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Alliance on the prowl

Posted on Sat Jun 6th, 2020 @ 5:16pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds & 1st Lieutenant Gabriel Stewart MD & Corporal Marion Singer

Location: Nightwolf on Deadwood

OOC: I'm killing Angelus/Sean Bigbee's character by the alliance.

Sasha was continuing to pick up garbage aka Reavers and helping with the wounded. Sasha looked up and growled, 'Omg Alliance fleet', and yelled to her Crew."Hey everyone we got Alliance on our ass, hurry up and grab wounded." Sasha yelled at the voice box. 2 Important Alliance people came over to talk to Sasha." Hello were looking for this woman." Sasha looked at the 2 guards as they showed her Kaylia." Yes I know where she is, see that house over there? She's over there grabbing wounded to my ship." Sasha told the 2 Alliance officers." Sasha then got on her com Box, "Hey for you guys let the Alliance take Kaylia I don't want problems from anyone of you., just let them take her."
Sasha said to her crew.

Gabriel was in the ship, caring for one of the critically wounded, when he heard the message from Sasha come over the intercom. His eyes widened in disbelief. "She is just going to let the Alliance take one of her crew? Am I next?" He dropped what he was doing and went to the medical area, his med-kit held firmly in his left hand. "I'll be damned if I am going back."

Once he reached the medical area, Gabriel grabbed two days rations, and his last bottle of scotch, and ran to the back of the NightWolf, looking for a way out. "I guess I am on my own again." He was able to wriggle his way out of the ship, then turned to watch as the Alliance took Kaylia.

Suddenly he felt sick to his stomach, watching them drag Kaylia away, and he started to run in their direction. He stopped just before he would have been seen, and hugged the ship. "This is why I trust no one. They could have come for me. I stole that ship, then crashed it to make it look like I had died in it. I had all the bases covered, even leaving enough of my DNA for them to think it was me and not ... not her brother." He winced at that last thought, and he slowly slid down to where he was sitting on the ground, leaning against the sturdy NightWolf. He took another big swig from his bottle, then closed his eyes and faded into oblivion.

Singer had helped bring on wounded; not an unknown feeling but one he rather avoid. Reavers made for good practice targets but are far too damaging to be practical. He was just getting a couple of the Boys that made for some pocket change bounty turn-ins. Taking half the Bounty in cash now and the other half Vouchers. He could turn them in next civilized place the Wolf lands.

Alliance is trouble for most; he is not a fan and decided to make himself scarce before they do too much checking, he did not want to answer questions; especially ones from the Nigthwolf crew.Being accepted as crew served his purpose and he made his way back to the Ramp of the Nightwolf, noting a man and a bottle using the hull not to fall over.

"Not paid enough to haul in drunks." Singer said as he wait leaning on a Ramp Hydrophilic Piston. "Now when the Boss Lady gets back we can get off this rock."

Not sure of anything at the present moment, Shannon continued to work on the engines but also listened to the comm traffic.

Although Gabriel could not hear what was going on around him, and certainly could not see in his condition, he could later review what was said and done, thanks to the recorders in his med-kit. Being an unknown element between the Alliance and the Rebels, he could not afford to miss anything. He may not like what he did, but, then, it sure beat the alternative ... which would be sure death for sure, by either side.

Sasha wasn't curious about what the alliance did with Kaylia,It was just one passenger left she didn't have to worry about No More, Sasha walked back to the ship to make sure some of the wounded got in the ship,and the doctor getting them taken care of,and head them to the nearest field hospital.


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