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No good Reaver is a dead Reaver- Part 3[Back log]

Posted on Sat Jun 6th, 2020 @ 5:18pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds & 1st Lieutenant Gabriel Stewart MD

Location: Nightwolf on Deadwood

OOC: This is it crew we make sure the Reavers are tottally killed and Stay Dead,and lets get wounded into the Nightwolf,and The Grease Monkey start working on Nightwolf repairs.. Also I want this log finished.
Sasha was still out there with everyone else fighting the treacherous Reavers, she's been running around each area of the field that the Reavers are at by shooting at them or throwing gernades at them. Sasha was finding a clearence for the wounded to get to the ship,and be taken care of. She wasn't sure to make a path or have Shelia move the ship a little closer. She
then grabbed her comm box to call Shelia."Sheila its Sasha start up the ship and slowly cruise the Nightwolf closer to us,it might scare off some Reavers thats what we want ,and get wounded aboard alot easier." Sasha said backing off a bit to contact Shelia,before fighting more Reavers. After That Sasha was hoping everyone else in the crew were alright,and not injured like the villagers.. Sasha Yelled on the comm box,"Hey everyone i hope you all are alright lets kill these Reavers,and get the wounded outta here." Sasha yelled.

Sheila heard the Col. She had been running through the nav system so she could get them out of there quickly. Reaching over she hit the com's. "Understood Col. Will bring her in closer. When you are ready Col. I will have Little Wolf cover your back. Just get here as soon as you all can."

Gabriel had his supplies in the Infirmary, some still scattered about in crates and containers, and some of it stored in their place. The next thing on his agenda was to find a place inside the Infirmary where he could set up a place where he could eat, study and sleep.

Sasha heard her pilot ,and grinned as she continued on fighting the terrible Reavers, and hoping some of the Crew can help wounded villagers to the ship as soon as Shelia got the ship closer.

Gabriel finished setting up his area in the Infirmary. He then started preparing some of the passenger rooms to be used as patient rooms. Normally, each passenger room was set up for up to 2 occupants, but, for this purpose, Gabriel thought he could put as many as 4 to a room. He set up a larger area for the patients that should survive, and a very small area, one room, set apart from the large area, for the patients who were terminally injured. It would be crowded, that's for sure, but hopefully he could move quite a few of the wounded in and out as time and treatment would allow.

Now it was time to go to the hatch and set up a triage location, so he could make a quick assessment of each patient as he or she came in, and have them moved to the appropriate area. If he had to, Gabriel would take on the task of moving the patients himself, but any and all help from anyone would be appreciated.

Sasha continued to fight off the Reavers , as she hoped Shelia can get the ship closer to them to put wounded in the Ship.
She continued to talk over to shoot and grenade reavers.

Sheila maneuvered the Nightwolf as close as she could to make sure that the crew and the wounded could get on board. "Sasha, we're taking some hits here. Nothing that she can't handle but we shouldn't stay to much longer."

This whole entire time Shannon was repairing what damages she could and kept the engines running. Not knowing how the fight was going was little to console her about what damages the ship was taking. 'Hurry up down there for god's sake!' she muttered to the empty engine room.

Sasha was still fighting and yelled back at the doctor," I hope you brought a weapon on you too doc we need you for both." Grabbing his med-kit with his left hand, and securing it to his left wrist, Gabriel straightened his tie and left the ship to help with the wounded. "On my way, Colonel." He seemed to ignore her remark about bringing a weapon, because he had his modified med-kit with the hidden weaponry built in.

The doctor headed toward a small group of Reavers and civilians that were clashing together. He raised his med-kit that he held in his left hand, then slid his right hand along the inner side of the kit, pressing the hidden magnetic panel until it released, revealing several buttons and levers inside. He slid one of the levers slightly, then aimed the outward edge towards the Reavers. He pressed one of the buttons each time the med-kit was aimed at a Reaver, causing it to release a small, crystallized projectile. As soon as the projectile made contact with a Reaver, it penetrated the skin and released it's semi-toxic chemicals, while also releasing a neural shock, causing the being to convulse and fall to the ground, stunned and almost lifeless.

After disabling the attacking Reavers, he went to the civilians, quickly looked them over, then took the lot of them toward the Mule, except for one of them, which he took directly to the Nightwolf. This one was in critical condition, and needed immediate attention to keep her from dying. After he got her to one of the prepared rooms, he gave her a sedative, stitched her up, then went back to the melee outside to continue helping the Nightwolf crew.

