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Your trip is cancelled.

Posted on Mon Apr 20th, 2020 @ 7:30pm by Corporal Marion Singer

Location: Deadwood outside Nightwolf.

The dust was not kicking up so bad in the Port; it was actually a kind of nicer day with a low wind from the East. A looming shape of a Firefly variation waited in a quiet area with the Open ramp welcoming approach as Singer is walking his patrol for his target; the ship in question seemed a good money bet as to having the bait needed. Being that the ship is not local, Miles might chance taking that ship and get as far as he can?

Singer was a patient man; having been partly Shackled as a Law Man waiting for permissions and observing during that gave him insights into the process of Bounty Hunting. Sometimes you just have to wait out your play and hope the cards are not in the Perp's favor. Luckily Singer ate something earlier; such a waste to be half done and then need to toss good food aside to chase. Walking along in a small pattern would make him known so it is best to just stand about slightly off the main path to let the day pass and look bored.

Off in the distance; mingling a little too close to people , using them as cover, the man in question weave through and glanced several times at the ship Nightwolf. One thing about being a 'Local murderer; your face is known to most you would need to bail you out. Jumping a 'Hopper' to the next planet or so is out of the question, he needed someone unknown and the Nightwolf made a good target.

'Got ya.' Singer thought as he walk with his head down clutching his hat with the left and duster closed with the right against the light wind as he wanted to just seem one in the crowd. He would time his pace to be passing by about when the Perp would make a move? This is where being on the other side of the law bringing in a Wanted has advantages, he did not have to do that whole 'Freeze in the name of the Law junk. He could get close as he liked and then announce after take down.

This is where his training came into play. Carefully he noted without turning his head the approach and subtle turn the man made to head right up to the front of the ship; luck being the lady around Singer's shoulder as he passed the man a few steps before spinning and taking the steps and using a full wind up punch to the back of his head to send the man face first into the dirt. The refelex to roll over was not fast enough. Never giving a man time to recover Singer stepped out of reach but able to point his 'Tootsie' at the man; some called her a Hand Cannon, but she is Singer's reliable little equalizer.

The gun able to be known not to miss at this range and the cocking of the hammer a warning not to flinch, Singer brought out his protection; The Bounty Hunter's licence to be seen.

"Stephen Miles, hands out to your side!..." Keeping the gun pointed square in the chest so the face could be identified, some dumb rookies blow the head off to assure no reprisals, then gotta wait for secondary ID for the bounty. "You are under Bounty Arrest for suspicion of Murder; rustling and killing of A Law Man..." One always watched hands first. "This man is wanted for crimes and I am taking him in ..." He announced then just the man in a low voice. "The 'Or Alive' is optional you know?" he reminded Miles more quietly and putting protection in a pocket pulled the restraints and lobbed them to the chest. "Each man cuffs his own sins My Boy." Singer gave a half grin. "And any tricks you will not need them."

Miles was face planted and no way able to move a hand for his gun while half on his side. He glare up at Singer who gave a slight side grin before he put on the cuffs.

"Now gently unbuckle the Hog Leg." Singer urged and watched Miles reluctantly obey. "Now roll on your back." Singer only moved to crouch when the man was flat; putting Tootsie to the man's groin. "I know you don't want this to accidentally go off so lie still."

With that Singer disarmed the man and stepped back.

"Now get yourself up and lets take a walk." Singer warned. "I am leaving you some dignity but you so much as take anything other than kiddie steps I can and will put you down."

He watch Miles get to his feet.

"Thank you for your cooperation folks and not obstructing Justice." He tipped his hat and point the gun in the small of Miles back. "Remember Kiddie steps." He gave the only warning.

The two men started away.

Marion Allen Singer
Weapons Specialist

Stephen Miles
NPC'd by Singer


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