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[Back-log]Nightwolf on the prowl-Come here Reavers PT 2

Posted on Wed Mar 4th, 2020 @ 11:33pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds & Civilian Rebekka IngheiĆ°ur & Civilian Len Yeong Mr. & 1st Lieutenant Gabriel Stewart MD

Location: Nightwolf

Sasha walked out first and hoping the crew can breathe, which she could tell. "Well Crew hope you have your weapons ready, lets go reaver hunting!"
Sasha yelled.

"Can't say I feel ready, but I'm here." Lem said, looking down uncertainly at the gun in his holster, and up again.

Sasha smiled evilly at Len."Good job,we wait for the others and go Reaver hunting I feel them coming for some weird reason." Sasha grinned.

Shelia hit the coms. "Colonel. If you need it cove let me know. My bird is ready."

Sasha smiled evilly, on the coms."Everyone will be hitting the Reavers hard even you Shelia." Sasha told her. Sasha smiled evilly,"Ok Everyone lets get out of the ship, and ram the Reavers hard." Sasha growled." I want to hit them hard as ever, "Sasha yelled. Sasha yelled at her crew. "Lets go everyone lets move it and shoot those Reavers down and save a village," Sasha also said.

Since Kaylia was already out and headed for them. Once she got to a ridge, if she stopped to look first, she'd count a least 25 Reavers or so. Doing what they do, raping, pillaging, killing, eating people.

"Well isn't that wonderful..." Kaylia sighed and got back on the Speeder. "Down we go." Kicking it back in gear and headding down off of the ridge.


Sasha yelled while reving the engine of the mule. She just want to get the whole speal moving,and grooving and beat those Reavers down,besides reaching out Kaylia's way. Sasha got mad at Kaylia for going out before the crew. Sasha was very upset,and growled."Lets go crew I haven't got all day." Sasha growled and yelled.

Rebekka stepped out of her shuttle and carefully walked down the stairs to the waiting Mule. Her blonde hair was pulled back into ponytail. She was dressed in black leathers, that hugged every inch of her curves. She had a quiver on her back, a compound bow in hand, with a pistol and ammo on one hip and a sword on the other, and a knife in her mid thigh boots. She climbed up into the bed of the Mule and grabbed the roll bar with one gloved hand.

Len took his seat in the back of the mule, anxiously thinking about how he could die and what to do to survive. I didn't know I signing up for this! He thought, and sighed.

Shelia picked up the remote clicked it on. Tbe screen came alive and the cockpit of her AFAS could be seen. She set that down and picked up the head set and put it on as well. She was looking at a virtual cockpit of her ship. Picking up the remote and went through the preflight checks and got her her bird up and flying. She called down via coms to Sasha. "I can hold back my bird till you need her. Let me know and she will make sure you have all the cover you need to get back here.

Sasha picked up the comms on the mule."Understood Pilot Shelia." Sasha said."We might need you to come along and help with the villagers and their wounds with Rebekka." Sasha also said.

While they were busy scratching their asses. Kaylia had already gotten down into the frey. Jumping off of the speeder, which she left on auto. It slammed into one of the Reaver groups and the vehicle they had. Creating a huge explosion. If that wasn't a beacon nothing was.

Shifting to land and roll, she came up with both swords. Cross striking one, to take the head off. Turning on foot, and cutting down another two. Leaning her shoulder to the side to avoid an axe, then to the other side to do the same again.

Rolling both swords with her wrists to stab those two. Pull them out and jump over, cutting them in the back for good measure. Taking a few hits, but at least they were just fists.

Dropping the sword play a little and going physical, not melee. Remembering what she heard in her head from River. Not sure why she heard it but she did. "My turn." Spinning around low and taking out legs of three of them. Rolling over the back of another. Jamming one of the Katana's up under its chin while long cross swinging the other to take one of the Reavers heads off.

Sasha was driving the Mule, she wanted to make sure they were ready for some gung ho fighting on the Reavers. Sasha parked the mule,with her shot gun,and other weapons, and said to her crew mates,"Ok Everyone if your killing Reavers stay with me, the other few crew go help Rebekka with wounded." Sasha evilly grinned. Sasha jumped out of the Mule."with her Rifle and lots of ammunition."Lets go fight Reavers with Kaylia." Sasha yelled and told everyone lets go.

Len got out of the mule unsure, and pauses. He could join in the fighting, since he knows he has to learn to fight sooner or later, but given his inexperience, he might throw his life away or endanger his new comrades. In any case, he thought, helping with the wounded might involve protecting them, so he could learn to fight that way, without getting in the way. Len comes out of his reverie, and jogs off towards the wounded.

Sasha got off the Mule,with her weapons starting to blast hoping the others are doing the same or helping with the wounded,either that the reavers must die with the crews help and helping Kaylia.

Shelia brought her AFAS around to hover over where the wounded were. She called over the com's. "I have you covered Len. Help get the wounded to the mule."

With the Tumble weeds and dust blowing by Sasha was trying to get to the others to help them,and hoping they were fighting Reavers or handling the other wounded people. It was hard to see everyone especially Kaylia. Sasha ran to help the others fight and wounded as she ran over there.

