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meeting the Mysterious Doctor

Posted on Fri Mar 13th, 2020 @ 10:09pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds & 1st Lieutenant Gabriel Stewart MD

Location: Nightwolf on Deadwood
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OOC: this comes as the wounded are being taken on The Mule,and crew still fighting Reavers.

The Battle was over, there were wounded on the Mule coming onto the Nightwolf to get the wounded treated. As Sasha looked at the wounded she sees a mysterious gentleman and walks up to him no to happy looking with her Reynolds trait coming off her family especially her half brother Malcolm.

Sasha gets in the strangers face, "Who are you,and what brings you to deadwood to help all the wounded as some of my people were fighting and helping with wounded due to the raping, recklessness of those Damn Reavers."Sasha said angrily to the stranger wanting to kill him herself.

Gabriel just stood there for a moment, not bothered at the least by person standing in front of him. He was used to all sorts of people being in all sorts of moods, especially because of their injuries, so he remained calm and collected. "I am Lt Gabriel Stewart, MD. I was ... investigating the area, and stumbled up this man" pointing to the man being carried away, "and I attended to him, hopefully saving his life. Unfortunately, I had to take another life to save.

Sasha nodded to him,"Where did you come from?,How did you get here?" she asked the good doctor.. "By the way im Colonel Sasha Reynolds I command the Nightwolf."Sasha also said, pointing to her ship. Sasha tapped her one foot waiting for him to reply as she watched the wounded come in."Do you happen to be part of the Alliance to help wounded?" Sasha also asked."We Browncoats hate the Alliance." Sasha also said.

Looking at the wounded being loaded on the Mule, and the fighting continuing with the Reavers, Gabriel paused and rubbed his scruffy beard. "I am ... pleased to meet you, Colonel Reynolds." He turned his attention to the Nightwolf. "I am physician first and foremost. If I see wounded, no matter what their allegiance, tending to them is my priority." He was careful to evade Sasha's other questions and statements. "You command an impressive ship, which you are loading up with quite a few injured men, women and children." He winced at the last word ... children, and shook his head slowly. "The children ... should be first priority, but sometimes they are last on the list." he said to himself more that to anyone.

Finally, he could not stand still any longer. "Look, if you need someone to help you with your wounded, I will avail my services, but only until all are taken care of."

He stood there, his gaze alternating between the Nightwolf, the Mule being loaded, and Sasha. 'Otherwise, I am leaving."

Sasha looked at Gabriel."Well we do need a doctor on my ship." Sasha grinned."Would you be interested being one of our browncoat Doctors Gabriel?" Sasha grinned more.

Gabriel frowned, and asked, "You mean to tell me you do not have a doctor on board? Nǐ yào yǐ shàngdì de míngyì zuò shénme?
(What in the God's name were you going to do with them?)" Turning away from Sasha, he shouted over his shoulder, "I need to get my supplies. I will be back in 5 minutes."

Sasha shook her head on that language of his," I didn't understand you,but it better be a fast 5 mins.Then we take off with or without you Gabriel." Sasha yelled.

At precisely 5 minutes Gabriel returned with a small motorized cart full of supplies. Ignoring his surroundings, he parked the cart next to the ship and looked around for someone to give him permission to board the ship. After a moment, seeing that everyone was still busy fighting and rescuing, He boarded the ship and took his belongings to the Infirmary and began unpacking.

Sasha had to get back to fighting with the others,even though the ships door was open , she didn't mind their new doctor making himself home in the Infirmary, The Nightwolf needed a Doctor badly. Sasha had her Guns and Gernades and helped the others with the Reaver attack. Sasha turned back for a second , got on her comm box"Hey Doc, welcome aboard the nightwolf, please get settled in, i will talk to you after the Reaver fight. "Sasha said as she turned around to fight the Reavers.

Nodding at the Colonel, Gabriel took his supplies in the Nightwolf and unpacked in the Infirmary. Without any thought of asking permissions, he scouted about the ship, looking over the passenger quarters, and designated over 1/2 of them as medical rooms. One room, near the front of the ship, was designated as a hospice area, where the terminally wounded would be kept until they could be returned back to their families. This room was set up to be more private than the other rooms, for obvious reasons.

Gabriel then returned to the front of the ship, watching all of the commotion outside , waiting for the first patients to arrive.

Sasha ran by Nightwolf as she called the doc,"Hey Doctor we need help here move your butt now." Sasha yelled, as she ran back to fighting.

Grabbing his med-kit with his left hand, and securing it to his left wrist, Gabriel straightened his tie and left the ship to help with the wounded. "On my way, Colonel."

Sasha was fighting still and yelled at the doctor,"I hope you brought a weapon on you too doc we need you for both. Sasha yelled back. She continued fighting after that.


Col Sasha Reynolds

Lt Gabriel "Scotch" Stewart

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