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Onward to Deadwood "Oh no Reavers" Part - 1.

Posted on Mon Jan 20th, 2020 @ 6:04pm by Civilian Rebekka IngheiĆ°ur & Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Location: Nightwolf

As the Nightwolf was cruising through space it was a calm ride no Alliance or anything. Sasha decided to take controls of the ship giving Kaylia a rest for a bit.
Sasha had gotten a distress call, There were people living on a
planet called Deadwood. Sasha found out later some of the people that were living on Deadwood were killed by
Reavers. Sasha was shocked to hear, Sasha then got on the
Vocal box.."ATTENTION NIGHTWOLF CREW" Sasha called out
to the crew." I Colonel Sasha Reynolds,received a Distress call."
She said, Then Sasha spoke out,"We are heading to Deadwood
where people are getting hurt and killed by a Reaver Scavengers.
People on Deadwood are getting scared." Sasha explained,
"I'm flying us to Deadwood to help these people, and rid them of the Reavers. So everyone get ready for anything." Sasha commanded as she
turned the vocal box off.

Kaylia stretching as she got dressed..if you could call a tank and panties dressed. Snatching a little nibble to eat on her way to the cockpit.

Rebekka headed for the bridge herself. "Colonel that is very dangerous and we can lose the ship." Then she looked at Kaylia. "Kaylia dear, you need to finish getting dressed." She added.

Len was in the Engine room at the time of the announcement, in the middle of his work. He grimaced, but got up and started strolling over to the Cockpit.

Sasha looked at everyone who was up in the cockpit."Ok Everyone listen up, Yes its a Dangerous mission with The Reavers around, but we need to save these people on the planet." Sasha shouted. "I'm not sure if The people on Deadwood should stay there or we can ship them to the nearest planet to leave." Sasha said."My best bet is to move them to another planet to start over and blend with the others." Sasha said with a small smile..

"Now...this is what I woke up in because someone..." Kaylia looked to Sasha. "Decided to scream over the comms. If you don't like the look, then turn gay." Smacking her ass with some flare. "Now, what are we doing? Reavers. I eat them for lunch, you know that. Just plop me down while I'm in a lucid mood. Or just get them to piss me off by hurting someone I love. All of you."

Rebekka just shook her head at the other woman. "You are a tease Kaylia." She said. "We can discuss that later. So what is the plan. Fly in and pack civilians in like Alliance Soldiers on a drop ship, or run off the scary Reavers with our peashooter?"

" From what I heard the Settlers were living there first,and all of a sudden a few Reaver ships decide to ravage the land and the people living there. So whoever is alive we move them to another planet to another colony." Sasha also explained."Are we set for battle?" Sasha asked..

"Why take them from their homes?" Kaylia shook her head a bit, "I say we take care of the Reavers and give them their homes back. Its not like we haven't done it before."

Sasha looked at Kaylia,"Cause we don't know how many reavers are out there." or if any of the settlers were turned into reavers." Sasha explained." I think if we save whos left,will get them to safer ground." Sasha said.
"I think the Nightwolf is big enough for settlers,and we will get them to the nearest settlement where they can be safe." Sasha also said.
The Nightwolf was finally on the ground,and slowly, opened up and Sasha looked over at the Villager.

Len entered the cockpit, and looked around. "Hi" He says, "So what's the current plan?"

Sasha looked at Len,"Well we need to go and grab the villagers and battle the reavers so they don't turn anyone,and get these Villagers to safer ground too." Sasha said with a stern look.

"We still have better odds to deal with them on our odds, not theirs." Kaylia huffed and gave a look to Len.

Sasha looked at Kaylia, "Thats true we do."Sasha smiled at Kaylia. "Well Len I hope you've been in battle before, with Reavers, and or the Alliance" Sasha said with a stern look." Well take enough power to our Weapons and show these Reavers we mean business." Sasha told Kaylia and Len.

"Are we fighting them on the ground, or with the ship? I'm not too good at combat, but I can fix and maintain a ship pretty well, I'd say." Len responded.

"The ship doesn't have weapons, so obviously on the ground." Kaylia nodded.

"Wait, yeah, I know that. Silly me." Len said, awkwardly. Why did I ask such a dumb question, I knew that. Though Len.

Sasha looked at both Kaylia and Len."Kaylia is right Len we have to be on our feet with the weapons we have" Sasha said. "we have our weapons in a huge weapons locker to have when theres a battle." Sasha explained to Len.

Rebekka sighed at Sasha. "Sasha we will need to be careful with the Reavers." She said walking over and leaning against a console.

"Yall really do talk to much you know that." Kaylia didn't even both to change, it wouldn't have done any good to start with. Turning to head and grab a katana and two guns and head down the ramp. Taking the small speeder bike to head right for the localization of the Reapers.

Sasha looked at Rebekka,"Oh we know that."She said."I'll let Kaylia start with the first round of reavers,and everyone else behind her." Sasha said.

"Um guys, I'm just a grease monkey, so you don't want me to fight do you?" Len asked.

Sasha looked over at Len." I know thats your job,
but we might need back up help fighting and or
if things get out of hand, well need help to get the heck out of dodge. As in your job to make sure
the engines are rolling." Sasha explained..

Len sighed. "Ok Sasha, I'll see what I can do. Do you have a spare weapon I can borrow?" He said.

Sasha grinned at Len."we've got a weapons locker
up by where the pilot is, but its before you see the pilot off to the right side its a big silver box says weapons." Sash Grinned. "The weapons are for the whole crew." Sasha explained."Just get it now to be ready." She said to Len.

Len nodded and rushed off without another word.

Sasha watched where Len was going and chuckled, as she shook her head and smiled and said to herself."He will get the hang of things in no time."Sasha grinned.

Sheila had been running through her check list on her AFAS, making sure that the remote control she had installed waz working, when Sasha had taken over piloting till they got to Deadwood. After she was done she made her way back up to the cockpit.

Sasha had a couple weapons for her to kill the reavers but she knew she needed more to get ready for Reaver war,and save the villages."Ok Everyone lets show these Reavers whos boss." Sasha yelled.

Shelia hit the coms. "Colonel. If you need it cove let me know. My bird is ready."


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