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The meeting of the officer and companion

Posted on Fri Jan 12th, 2018 @ 3:12pm by Civilian Rebekka IngheiĆ°ur

Location: shuttle on nw (Companions home)
Timeline: Before Ares

Jason was tired of sulking in his cabin as he started to wonder around the ship as he saw the shuttle door was opened and the smell of incense was burning giving off a pleasant smell. And music lightly playing in the background. As Jason closed on the hatch. "Hello?" Jason said softly.

Rebekka stopped playing her Cello when she hear a males voice. "Come in." She said from her chair as she was putting her instrument to the side.

" I am sorry for interrupting you in your playing. I was just wondering who was here?" Jason said with embarrassment. "This is the first time I ever saw this door open."

"I was only practicing." She said. "I had to head back to the House for a while. But now that I'm back, it will remain open. Unless I'm working or sleeping." Rebekka said with a smile.

"by the way where are my manners I am Jason." Jason said with a small blushing smile. "Your very good at playing." Jason blushed more not intending too.

She stood up and walked over to the man. "My name is Rebekka. You don't need to be embarrassed. Please have a seat and we can talk some." She gestured to the couch.

Kaylia was in one of her half lucid stages right now, which was probably better than not at all. Giving a walk about as well, though as First Mate it was more checking the ship. However, that got shot down, as voices became a distraction and she went that way. Just helping herself on in since the hatch was open.

"Thank you!" as he moved in slowly and took a seat on a couch. "So Nice to meet you Rebekka." Jason stopped talking as he thought he heard something from outside the door. "Did you hear something?" As he looked and saw nothing.

Rebekka turned toward the hatch. "Come on in, dear girl." She said with a smile. "There is plenty of room on the couch and enough tea for all."

"girl??" Jason said flattly as he had to think hard a minute. "Oh." Jason said with a small smile. "Must be Kaylia."

Skips, literally over through the drapes. Flopping down, Kaylia smiled to them, "Hi, hi."

"Good to see you Kaylia How are you?" Jason said with a smile at her. "Hows the kitty??"

"Smokie is good. She's playing I am as nuts as mommy with catnip in my quarters." Kaylis giggled, and then stretched, "Did I interrupt about to be naughty time?"

"nope not at all! Kaylia!" as Jason blushed a bit but refocused. "Were just getting to know each other better. I heard the sweetest music coming from this direction and was not sure who was here?" Jason explained how he got there. "Besides she cant help me anyways."

"What do you mean she can't help you?" Kaylia tilted her head.

"She is not my type Kaylia!" Blushing again. "I am alone apparently. Sorry to bothered you Miss Companion. I will let you get back to your music." Jason smile faded from his face as he stood up. "Thank you for the tea." As he slowly moved towards the door.

Kaylia frowned stopping Jason from getting up. "Did I say something wrong? I sorry.." dropping her gaze and looking like she was about to cry.

"Your fine kaylia I guess I am out of sorts." Jason said with a straight face. As he was forced to stay. "How about a refill??" Jason tried changing the subject.

"What's dat?" Kaylia tilted her head.

"A refill of tea and maybe a biscuit or crumpet?" Jason was trying to keep from the waterworks he was not truly sure if he could hand that right now.

"Oh. No thank you, but I appreciate the offer," Kaylia looked fine and composed now.

Jason rolled his eyes almost in a seizure fashion as he waited on the companion to weigh in. Jason let out a sigh not meaning too. "Are there only female companions?" Jason asked quickly. then when he realized what he had asked he was a nice shade of red now. If he had a way he would have melted into nothingness to escape the embarrassment he just asked. A noble lady. "No disrespect intended Companion Rebekka." as Jason's voice popped and cracked in and out. He could just die now he thought to himself.

Kaylia raised an eyebrow and held a finger up. Her eyes shifting back and forth rapidly, like she was accessing memories, or information. Only it was just from her memory, not doing something like linking into a computer database. After a few moments she focused again. "No there are not only female whores as the captain likes to call them. Though it is a more dominate female profession. Typically if there is a male in service they tend to be....what would be the polite term. The help."

