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The End of the Reavers as we know it

Posted on Mon Feb 24th, 2020 @ 9:20pm by 1st Lieutenant Gabriel Stewart MD & Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Location: Deadwood

Where the story takes place , Sasha and the crew of The Nightwolf were fighting the treacherous Reavers, while others were helping the wounded, they see a stranger helping with the wounded, and isn't sure whos side he's on.

Sasha was too busy to look,she kept fighting with her might with the weapons she had to work with, then wonder if Kaylia and the others are ok.

Gabriel sees someone nearby that is fighting tooth and nail, and decides to approach her about his "patient."

Sasha hears a commotion while shooting up the Reavers,then backs off shooting and runs to the wounded all Pissed off.
"What in all hell is going on? I'm shooting up Reavers with
the others and i hear commotion,what da fuck is going on."
Sasha said all pissed off and Angry.

Gabriel looks at Sasha straight in the eyes, without blinking, and replies, "I am turning this man over to you. He needs medical attention if he is to survive." He then lays the man on the ground, and turns to walk away.

Sasha looked at the stranger,"Who da hell are you ,and ordering me to get his man medical attention?" she yelled at him. "Sir I'm no Doctor im a colonel of a Ship called nightwolf."
Sasha yelled more at him totally pissed off and called one of her crew to grab this man ."Somebody get this person on the ground." Sasha yelled as she continued to shoot the Reavers and throwing Grenades too at the Reavers .

Gabriel looked at Sasha with a quizzical look, then looked at the crewman approaching, and said "He needs immediate attention. Was attacked by a Fēngkuáng de fēngkuáng (crazy deranged) Reaver. I took care of the Reaver. This man has been injected with a sedative, which should wear off in about ... 10 minutes."

Turning back to look at Sasha, Gabriel said "I hope you have a decent medical person on board, with at least the basics in medicine." He then turned to walk away.

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(OOC- lets kill these reavers and go home--lol)


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