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meeting the Mysterious Doctor

Posted on Mon Feb 24th, 2020 @ 9:28pm by 1st Lieutenant Gabriel Stewart MD & Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Location: Nightwolf on Deadwood

OOC: this comes as the wounded are being brought onto the Nightwolf, when the Reavers were killed.

The Battle was over, there were wounded on the Mule coming onto the Nightwolf to get the wounded treated. As Sasha looked at the wounded she sees a mysterious gentleman and walks up to him no to happy looking with her Reynolds trait coming off her family especially her half brother Malcolm.

Sasha gets in the strangers face, "Who are you,and what brings you to deadwood to help all the wounded as some of my people were fighting and helping with wounded due to the raping, recklessness of those Damn Reavers."Sasha said angrily to the stranger wanting to kill him herself.

Gabriel just stood there for a moment, not bothered at the least by person standing in front of him. He was used to all sorts of people being in all sorts of moods, especially because of their injuries, so he remained calm and collected. "I am Lt Gabriel Stewart, MD. I was ... investigating the area, and stumbled up this man" pointing to the man being carried away, "and I attended to him, hopefully saving his life. Unfortunately, I had to take another life to save his."



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