said with a sad look on his face. " of course a real one is much better."

Sasha looked at Jason. "Oh you are super hidden from anyone."
she smiled to Jason."But just remember were pretending to be married Couple,and you can keep the sunglasses." Sasha said.
" As for your idea of a porn Stache,or real one, your fine, you don't need anything else. Besides your with me whos gonna look at you,besides other people but wont say much." Sasha also said.
Sasha also nodded to the others to get ready to help get the Medical supplies in that one box car,and get it on their flying
Mule ,back to the nightwolf., and get the hell off of Ares, to the
space station where the doctor is settled at..

"Ok Sasha." Jason said calmly to her. "the hat and glasses it is." Jason said half hearted ly to her. he sighs quietly as he tryed to get his mind around his new role.

A woman walked past Sasha wearing an Alliance Security uniform. One she borrowed from a very unconscious Alliance Security officer somewhere in the area. It was quite impossible to hack an Alliance Identi-card, though she knew a few tricks, and just hoped they didn't confirm her orders with command. She made her way through one of the cargo cars, once she passed the security cars and waited. Her timing needed to be perfect.

Sasha looked around just to be careful,and looking like she and him were minding their business. Sasha grabbed her radio comm,and talked to the crew to get ready to find the box car with the medical supplies. If it meant crew walking on top of the box car besides walking in it.
Sasha and Jason were the ones getting on the train,and walking in it, for the Medical supplies to grab and put on the Mule and get the heck out of Ares and off to the station to see the doctor.
Sasha nodded to Jason,and signaled him to climb aboard the train..

Sara felt the train begin to move she began to walk through several of the cargo cars toward the car holding the medical supplies. Opening the doors to the car, she found someone she didn't expect. A young blonde woman she knew well. "Wángbā dàn (Son of a Bitch). The blonde was planting a device into one of the cabinets and pulled out what appeared to be a pistol and fired a shot at Sara, knocking her to the ground, she blacked out suddenly.

Twenty minutes later, Sara began to rouse to find herself sitting near the medical supplies with her hands bound behind a chair. "You're getting sloppy, Měilì (Beautiful)." The blonde smiled at her. Sara grinned. "Juliette... How wonderful to see you again. It's been ages since the old days. I didn't think you were still alive."

Juliette tilted her head, "Nothing personal, but you racked up quite a big bounty, ya know. With all your do-gooding, and your conscience. I am a professional. Blow up one train, so the insurance can be collected, and I get to gather the bounty on your head." Juliette knelt down and kissed Sara. "Killing you breaks my heart, Měilì." Sara then spat at the woman. "You broke my heart years ago. Literally, and you are not a professional. You're a sleazy, money grubbing shit."

"Don't be unpleasant... we both know where we came from. It's one thing to be a companion, but when Alliance Intelligence made its offer to both of us, how could we ever refuse." She kissed Sara more. "I know where you came from. You were never this noble, and we had so much fun. I wish we had time to... catch up on old times." Juliette grinned and pushed a button on the bomb. "Thirty minutes. A pity."

Sara responded. "Plenty of time for me to get out of these restrains and break your sleazy neck."

"You won't be getting out of that, Měilì." Juliette turned and shot Sara a smile as she closed the cabinet she was working on, and then closed the cargo car. The young blonde walked past Sasha.

Sara began to shimi the chair she was tied to towards what appeared to be a medkit, knocking it into her hands, she began to explore it for what she wanted; a scalpel to cut the ropes. Juliette had outdone herself with these ropes this time. It was difficult for her to move her hands and explore the medkit for the scalpel.

As the Train started moving, Sasha grabbed Jason's hand,and signaled him to lets go medicine hunting. Sasha hoped no Alliance soldiers recognize her or Jason, since Sasha and Jason were pretending to be a Married couple. Sasha looked around each box car to make sure they were ok so far...

Jason looked around casually nothing in particular but sooner or later they will have to take a seat. "So far so good I don't recognize any of the Personnel." He whispered to Sasha. He felt a bit more comfortable at the moment.

Sara had just ripped open one of the medkits when she found what she was looking for, or it found her actually. "Ow..." Fortunately she managed to grasp the scalpel and she began to use it to try and cut the bounds. "Well now, first I'll need to get these cut... Then I'll need to unhitch the train... Oh yes, the bomb."

She continued to use the scalpel to cut the bounds, until she learned that there was something metallic in the ropes. "God, damned BITCH...." She decided to scream. "SOMEBODY!"

