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getting to know the crew better[Back Log]

Posted on Tue Jun 2nd, 2020 @ 9:54pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Location: Nightwolf on Deadwood

, and heads for where the pilot's Station is to see hows the Nightwolf 's pilot is doing.

Sasha walks in and grins," Well, well its the Nightwolfs Trusty pilot,how are you doing today Sheila?" Sasha grinned as she looked out the window."Boy I can't wait to leave this hell hole." Sasha told her. "We need to take these wounded to the nearest Hospital run by alliance, even though I won't be happy to go any where near alliance period." Sasha Frowned just thinking bout it all.

Sheila sat in the pilots seat and was running through the nav list. She knew that the wounded needed to be taken to a hospital but she was looking to see if she could find one not run by the Alliance.
When the Col. stepped onto the bridge Sheila did not turn around but acknowledged her. "Killing Reavers always puts me in a better mood. But knowing where we are going to have to take these people, dampens it a little." She moved to make sure everything was ready to go, once everyone was on board. "I agree with ya Col. Getting out of here is a great idea." She checked her remote and made sure her ASAF was in place and secured. She finally turned to look at Sasha and smiled. "Give the word Col. And we are out of here."

Sasha grinned, "Don't forget Shelia we have wounded to bring in, and when crew and Villagers are inside then we can take off. Understand," Sasha said while taking a Reaver break to talk to Shelia. "Oh, by the way, Shelia you don't need to be formal here, The Colonel thing is not warranted." Sasha smiled. From now on call me Sasha, ok Shelia." Sasha said enjoying her Reaver Break talking to her pilot.

Sheila gave Sasha a quick nod in acknowledgment about not taking off yet. She did turn to look at Sasha when she told that she did not need to be so formal. This actually made her smile a little. "Understood Co....Sasha." She turned to the monitors to make sure that everyone was getting on board when she decided to ask a question. "So who is the old man that decided he was going to set up shop in the med bay?"

Sasha was stretching out as she was about to speak."Oh are new Dr. Lt Stewart." she smiled as she continued to stretch out, oh if any Reavers come in or near the Nightwolf fight with all your might." Sasha gave Shelia an evil Grin.

Sheila tilted her head slightly at the name Sasha gave her. "Dr. Lt. Stewart. He seems a bit grumpy. Is he from the Alliance?"

Sasha looked at Shelia," well doctors shouldn't be that grumpy as for him being in the Alliance he did not say much about it I should double-check with him." Sasha grinned at Sheila.

Sheila grinned back. "Grumpy." She turned back to the controls. "He seems to be a bit older. (pause, chuckle) Still he kinda cute." She looked back at Sasha and smiled. "Don't say a word." There was a hint of humor in her voice.

Sasha chuckled, "mums the word." Sasha chuckled. "If you like him then after this battle goes for it doesn't bother me." Oh, Shelia, you have this ship closer right, I didn't see much out there." Sasha asked. Sasha was getting ready to go collect everyone outside. "Sheila start the engines were getting off this rock," Sasha said allowed. Sasha was gathering the troops.

Sheila gave Sasha a smile. A very mischievous one. "Oh, I will make sure he knows I am here." She turns to look at the controls and starts the take-off procedures. "One way or another, he will know." Her tone was one of not quite sure if it should have been followed by an evil laugh.

Sasha smiled at Shelia. "This sure is gonna be a fun ride." Sasha chuckled as she slowly shook her head.

Sheila made sure everything was set for take-off then headed down to help out with the wounded.

Sasha looked at Sheila and went back to help the others ,as she waited for Sheila.

Col Sasha Reynolds


Civi Sheila Shellito


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