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New Grease Monkey in town[Backlog]

Posted on Tue Jun 2nd, 2020 @ 11:42pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Location: Nightwolf


Sasha was coming back from beating up some of the Reavers, and decided to get more weapons, and bullets and what not. She went to the back of Nightwolf where her new Grease monkey was making sure the engine was running well. Sasha looked around, "Hello, I'm Colonel Sasha Reynolds, owner of the Nightwolf , I hear I may have a new Engineer/Grease Monkey?" Sasha said.

Shannon dropped the wrench she was using to hold a belt in place, "Fucking honey magot!!!!!.... Son of a Bitch", she hollered and slid from out underneath the main drive shaft. "Oh.....sorry didn't know someone was Colonel? Oh...yeah the owner of this bird. Not a bad looking bird. Could do with a few refits here and there. How can I help you, Colonel?"

" I just wanted to introduce myself, and I'm not formal when it comes to rank and what not. Just call me Sasha." Sasha smiled. "I didn't mean to startle you while working, I just wanted to make sure things are going well, as for engineering modification your the one to take care of them just let me know first." Sasha grinned looking at her.

"Um.....sure I mean Sasha. Sorry for my language but sometimes it gets me so damn mad.....well you know sometimes cursing helps to get it fixed along with a swift kick or smash," Shannon said trying to smile.

Sasha giggled, "hell we all got to get a swear word in or two, so it's all good." Sasha said."It's nice to meet you ....." Sasha smiled wanting to know her name. Then Sasha told her "Oh, one day you will have me smiling when this engine runs like a kitten." Sasha smiled as she Is having a nice conversation with the New Grease Monkey.

"Oh bless my soul, the name is Shannon Lystrom! I am sorry forgot to tell you my name!", she said laughing.

Sasha smiled, "Well Shannon Lystom it's nice to meet you." Sasha extended her hand to shake it." Just keep this baby purring Is all I ask." Sasha smiled.

Shannon took the outstretched hand and shook it firmly. "Pleasure is all mine and she will be purring from now on", she said,

Sasha smiled to her."I'm glad you're aboard "Nightwolf." we had a grease monkey before, that really didn't like it and left, but I'm glad we have you to replace that last jerk." Sasha smiled, "Keep up the good work." Sasha said.

"Oh not to worry about that Sasha I'll meet her running", Shannon said as Sasha turned and left the engineering deck.

Col. Sasha Reynolds

Civilian Shannon Lystome
Grease Monkey


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