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Drat! The Cat!

Posted on Wed Feb 14th, 2018 @ 9:38am by

Location: Medical Lab
Timeline: BACKPOST: Just before "Crew Meeting in the Dining Area"

Scritch scritch scritch!

"There it is again!" John hissed to nobody in particular. "What is that noise?" And for the eight time in the past hour, he began searching for the mystery noise.

Scritch scritch scritch!

It was coming from that cupboard. If it was a mouse, John was going to trap it and keep it, so long as it wasn't rabid. If it was rabid, it would have to be destroyed.

He grabbed one of the jars of tongue depressors and upended it, spilling its contents onto the counter. He would capture it inside the jar and find a better place for it later.

Scritch scritch scritch!

Uh oh. That sounded bigger than a mouse. If could be a rat! He eyed the jar, judging its size. It would do if he could aim properly.

Scritch scritch scritch!

Okay, here goes nothing. He threw open the door and moved to catch the rat.

But, it wasn't a rat.

"A kitten!" he exclaimed. "Well, aren't you a sweetie? Come on, then. We'll find out where you belong." He reached towards the kitten, but the kitten lept to the floor and skittered farther into the lab. "Oh, no. No no no no no! This is not good. Cat!" he shouted as the kitten dashed about, seemingly aimlessly. "No, stop that! Stop it! That is not a toy!"

Kaylia happened to wander in and gave a look around at all the commotion. Tilting her head, not in one of her best lucid moments. "Are we having a break things party?"

"No!" exclaimed John. "There's a cheetah or something loose in here. I can't catch it."

"What? Cheetah or something? Only thing here as an animal should be my cat Smokie"

"That's what I said; a cheetah or something," John pointed out, glancing around frantically for the cat. "Obviously, it must be the or something part. Now help me find it before it breaks everything!"

"She's a house cat and I know exactly where she is."

"You do? Well, that's good," replied John, turning about, attempting to see every inch of the room at once. "Where is she, then?"

"Over there in the left corner, playing with gauze."

“Don’t play with that; it’s meant to be sterile!” John told the cat, sounding cross, as he crossed the room and made a grab for the pesky feline.

"She's a cat. Just let her have that one, it will be okay. Besides you try to grab her being mean she will just scratch you and or run off again."

“I’ve had worse!” replies John, snatching the cat only for her to squirm out of his grasp and run off again. “Oi! Get back here!”

Kaylia giggled, "Told you."

“Are you going to help or just stand there giggling?” he asked, searching around for the cat.

"She'll probably just drag the gauze back to the quarters and make a mess of it."

“Look, she can have the gauze! It’s spoiled anyway,” insisted John, heading towards a scratching noise on the other side of the room. “But help me catch her before she breaks something!”

"Finezes...." Kaylia just snapped her fingers and called her. Smokie came running out and set the gauze at her feet. Sitting down looking up and mewing.

"And you couldn't do that when you first came in?" he demanded, attempting to pick up some of the mess the cat had made.

She giggled and shook her head, "No, cause it was all cutes watching."

"Cute!" exclaimed John, obviously cross, but unable to be completely convincing in that. "Cute! Indeed! I don't believe anyone has ever referred to me as cute before in my entire life. Except perhaps my mum."

Kaylia giggled again and bounced, which by proxy made assets bounce as well as Smokie, "Yup, cute, all running around."

John opened his mouth to reply, but at that moment, the Captain's voice came over the comm, calling them all to a meeting in the dining area. "Oh, you are so lucky," he muttered. "Come on, don't want to be late."

"So lucky?" Heading out to go put Smokie away.

"Yes, lucky!" he exclaimed, following her. "I was about to give you a very severe tongue lashing- and not the pleasant type, either!"

"You will do no such thing, she's just a sweetheart."

"A sweetheart who destroys gauze and knocks a bunch of glass containers around," countered John. "She needs training."

"She's just a baby."

"Exactly," he replied. "It's the perfect time to start! The younger they learn, the quicker they learn."

"So what? Am I to be treated this way as well because sometimes I can't help myself."

"Don't be ridiculous," he said. "You are far more mature than a cat. I'm certain you don't go about destroying things. And if you accidentally destroyed something that belonged to someone else, I'm sure you would be willing to replace it. A kitten however.... Well, I don't think she gets a pay check."

Kaylia flopped down to sit, "Told you she can't always help it, just like I can't. I'll try to teach her."

"Did you forget we're supposed to be going to a meeting?" he asked. "Come on! You can teach her later."

"Okay, okay." Getting up and moving to the hatch. "Well come on then."


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