Sasha looked at the doctor."where in all not holy was that doc?" Sasha continued to shoot whatever reavers were left,and she also was looking for Kaylia on her talk box "Kaylia hows the reavers on your end are they all dead." Sasha was waiting for her to check in. Sasha still couldn't believe what he just did to a group of Reavers, so she shook her head while still puzzled over what he did.

Gabriel heard the Colonel's remark as he walked past her with the critically wounded patient, but chose not to answer at the time. His focus was entirely on trying to save the life of the frail human. Once he was sure that she could hold on at least until the fighting was over, and he could attend to her more, he went back out to continue their mission.

This time the doctor paused as he neared Sasha, looked at her steadily for a few seconds, then said, "I have sworn to take care of any and all sentient life forms. If that means leaving a Reaver alive, then it means disabling them for several hours, even days, until we are out of harms way. In the mean time, if others of their kind want to take matters into their own hands, I am not above allowing that to happen. I won't be here to see what happens to them." He paused for a moment, then said, "As far as what I have in my ... med-kit, well, we can discuss that after we leave this unholy place, and our patients are safely aboard the ship." He stopped speaking again, rubbed his scruffy beard, then curtly added, "Colonel Reynolds, sir, or ma'am, or however you would like to be addressed."

Sasha looked around the area and make sure all reavers were dead and no more to be shot at again. Sasha kept looking for around for Kaylia she got on her shout box. "Kaylia where you at?" Sasha yelled out of concern."Kaylia where you at and are you ok, Our new Doctor got a whole bunch of Reavers killed I don't know how he did it." Sasha said on the voicebox.

Gabriel winced at the words, "Our new Doctor got a whole bunch of Reavers killed," because, technically, they were still alive, but totally incapacitated. They could only breath slightly, and stare into space ... or whatever direction they were facing. They could not defend themselves, but, for Gabriel, that was none of his concern. They killers would eventually succumb to what ever the environment dealt them.

Sasha tapped her comm box."Doc whatever weapon you brought you should find Kaylia and help her." Sasha yelled.
"Hey Kaylia find the doctor,hes got a weapon to kill Reavers."
Sasha called out Kaylia.

Shaking his head, Gabriel started to correct Sasha, to tell her that he would not, could not, kill any life form, unless his life, or his crew mates's lives, were in danger.

That last thought, crew mates' lives, caused him to pause, but only for a few seconds. Was he accepting that he was part of the crew? Or we he just accepting that he was helping someone that was the underdogs?

Gabriel came out of his thoughts and turned to find Kaylia and help her fend off the Reavers. He did not have a comm box, so he would have to depend on Sasha, or anyone else, to locate whoever needed to be located. After all, he was not officially a member of the crew ... and he was not sure they would welcome him once they fully understood more about his past. After all, he was associated with the Alliance, at least on paper, but when it came to saving lives ...

Sasha then ran by the doctor and Kaylia to see if they need help wrastlin the rest of the Reavers so they can take off , for another job.

Suddenly a piston blew sparks and nearly burned Shannons hair. "Damn it to hell not my hair" she said yelling as she shut down the part of where the piston blew. "Come on now be a nice piston go in there........yes!!!!" she hollered. Now we can get the hell outa here finally. Hitting the com box, " Shannon to Shiellito, you got full power on the engines! I fixed the damn piston!"

Sasha called on her comm box,"Shannon,and Shelia hope you 2 have engineering, and pilot have things rolling so we can get the hell out of here, and get the wounded to the nearest hospital." Sasha yelled to them both.

Shannon called on her comm box, "Yeah boss engines are 100% now. It was a bloody piston that fucked it up. Fine now", she said quickly.

"I don't need weapons to kill them. I can kill you with my mind." Regardless, Kaylia met up with Gabriel. She was still doing her thing though. Both weapons she had were muddled with blood, so was she to be honest. It was actually graceful the way she moved. Even if it was killing things, still graceful, almost like a dance. Finishing the last one, she came to a spreadlegged crouch. One knee cocked, the other straight out at an angle. The Reaver behind her was still standing..for a moment. Then its head slid off of its neck.

Sasha looked at Kaylia and Gabriel,"I see you 2 got things going ok cool." Sasha smiled.

Gabriel continued battling the Reavers alongside Kaylia, glancing at her from time to time as she seemed to dance through her killings. H had the crazy thought that she reminded him of a Ninja ballerina. "That's crazy", he thought to himself, then quickly turned and stunned a pair of Reavers that was trying to attack a bedraggled victim. He watched just long enough to see the pair convulse frantically, then drop to the ground in a coma.