Sasha heard someone yelling and she told Jason. "Jason come on someone is by our supplies." Sasha said upsettingly she kept running,and motioned Jason to hurry up. As she got to where she needed to go she sees a woman in there."What the hell is this,and who the hell are you?" Sasha said angerly as she stood there,and hoping Jason comes right behind her.
Sasha was mad as all hell,over seeing a female stranger by their medical supplies,she pulled out her pistol at the woman,and said."Who Da fuck are you,and why are you at our Medical supplies?" Sasha got very angry at this." This load is going to Adel niska,and were supposed to get paid." Sasha Yelled."Jason where are you,call the rest of the crew, we caught ourselves a Medical supply thief."Sasha also said.

Sara gave a slight smirk as she did not flinch while looking at the gun. "A better question to ask yourself is; Why is this 'medical supply thief' tied up with 'your' medical supplies, on your train no doubt? And why dose she call for help when the medical supply thief is busy stealling 'your' medical supplies? C'mon Sherlock, you can put it all together. Here's a free hint; look in that cabinet." She nodded towards the cabinet with the bomb.

Jason came into a shock of his life one a tied up persona and two something was not right. He barely caught the tail end of the conversation. As he heard a familiar sound near him. "A bomb??!!" Jason snapped. "You were here to destroy the train??" Jason asked quickly as he looked for a cutter to cut the women's bonds. "And who are you??

"Name's Sara Li. I'm a mercenary and a bounty hunter." She noted. "And if I were going to blow up a train, you think I'd put myself on the aforementioned train to watch the fireworks? And you think I'd blow up 'my' medical supplies?" She noted. "Look, I'm a woman of my word, the people in the passenger cars don't deserve to die on my account. Untie me, help me uncouple the train, and I'll even help you with your cargo."

"Lets deal with the issues at hand then try and get out of here before it explodes." Jason offered. "I am Jason nice to meet you Sara." As he cut her bonds free. "Now you are free."

Sasha frowned at Jason."Why did you free this woman? How do you know she didn't set up this bomb on our medical supplies?" Sasha glared at jason."You were supposed to be on my side,Jason,the plan?" Sasha was so upset with Jason.
Sasha looked at the woman and glared at her."Ok Sara Li,or whatever your name is. Why are you by our medical supplies no one invited you to the party."Sasha still had the pistal in her face."Maybe i should re-tie you up,and leave you ,as we take our medical supplies." Sasha said angerly. Sasha called for the crew members on her comm Radio to come gather the Medical supplies,while Sasha thinks of re-tieing up Sara-Li,or who ever she is...

Sara ignored Sasha and went to work. Then stopped for a moment. "You're working for Bashie, aren't you? Damn. Think Sherlock. Why would a medical doctor buy medical supplies from Bashie." Sara smirked as she punched a code into the car's computer. "Honey, you got all the looks, but there ain't too much going on upstairs, isn't there? You better brace yourself against something. This is going to be rough."

"Both of you stop the bickering! I will explain myself later this is not the place or time. There is not much time left on the bomb." Jason was trying to be the voice of reason. As the whine from the unit got louder. "The person that put her here might have placed the bomb. How is the uncoupling of the car Sara?" Jason asked quickly looking for other options for the bomb. 'Logic dictates she is just as much a victim as we are. I truly believe that we were all played in one form or another on this assignment. Who says this was not a double cross by Bashie!" Jason attempted to open the door to the side car to toss the bomb over the side into the ravine they were starting over.

Sara began to initiate the car release. "Alright, brace." She pushed a button and the car was released. The car began to jerk wildly as it began a long deceleration from the blistering speed of the maglev. It was rought and the turns were vicious without the rest of the train.

Jason was not apparently ready for the wildness of the uncoupled train car as he was tossed from one side of the car to another hitting the walls with some real force. Jason grabbed onto some loose ropes hanging near the center of the car as he started to hold on for dear life. as he was trying to get his mind to focus from all the times he hit each wall he was seeing a lot of stars. "Can we get off of this ride??" Jason said almost in a panic.

The car still decelerated and finally jumped the mag-track crashing into the ground below until it finally settled. "Everyone alright?" Sara checked the bomb. "We have ten minutes, how are we going to get all these medical supplies out of blast radius in time?" She smirked.

Sasha looked at Sara-Li,"The Medical Supplies are going on my ship The Nightwolf." Sasha looking still upset. "How do you know Bashie?" Sasha asked and still upset with Jason, and still looking at Sara-Li.

Jason lost his grip on the ropes in the center of the car as the final shock from the drop. Jason hit the floor with such force the car rang like a bell. As he was now out cold as blood trickled out of the corner of his mouth. As his breathing was shallow and hard to breathe now. Jason had not heard Sasha still having a strong temper giving it to Sara again.

Sara ignored Sasha and moved to Jason's side, checking him throughly. "Well, we can forget about 'your' medical supplies, this man needs a doc now." She pulled Jason up over her shoulder. "C'mon Sherlock, we have to get to your ship before we're blown half-way to Ariel."

