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Game time on Nightwolf part 2, party over

Posted on Mon Oct 16th, 2017 @ 8:53pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Location: Nightwolf

"No, no, no, no, that'll never do," replied John, moving his cards around in his hands. "How will I ever learn the game if I don't play? I don't suppose there's a manual or something."

"I might have an old book on the game in my cabin." Jason said calmly. "Your welcome to it?" Jason said with a smile.

Sasha looked at Jason, "Well that would help for the newbie card players, i know how to play." she said.

"If you want me to I can get the book." Jason offered.

"That might not be a bad idea," admitted John. "Then the girls and I can learn how to play properly. Well, not all the girls as the Captain seems to know what she's doing, but the lovely Kaylia and the beautiful Kenzie. What do you say, girls? Want to read a book?" he asked enthusiastically and with a smile boyish enough that one could almost believe he was really as innocent as he pretended to be.

On that note, he quickly ran to his cabin and grabbed the book off the shelf where he had it. And came right back with it as he casually handed the book to the dear Doctor. "here you guys go. enjoy." Jason said with a smile. "For you doctor a gift."

Sasha smiled,"that was sweet of you to give the doc a book on card games,Jason." Sasha smiled.

:: during the card game, the alarm goes off as Sasha got up,and yelled.::

Sasha looked at everyone," ok everyone this card game has to come to a halt for another time." she said, as she ran to see what the problem was, and smelled smoke near the engineering room. "Damnit its coming from engineering someone please help me and find the problem with Nightwolfs Enginees." Sasha yelled, as she ran towards engineering,since her engineer decided to leave due to a better offer,on another ship. Sasha had hired a temp engineer, to see how he is.
Sasha grabbed the engineer, Casey, and the two of them went to the Engineering room to fix the problem.Sasha was upset.
"Damn i have to deal with Bashie,and the engines go bad first."she hollard. Sasha grabbed the comm on the Wall." Ok everyone we got a problem, with the engines,please stop the poker game," and our engineer Casey needs help,if you have some engineering skills please help Casey, so we can go on to see Bashie." Sasha said upsettingly.

Jason rushed down there to help however he could as he looked over the display. "it looks like a coolant issue." as he took the engines offline as the ship slipped out of its speed to sublight and drifting the same direction as they were going. As he went to the pump and looked it over. "Looks like the pump seized up luckily it's an easy fix. No damage to the engines. I shut them down early enough to prevent damage."

Casey looked at Jason. "oh good i thought it was in the engines, i appreciate all the help you gave me." Casey said.

Sasha came in upsettingly,"Ok what made the engine make that noise? Casey,and Jason tell me." Sasha said. She looked at
Jason and said. "Jason thank you for helping Casey out."
Sasha smiled.

Casey looked at the Colonel, "Jason found a pump that went out." he said.

Sasha looked at Casey,then to Jason. "Thank you Jason, i appreciate it."She smiled. "Jason would you like to help Casey with that problem in engineering, please?" Sasha asked.

"I dont see a problem with it."Jason said calmly to Sasha and Casey.

Sasha looked at Jason." Ok." she told Jason,and she looked at
Casey,and told him to look harder to where it is to fix.

Sergent Major Jason McKenna Jr.
Weapons Specialist

Colonel Sasha Reynolds


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