Len winced as bullets whizzed by dangerously as Len ran. Len dug deep in himself and found he had faith in the universe, that he would live. Suddenly he had clarity, and broke through his hesitation. Len and darted to relative safety behind a series of big boulders, where he found several wounded people. There was a lanky tanned young man with black hair and a deep gash in his leg. There was a also a badly grazed middle aged woman, presumably his mother, on the ground next to him, looking scared. A large and portly middle aged man with black hair had lots of cuts on his body, but not of them too deep as far as Len could tell. The middle aged man was just staring blankly, and looked unable to move yet. Len helped the woman up, and, with a struggle, heaved the lanky young man onto his back.

"Head to our ship over there, I'll be just behind you." Said Len, pointing, and headed back to the ship.

"Will you help my husband?" She asked, her face a mask of worry.

"Yeah, and others." Len said panting. "Now go, run, don't look back."

She did just that, and to her credit did not look back, leaving Len behind.

Sasha beep her comm badge and said"Everyone be careful out there, those Reavers can be nasty."
she said trying to find another spot close by wounded.Then Sasha called out to Kaylia," Yo Kaylia hows the reavers your way,I hope your still in one piece." Sasha said."Sasha kept firing while running.

"What Reavers?" Kaylia tilted her head a little bit, considering there were a large number of bodies all around her. "Oh....those....Oops. I think I made them all go to sleep."

Sasha was getting worried bout her crew , with the Reavers on the prowl and some of them helping the Wounded.she fought them with all her might and the Amo she had on there trying to figure away to the wounded, Sasha was slowly getting her way
to the wounded, and yelled near by her crew.

"You guys who are helping the wounded,if a Reaver comes near you shoot to kill" Sasha yelled. Hoping to help with the wounded too. Sasha tagged her badge as loud as she can be,"Everyone getthem on the Mule and head Back to the Ship NOW,the others of you continued fighting she yelled on the comms,hope she would hear from her crew right away as she kept fighting.

Sheila listened as Sasha told everyone to get on the mule with the wounded and get back to the ship. "Cap'en I got you covered. Just get back here as soon as you can." With that Sheila used her remote control for her ASAF to movenout in front of the mule and opened fire on the Reavers. "Move Cap'en. She will be ready for take off when you get here."

Len returned to help the other injured man, who was still staring blankly. Len knelt down, and put a hand on the man's shoulder.

"Hey. I'm here to help." Len said firmly.

"Oh...ok." The man said, before taking the outstretched hand and getting up. The man was unsteady on his feet, and still wasn't entirely with it. As Len started to bring him back to the ship, the man said.

"Keep going the way you came, and at the next rock I think there's some more of us."

"Got it." Len said. They carried on, and half way there the man suddenly stated,

"That thing thought I was dead, I was playing dead, and it still raped me. They sure aren't picky." The man sounded even more out of it when he said that, he was clearly still in shock.

Len was taken aback. After a pause, he said, "We'll hunt them down. I promise. Now lets get you to safety."

Gabriel had just encountered what turned out to be a man being attacked by a Reaver. He had shot both of them using a weapon that was built into his med-kit, the first "bullet" being non-lethal (which was good for the human), and the second and third projectiles being successively lethal. It took two shots at the Reaver to kill it.

Throwing the still unconscious man over his shoulder, Gabriel looked around for some place to take the man, when he noticed what he considered a "rag-tag" group of people either fighting off and killing Reavers, or helping any wounded that they could, or, in some cases alternating between killing and rescuing. "Maybe I can hand this one off to them, and continue about my business", he thought to himself.

Looking over his shoulder to be sure the Reaver was dead, and already decomposing from the highly potent third "bullet", Gabriel clutched his med-kit in his left hand and started walking toward the fight.

Sasha was on a shooting spree when it came to Reavers,she also had to see how her crew was doing with the wounded.
Sasha ran fast while shooting reavers as she got to the crew
helping with wounded and saw a stranger with them,Sasha
Tried to get closer to the stranger,and still whoop Reaver ass.
"Who da hell are you?"she said to the Stranger.

Gabriel turned hit attention to the angry voice, looked at the woman for a moment, then curtley replied, "I am Dr. Gabriel Stewart."(OOC -- this part is in a different log Sasha and the new doc)

Sheila could see through the remote cameras on her ASAF what was going on. She could see that the team needed to get out of there soon. She seen a new guy drop off a wounded man in front of Sasha. Sheila called over the com's. "Cap'en, we need to go. Get who you can in the mule and lets get out of here."

Sasha stood outside,"We will go as soon as we gatherd all the rest of the wounded on the Mule,may have to make one more trip." Sasha told her pilot Shelia.

After a somewhat heated interaction between Col. Reynolds and Lt Stewart, the doctor had chosen to accompany the group and help tend to the injured and wounded.

Sheila gave a nod, even though she knew that Sasha wouldn't see it. "Understood Col. She will be ready when you are."

Sasha kept fighting the Reavers the whole time,shot gun and grenades..

Gabriel boarded the ship and began setting up his area in the Infirmary.

Rebekka had gotten separated from the rest of the group as she had seen a group of Reavers chasing a young family. She cornered the Reavers as they had the family corner. She only smirked at the three of them. The fight was quick and bloody. She escorted the young family back to the mule. Her normally blonde hair was now two tone, Blood and blonde. Her leathers where covered in blood splatter. "I hope we are done here?" She simple said lowly as she helped the group get into the mule.

Col. Sasha Reynolds
Command of the Nightwolf

Civilian Sheila Hope Shellito
Pilot of the Nightwolf

Kaylia Strenvale
First Mate

Lt Gabriel "Scotch" Stewart

Rebekka IngheiĆ°ur


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