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Think Happy thoughts

Posted on Sat Sep 23rd, 2017 @ 8:44am by

Location: Galley

Last time on Nightwolf:

"Jason!" Kenzi cried out in surprise as he turned into himself and fall. She had tried to catch him before he hit the ground but she wasn't fast enough. "Help! Someone help!" She screamed for help not knowing where to take him since she hadn't been around the ship yet and could only hope someone heard her scream.

And now the continuation:

From somewhere down the corridor, running footsteps could be heard. John had heard the cry for help all the way from his room, where he bolted off his bed (where he had been reading), grabbed the emergency medical kit he kept nearby and ran towards the sound. "I'm coming!" he called. "Where are you?"

"In the Galley!" She yelled to the voice even as she held Jason's head in her lap still, "We're in here he needs help!" She yelled tears in her eyes thinking it was her fault.

"Galley!" shouted John, switching directions midstride and running to the galley. "What's happened?" he asked, automatically checking for a pulse and to see if Jason was breathing. Both were affirmative, but his pulse seemed too fast, breathing in short bursts.

"Whats happening?" She demanded of John, she wasn't exactly a doctor and her sight did not work on current situations just future situations. She bit her lower lip smoothing Jason's hair away from his forehead.

"Just shock, I think," John answered. "What happened? I mean, what could have sent him into shock? Did he get some bad news or... or something?"

Jason moaned as he slowly came too. "Oh, my head..." as he tried to open his eyes but did not see anything but a large blur. He knew the voices so he was not scared but he did not dare move. As he asked. "what happened?? "Like a natural block was blocked for him not to remember.

"We were talking about the past and he turned into himself and fell out of his seat." She explained unsure how to explain it properly.

"How embarrassing?" Jason said calmly as he turned red a bit then subsided. As he laid still as he waited for them to give an ok before tried to get up.

"Jason are you ok when you fell I thought you'd seriously hurt yourself?" Kenzi asked not realizing he might actually embarrassed.

"It's all right," John replied gently, dragging a nearby stool over and propping Jason's legs on the bottom rung. "No need to be embarrassed. We all do it eventually. There's no shame in having problems, only in refusing help for them."

"Oh, Jason I thought you were really hurt!" Kenzi said worriedly wrapping her arms around Jason to give him a tight hug.

"I thank you both for your concern and understanding." Returning the hug from Kenzi and waited for the doctor to give him direction. As his vision came into focus. "that's better."

Kenzi continued to hug him looking to the doctor as well to see what John had to say.

Jason waited patiently as he could. But he was starting to get antsy.

Meanwhile, John had strapped a blood pressure cuff to Jason's arm and was busy watching it. "Blood pressure's rising," he said. "Just a bit more and I'll be happier about letting you try to stand up."

"Come on Doc, I won't let him fall again." Kenzi offered to help Jason up.

"Its ok let the doctor do his work I am not in any hurry to go anywhere," Jason said with a small smile.

Kenzi smirked slightly back blushing and sat down next to him wiping her tears away.

John watched the blood pressure cuff and nodded. "All right," he said, removing the stool and gently setting Jason's legs back on the floor. "Sit up, nice and slow. Careful!" He reached out to help the other man into a sitting position.

Kenzi helped as well if she could, otherwise, she tried to stay out of the doctor's way.

"wow" as the room did another spin hard. as he closed his eyes again. as the spin subsided. then opened his eyes slowly. "Today is not my day???" Jason comments softly.

Kenzi looked to him worriedly, "Are you going to be ok Jas? when was the last time you ate?" She asked since he'd had his issues just before eating.

"I am ok. Honestly, I don't know when I ate??" Jason said quickly as he between the doctor and Kenzi.

Kenzi gave a nod, "Well are you still hungry?" She asked knowing the food they'd warmed earlier was still on the table they had been sitting at.

"Yes, food is definitely a good idea," agreed John wholeheartedly. "You may have your own preferences, but I suggest fish fingers and custard. It's my own personal favorite."

"I won't argue with no one. Shall we eat then?" Jason commented with a small smile. "Whos cooking." as he tried to keep up.

"Well we already had pasta and fried rice heated up, but they may have gone cold. though I will admit I am not the best cook." Kenzi smirked.

"I'll cook!" announced John, leaping to his feet. "Fish fingers and custard! Which, of course, is code for peanut chicken. Is anyone allergic to peanuts? I could swap them out for cashews if you prefer."

I don't know, I do not think I am allergic to peanuts." She said honestly.

"Peanut chicken it is, then!" John decided, heading to the kitchen area. "And if anyone has a reaction, I've got epinephrine. But, I really won't want to use it so try not to be allergic."

Kenzi actually laughed real laugh. "I will try not to." She said with humor in her voice and eyes.

~ End Log ~


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