After Sara moved his and resettled again. He moaned as he couched up a bit of blood. "I will be fine!" Jason said with as he hardly took a breath as it hurt. "We need these supplies lets get this done." Jason said as his voice was barely a whisper. As he slowly made his way to his feet. "Sasha?! We can fight about this later."

"Chances are you've been set up." She climbed back into the car and began to retrieve the Medical Supplies. "I was hired by the Mayor of Eventown on Ariel. He wanted me to reacquire some medical supplies that the Alliance 'appropriated' from his settlement, but it looks like we're not the only ones who had a stake in this." She noted as she worked. "I'm willing to bet a hundred bucks that bitch who set the bomb was working for the owner of that mag-rail. Maybe everything on that train was insured. Blowing it up would result in a mighty payday for all the wrong people. You two were just in the wrong place, at the wrong time!"

Sasha looked at them both."We do have a doctor aboard the Nightwolf,and as for the bomb on the supplies maybe cutting all the wires,will let us grab them." Sasha said still not trusting Sara. Sasha had her lucky blade with her,and looks at the wiring."I bet i can just slice all of them and save our supplies." she said to herself out loud. Sasha got on her radio comm,to see if Kaylia wasn't busy."Kaylia its Sasha i need your help with this bomb on our medical supplies to Adel ." Sasha yelled. Sasha looked at each wire trying to figure out what wire to cut.

Sara looked at the bomb. "Hmm...." She then spoke. "The wires are a ploy. Everyone assumes one wire or another will disarm the bomb. This bomb was set by someone who likes cruel jokes. Very cruel jokes."

Kaylia had been dealing with some men up on the roof, though it really did not take long to get that finished. Throwing all three off of the train car. Shifting a little bit and grabbing the side, flipping down through the doorway. Rolling to a knee and looking up.

Narrowing her eyes a moment before standing up. Just non-chalantly walking over to the bomb and tilting her head. Laying down on her back, Kaylia tilted her head so she could see it upside down. "Hmmm..."

Sara looked at Kaylia for a moment... She began to think she was crazy for a moment, until she did what Kaylia had done and then looked at the bomb upside down. "Clever... Juliette..." She muttered quietly to herself...

"Kaylia. When did we get a Juliette?" She went to reaching and touching things, following wires but not pulling on anything. Just simply feeling at the moment.

"This is designed to make you cut all the wires. The woman who tied me up in here likes to read people. Find out what they'd do, and then use that against them. All the wires will detonate the bomb, but she made this bomb to disarm when you do the last thing you would do with a bomb. As I told you, she likes cruel jokes and ironies." She grabbed Kaylia's gun. "Can I borrow this for a moment." She aimed the gun at the bomb.

Kaylia giggled, "I like jokes. I also like you grabbing my hip but there is nothing there but my flesh, silly." Grabbing a piece of metal and using it as a screw driver. Uncuppling the whole housing. Sliding it out and looking to the side car door. "Someone want to give her a gun to shoot it when I throw it out, and you know, open the door so it doesn't bounce back in here, cause there is about 24 seconds."

Sasha looked at the two of them. "Oh come on lets stop with the Hanky Panky and get this wires cut before i cut them all myself." Sasha said angrily, even though shes still mad at Jason
for untying that Bitch Sara. Sasha still has no trust in that bitch,who ever she is. Sasha continued holding her pistol
by Sara as the the 2 work on the bomb.

She didn't have a gun. Sara stood up and nonchalantly grabbed Sasha's gun out of her hand. "You don't have a gun." She opened the door and shot the bomb in mid-air when Kaylia thrown it, without even trying. "You were being shot at on the roof, and you didn't have a gun? What were you using against them. Bad language." Sara shook her head. The Bomb hit the ground harmlessly.

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"I can't do that." Sara noted as she aimed the gun at them. "This is still the Property of Eventown, Ariel. I'm a professional mercenary, and I will return these medical supplies to their rightful owner as my contract stipulates." She noted. "Though you saved my life, and I do owe you a debt of honor, but a contract is a contract, Captain."

Jason can't truly believe what just had happened between Shasha and Sara. Jason was going to speak but his voice failed him. He just lost his feeling for humanity in general as he just gave himself and went out on a limb and get gutted like a fish for the trouble and effort. And losing his job in the process. He was dying anyways as he started moving forward towards Sara. "You ungrateful ... As his voice failed him as he slowly moved closer to Sara one painful step after another as he closed on her.

Sara sighed and shook her head as she lowered her pistol and moved to Jason's side. "Alright. We can argue about the nitty-gritty of how I'll get paid later." She took Jason's arm. "I am going soft."

"Thank you!" as Jason lost his breath again. as he started to get dizzy as he spits out a bit of blood from his mouth. "maybe. but I was willing to die for a point."

[End part 2]


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