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The End Part 4

Posted on Sat Jun 6th, 2020 @ 5:19pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds & 1st Lieutenant Gabriel Stewart MD

Location: Deadwood

Sasha was on her voice box telling the crew."Hey, everyone, this is your capt Col Sasha Reynolds, I think was just bout done with the Reaver killing." Sasha called out. "Let's get the Reavers that are dead in a pile and burn them up," Sasha said. "The ones that were killing the reavers, like me and others ."Start grabbing reavers and make a pile with some gasoline on them and burn them to hell." Sasha Ordered as she kept on speaking."That means the rest of you Shannon, Sheila, and Gabriel will be helping with the patients. "Sasha said on the voice box."Now let's get moving now." Sasha put her voice box in her pocket while she went to help the one group stacking up the dead reavers, to put gasoline on it and burn them to hell.

Sheila came down from the cockpit and to the new med space. She looked at those there and felt a pang of guilt was through her. She remembered her time in the Alliance and what she had been ordered to do. Back then she never considered the consequences of her actions. What they down to the people. Seeing these refugees, out here, being attacked by the Reavers. For them, it wouldn't have mattered if it had been the Alliance. The results would have been pretty much the same.
She found her way over to Gabriel. She had seen him out there and knew immediately he was Alliance. Whether he still served or not was another matter. As she drew near she looked to him, "What do you need me to do Gabriel?" Her voice was one with a small bit of superior asking a junior officer what she should be doing. Seeing how she was a former Captain.

Shannon cursed again as she pulled herself from under the engine housing. "Great timing Sasha, burn the dead and assist patients. I ain't dressed in clean duds damn it", Shannon mumbled passing a few of the others helping with the patients.

Sasha was watching what was going on and didn't see much, all she was concerned bout making sure people are in her ship,
and make piles of Reavers, to burn them to hell for good.

Gabriel had been bringing the wounded on board the NightWolf, doing triage as best he could with so many coming in. When Sheila asked him what she could do, he heard the tone of her voice but chose not to let it sway his goal. He was a physician, first and foremost, and nothing would sway him from that priority. Still, he had respect for her willing to help, so as he attended to each of the wounded, he gave her instructions on what to do to help them.

When Shannon arrived in her work uniform, Gabriel winced a little, then pointed to a drawer and said "Scrubs are there. Clean up over there" as he pointed to the washing area. He then turned back to the wounded, continuing to care for worst of the wounded, and, on occasion, covering up one that did not survive, making a little ritual sign as he pulled the cover over them. This was definitely not his favorite part.

When Shannon returned, dressed in scrubs and ready to help, he did the same as he was doing with Sheila, directed her to care for the wounded as best they could with what supplies they had. On occasion, Gabriel would open his med-kit, and use some of the supplies inside it, but that was not used often.

They continued to care for the wounded until they had every patient either stabilized, under sedation or, in the case of the few deceased, removed from the ship.

Sasha yelled at the crew on the comm box," I want everyone to help to get wounded on The Nightwolf, not just the Doctor, and whoever is helping him." Sasha said Upsettingly.
Then Sasha yelled also," after the wounded we got to clean up this part of Deadwood, That means pile these jack ass Reavers, and burn them to Hell, and get these villagers on Nightwolf and get the hell out of Deadwood." Sasha said Eagerly to get the hell out of dodge.

"Couldn't agree with you more Sasha! This is giving me the creeps," Shannon said.

Sasha Chuckled at what Shannon said," You got that right I want Reaver bodies burned real good so we don't have to fight then no more." Sasha said on the voice box.

Sheila looked to Sasha. "We pile the Reavers. I can light them up with Little Wolf after we are in the air. This way we can get the hell out of here now."

Sasha grinned oh hell yeah Shelia lets get to it , and we need
To get the others to help." Sasha said. Sasha got on the speaker box, "Hey everyone get your asses over here were taking dead Reavers and pile them up to burn in Hell." Sasha yelled.

Gabriel was glad to not be taking part in the burning of the Reavers. That is not something that he could ethically participate in ... even if he were commanded to do so. That was one of the reasons he "left" the Alliance: he was "asked" to do something that was against his nature ... his oath ... his creed. Desertion would probably have been more appropriate, except, with a little pleading, coercing, and downright bribery, along with some threats, those allegations were made to disappear from his official records.

So, here he was, acting like a true medical officer, helping the wounded to the best of his abilities. Occasionally he would glance over his shoulder, as it were, to see if anyone was really paying attention to his activities. He had been through too much to put up with any flack from anyone, and was willing to bolt at a minutes notice. And he felt that he was constantly being watched, which made him a little nervous. But that's nothing that a little Scotch wouldn't help.

Occasionally, when he was quite certain no one was looking his way, Gabriel would duck into the main medical room, shut the door, and open his med-kit. Selecting the least potent setting of the smallest needle, he would inject himself with a pain killer, then wait for his left hand to quit throbbing. It didn't take long for the drug to take effect, which was a blessing, but it did leave him a little tipsy. Which is the reason he would take a drink from the bottle of single malt scotch, to cover up his real reason for his sneaking away.

Sheila had gotten everything ready to lift off and the subsequent burning of the Reavers. She headed down to make sure the others were ready when she came across Gabriel. She seen him take a swig of something from a flask as she approached. "Hey there doc. Got enough for little lady to take a sip?"

Gabriel looked at the bottle, then at Sheila. He grinned a sideways grin, and handed her the bottle. "It's pretty stout stuff. But you are welcome to it ... " He paused for a moment and warily looked around the area, then continued "... any time."

Sasha was helping others with the burning of the reavers, it was a big mess but Sasha and the others were getting the job done.

All Shannon wanted was to get this over and done with and get the hell out of the area.

Sasha walked towards the ship wanting to leave herself."Lets go everyone I want to leave NOW!" Sasha said to her crew on her voice box.


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