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After the game

Posted on Thu Nov 9th, 2017 @ 2:17pm by

Location: heading to his cabin

He called it night as he stood up. Said his good night too all of them in turn. He did not eat at all for at least 16 hours plus. He took what he had of winning job duties he left the chip but also too the odd cash. As he turned to leave the room as he moved back to his room quickly so he can lock his winning away other then the future jobs. As he laid then on the table as he took a teat and started looking over the jobs. As he looked them over he got started on doing the chores he really did not care if he gave the duties to the others to do. By the time he was finished with all the odd chores he wearily came back to cabin took a long showers.

When he finally finished. He moved over to the bed naked dropped hard and bounced up and down several times before he finally settled down and passed out without eating. He slept hard and dreamless sleep which was pleasing to him because there were no nightmares to bother him. He woke up calmly as he shave and showered again then got dressed and moved off to do more chores.

He kept out of they way till he was done with normal chores as he went back to his cabin to sleep As his depression was getting worse.


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