Picking up the severely wounded person, he carried her to the Mule, did a quick check of her vitals, and decided that she could survive as he turned back to the incessant fighting. He continued the to and fro of helping the wounded and disabling the Reavers until they had taken care of all they could. One last battle to take care of, though, was one too many. This time he was a little slow ... tired? ... and the doc was himself injured by one careless move. He should have been paying attention to the task in front of him, instead of glancing over at Kaylia ... "Damn, that hurts!!"

Sasha wasn't too far from the two of them she wanted to make sure all reavers were dead, and patients ok.

Sheila heard Sasha and grinned. She had only just come aboard so Sasha had not gotten to know her too well yet. If there were only a few things that Sasha would have to worry about, when it came to Sheila, being ready to fly would not be one of them. "Ready to go oh your say so."

Sasha had her voice box, "OK everyone lets get the wounded onto the Nightwolf, and get them to a field hospital, and clean this mess up." Sasha yelled to everyone.

Gabriel had been working steadily, bring the wounded to the Mule, then performing triage on them as they arrived on the Nightwolf. After the last of the wounded was on board, he turned his attention to caring for them, assigning any of the crew that was willing, to take care of the less wounded. He was always wearing his gauntlet-like glove on his left hand and forearm, with his med-kit securely attached to that arm at the wrist with a handcuff-like connection. When he needed to use his left hand, he would let the med-kit dangle from his wrist, sometimes letting it rest on the floor, or a table, but always left it attached to his wrist.

Sasha walked over by the Doctor to see If he needed help with the wounded, She couldn't help seeing him work alone. So Sasha walked to the doctor," you need some help I don't mind helping you?" Sasha asked.

"Can we finally get the hell outa here? We got wounded that need attention", Shannon said, stepping over patients carefully.

Sheila had come down after make sure things were good to go. She made her way down to the hanger and found it filled with wounded. She had grabbed a med kit before she stepped int the hanger bay. Sasha was there along with Shannon and the new Doc. She moved through the wounded and checked on those that had not been checked yet. She took care of those that did not need to much and stabilized those she could. As she worked she watch the Doc. He seemed a bit arrogant though that was expected from an Alliance officer. As she watched him she wondered if she had seen him before. It would have not surprised her if she had at some point during her career. That was for another time. "So Doc, when did you leave."

Sasha was with Shelia as she was talking to the doctor, Sasha was getting the gang together , so everyone can do Reaver clean up, and the doc helps the wounded.

Gabriel glanced up at Sheila when he heard his name, then continued working on a critical patient. He mainly used whatever was available on the ship, but occasionally would lift his med-kit up, set it on the edge of whatever was nearby, whether it was the edge of a bed, a cart, or a table, and use one of the tools from his med-kit. After he finished with the patient, Gabriel put the med-kit in his left hand, then walked over to where Sheila was tending to one of the wounded, and looked at her coolly. "When did I leave. I don't see how that is relevant at this point." He just stood there for a moment, continuing to stare at her, then started to walk back to tend to some more of the wounded. He stopped, looked over his shoulder at her, and said, "When I saw the atrocities that were happening all over, and no one in the Alliance seemed to care."

He looked down at his left hand, covered with the gauntlet-like glove, holding on to his med-kit, then looked back at Sheila again. "When I developed some advanced medications, treatments and tools, and all the Alliance wanted was to save their own, and no one else, then ... " His voice trailed off as he looked toward the wounded, then those helping the wounded. He looked back at his med-kit, shook his head, then said "This will be used to help those who deserve the help." He then walked over and continued working on the wounded.

Sheila continued to on the patient as Gabriel walked over. He looked at for a moment before he spoke. She tilted her head slightly as he walked away. She had not expected him to answer. So when he did she listened.
He explained why he left. She could understand his reasoning. After what had happened with her brother, she had left. "I get it." She finished with the one and moved into an other. "Seen you work out there. Interesting med kit you have."

Gabriel looked down at his med-kit, held in his left hand with a vice-like grip, and thought for a moment 'Yes, it is an interesting kit ... one of a kind.' However, he responded to Sheila's comment with a mere nod, then turned back to working on the wounded.

Sasha stayed off the ship, so she can help others and get the hell out of dodge. Sasha then stayed on the ship wanting to get the hell out of dodge.

Lt Gabriel "Scotch" Stewart

Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Civilian Sheila Shellito Pilot

Civilian Shannon Lystome Grease Monkey


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