"The Help???" Jason said louder then attended to. All Jason could do is shake his head again. "the help??? what are they helping with???" Jason was now curious about this now. He truly did not care of Kaylia was there now. "A slave?? Domestic Help?? Another sex toy??"

"Actually um....." Kaylia scratched her forehead thinking how else to put it. "Kinda like...maids, hand maidens. 'The help.' Then there are the ones that are actual companions. It works both ways for both sexes but the dominate ones in said profession are the females."

"Kaylia, I don't like that term." She said plainly. "As for Male Companions, yes there are males in my line of work. They work with Noble woman, or another male if needed be. As I will sleep with both Men and Women, they too, will do that. Now there are those that will work for one sex only."

Looking at kaylia. "Have you been taking classes??" Jason wondered. He did not know she was taking classes.

Kaylia tilted her head the other way, "Classes? For what?"

"Where are you getting your information?" Jason asked quickly. "Can you clarify anything Companion?" Jason asked a bit harsher then attended too. "I am sorry Rebekka."

"Male or female can hold the position of 'help'." Rebekka said with a smile. "Just as Male or Female can hold the title of Companion. You just see more Female's in the role, because of the lower number of gays and lesbians in the verse."

He still waited on Kaylia to answer but thanked the companion for clarification. "Do you have a listing or pics of the male companions?" Jason asked as he blushed a bit again.

"Of course I do." Rebekka said getting an info chip and handed it to the man. "I can give you a few suggestions, depending on where we land next."

"That would be awesome Rebekka !" Jason said with a finally a sincere smile on his face. "Thank you as he took the info chip and put it in his pocket for later review I will return this later." Jason said calmly as he tapped his shirt pocket.

Rebekka smiled back at the man. "No worries. They are very skilled at what they do."

"With such a sparkling recommendation from the great companion All I can do is pick the right guy for me." Jason smiled. forgetting Kaylia and her comments. "Maybe I should go and look over the files." as he blushed again.

"I get my information from reading," Kaylia said.

Jason just nods at Kayla's answer as he turns and leaves the companion and Kaylia to there own private chat. He felt he was now intruding and felt like he could not speak freely anymore.

"Well that was abrupt..." Kaylia looked curiously as he left.

"Very curious?" Rebekka said watching the man leave. "Was it something we said?"

Kaylia shrugged, "I have no idea. It is not polite to read others minds without permission....most of the time."

"Read other minds?" Rebekka said questioningly. "That is impossible to do."

"No its not, not for us few. I'm psychic, that includes telepathy as well as enhanced combat capabilities. The Alliance made us to be weapons. Like I know you're fixing to pick up your tea and muddle over what I just said."

Rebekka had picked up her tea cup, but put it back down, when she realized what Kaylia said. "The Alliance? Made you into a weapon?" She was totally shocked at this admission. "That would put this crew in danger from the Alliance, for they don't like to share their toys with anyone."

Kaylia giggled and pointed to the tea cup, "Told you." Giving a smirk, "Technically from what I understand, they took the ones like me and worked a way to do so, we already had the innate abilities there." Giving a bit of a huff, "If they are looking for me, yes."

"Is that why you have such pretty eyes?" Rebekka said attempting to bury her attraction to Kaylia, but only blushed slightly at her own question.

Kaylia tilted her head a bit, "My eyes? They are purplesez, and you find them pretty?"

"Very." Rebekka said blushing a little deeper. "I... I... I find you pretty too." She cleared her throat.

She had stopped reading her, because she said that wasn't polite. Only did it to make a point. "I never been told that before."

"Well it is only true," Rebekka said, "and I'm surprised that no one told you that before." She couldn't get her blush under control. "I'm sure you will find someone who will tell you that all the time. If not, come a see me and I will."

"I haven't exactly been out abouts and free where someone coulds, nor had anything twix my nethers that weren't run off batteries." Kaylia gave a glance at Rebekka.

"Really?" Rebekka said surprised. "That can be easily taken care of." Her blush deepened. "Now are you into men, women, or both?"

