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Backpost- Quinn and Sasha

Posted on Fri Jun 7th, 2019 @ 4:17pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Location: Unknown
Timeline: Past 4 Years Prior

Planet: Ariel

Quinn Malkin was sitting in a pub drinking a beer. It was his third and he saw a sexy woman across the bar from him. He walked over to her. "Hi my name is Quinn," he said, "what is your name?"
Quinn stood there and smiled.

Sasha was at the pub,she sat at the Bar when the gehntleman asked her." I'm a Brown Coat , have you hear of us,or my half brother Malcom Reynolds, he
flies on The Serenity." Sasha said. Sasha drank her
Beer,"My name is Sasha Reynolds."She said drinking her Beer."I'm getting ready to find my ship to go on journeys like my half brother Mal." Sasha also said drinking her beer at the bar.

"So Sasha," said Quinn, "I am also waiting for my new assignment on some ship. I am renting a room here above the bar. Would you like to come with me up to my room so we can talk more in private?"

Sasha looked at the guy."Sure ,if you don't mine talking to a brown Coat.." Sasha grinned. Sasha chugged down her beer and looked at the guy,"well come on lets go." She told him..

They walked up to Quinn's room. Soon they were kissing. "Sasha," he said, "spend the night with me."

Quinn began to get undressed and looked at Sasha.

Sasha grinned and started taking off her clothes.

Soon they were kissing and fully naked. Quinn pushed Sasha onto the bed and began to kiss her all over her body. He pulled the loose sheet up to cover them as he began to make love to Sasha.

Sasha was enjoying the pleasuring ,and kissing alot,she looked at Quinn." Do you always do business this way?" she giggled to Quinn while kissing him.

"No baby," said Quinn, "just the chicks I want to bang and enjoy." Soon Quinn could feel that he was gonna climax. "Are you ready?" he asked

Sasha moaned as she stretched her front side waiting for Quinn to come(Cum)

Soon Quinn had finished the job so to speak. He passed out as he rolled off of Sasha.

Sasha grinned after Quinn rolled off of her,she rolled off the bed and got dressed,and as she was getting dressed she looked at Quinn and blew him a kiss good-bye and left. She whispered to him."Thanks for a good night." She said as she left his room, and headed back to the bar.

Quinn started to wake up as he saw Sasha walking out. "I will find you the next time I want you." he said.


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