"I" Kaylia chewed on her bottom lip, "I don't know."

Rebekka just sat there with a dumb founded look on her face. "You don't know?" She shock her head slightly. "I knew I preferred both sexes before I started training as a Companion." She placed her hand onto Kaylia's thigh. "I'm willing to show you how gentle woman can be with love making."

"No, I don't know, I'm not normal, I never even really had any exposure to sexes other than the soldiers or the lab people. Even then I um...well they...the soldiers they did stuff, between my legs..." Yes she knew what sex was, Kaylia simply was half way unlucid again.

"I'm so sorry." Rebekka said taking her hand from Kaylia's thigh. "They raped you?"

She whimpered and held the back of her hand up to her nose, the fleshy part up to her thumb covering her mouth. Eyes starting to water, Kaylia nodded. "L-lots..."

"I'm so sorry that your first experience with sex was a forced one." Rebekka took Kaylia's hand in her own. "If you can remember the names of those officers, I can place a call and get them arrested."

Kaylia pulled her knees up against her bust, "Won't matter. They's Alliance."

"It does matter." Rebekka said harshly. "I have a few contacts within the Alliance and the Military. So I can hang them out by their collective nuts."

She shook her head furiously, "No! No Alliance contact! No more! They hurts me again!"

Rebekka moved and sat next to Kaylia and held her. "Alright, no contacting the Alliance, but if you see those assholes again, let me know. And I'll kick their asses." She said brushing Kaylia's hair.

"If I see them again, you or someone will have to be the one to stop me from killing them." Kaylia buried her head in Rebekka's shoulder. "No one knows my shut down phrase either. Only my 'mother' and she's dead, they killed her."

"If you know it, then you should give it to someone you trust." Rebekka said running her fingers, lightly, over Kaylia's cheek. "Besides, killing an Alliance soldier would get you arrested. And letting my know who they are, so I can stop you."

"I um....." glancing down, resting a little more against Rebekka, "I don't know it."

"You probably do, but just don't remember it." She said to Kaylia. "But lets not worry about that right now." Rebekka wrapped her arms around Kaylia. "Now, if you have any questions, please ask."

"If, if I'm not mistaken the purpose is for me not to know it, and it be that hidden. I don't know how to extract it." Giving a look up, "Questions about what?"

"Well anything, silly." Rebekka said poking Kaylia's nose.

Kaylia's nose crinched a little, "I know lots bout lots of things."

"It doesn't matter that you know lots bout lots of things." Rebekka said. "Knowing it and understanding it is two different things." She smiled at Kaylia, before she leaned in and kissed her.

Kaylia completely stiffed at that. She didn't reciprocate, but didn't push her away either. She really didn't know what to do.

"Sorry." Rebekka said with a deep blush. "I shouldn't have done that, I'm so sorry."

"I don't, I don't understand what that was for. Aren't you suppose to be paid for something as such?"

Rebekka chuckled at the statement. "Yes that is my job, but what, how, and with whom I spent my free time with is my own. I could chose to sleep with someone that isn't related to being a Companion."

Kaylia tilted her head a bit, "Why would you want to do that with me?" That was more of her real question, why her.

"Because, I'm attracted to you." Rebekka said with a serious smile. "I'm bi-sexual, but I prefer women."

"I see, and why you mentioned my eyes."

"They are your most attractive feature, in my opinion." Rebekka said looking into Kaylia's eyes.

"I'm not...sureses you want to be involved with me."

"That is all dependent on what you want." Rebekka said. "If you only want to try it, then I'm happy with that, but if you want something more serious..."

"I..." Kaylia looked down at her lap for at least ten minutes without saying a word. Finally looked up, "Can me? At least to try."

"Showing you is easy." Rebekka said getting up to close the hatch. "How do you want me to show you? First hand or video?"

She blushed, biting her lip, "I it for real? I have read and the like. Aint the same, can't be."

"Okay." Rebekka said walking up and taking Kaylia's hands and pulling her to her feet. "This way." She said leading her to the bed that was behind a different curtain.


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