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Taking off Rescue Mission. Part 2

Posted on Wed Aug 7th, 2019 @ 9:26pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds & Civilian Rebekka IngheiĆ°ur

Location: Muir Alliance planet base station

"Affirmative master!" k-9 replied as it hovered along with David as they got ready and moved near Sasha. "Did you want someone to guard the ship? To keep snoopers and trespassers away?"

Sasha quick looked at David."A very good idea, I always hated the Alliance snooping around,where they don't belong."Sasha said.

======Nightwolf ramp===========

Sasha looked around, and yelled." Alright everyone lets go whoop some alliance ass." Sasha ordered, "Rebekka your with me on our plan." Sasha yelled.
Sasha started walking outside the ship to look around.

"She is so stupid sometimes.....Yeah..lets go outside she says. It'll be fine she says." Kaylia shook her head. Not getting up from the cockpit even though she felt them. Hitting the comms, "Incoming!"

Just as soon as she said that bullets started flying at them and the Nightwolf. They were coming from three directions. Someone better find cover or it would be lights out.

Sasha yelled."Everyone down and shoot back," she yelled."She looked for Rebekka." Bekka I think our plan didn't get a chance to start." She yelled out to Rebekka while shooting her rifle..
Sasha was so totally pissed everything needed to start right away.As Sasha was shooting she grabbed her comm,"David and your dog, we need help out here. better come to the ramp and start firing your weapon, and if your mechanical dog is carrying anything to fire with." Sasha yelled..

David and K-9 moved to the doorway quietly and started laying cover fire from the entrance. As David was using a standard gun and k-9 used an energy weapon type weapon. David locked himself in his chair in engineering to keep an eye on the engines. As K-9 Vonda magnetized herself to the ship and if she needs to protect the ship she could with her systems.

No the plan did not. They were caught and tracked. How, they would have to find out later. The fire kept coming and there was no way to move out of there. The base station had been ready for any assault so they were going to have to retreat and come up with another plan.

I don't know if we can they are still firing.Sasha looked at Rebekka."Why don't you go back to the ship,and make sure everyone else is ok,and help shooting too on the way in." Sasha yelled at Rebekka.

Sasha tried to walk back to the ship while firing at alliance crew she was trying to reach their weapons guy, Sergeant Quinn Malkin. Sasha tapped her comm Box to reach Sergeant Quinn
Malkin."Sergeant where you at.?" she yelled,were under alliance Fire if you can make it to us I'd really appreciate it alot,the ship is on the ground." Sasha yelled.

Walking was not a good idea. They were flanked from all sides and the Alliance had the high ground. There was no getting out of this except for leaving, in a hurry. Since Sasha was just non-chalanty walking back, she wasn't anymore. Not one but two bullets pierced her upper left thigh. Thankfully they did not hit the artery but that still put her down.

Rebekka saw Sasha drop from the twin shots. With a grunt, and pulled something from her skirts and threw them. within a moment they both went off and the area was filled with smoke. With a strength that Sasha didn't realize Rebekka, she got the Captain back to her feet. As she started toward the ship, she pulled a pistol and fired it. It sounded as if it was a hand cannon that fired multiple times. "Sasha you need to loss some weight."

That was going to impeed Rebekka's efforts to get to her also. Given that they still had the advantage and now Sasha was down. Gave a perfect target, just waiting for someone to try and get to her. Rebekka got the luck of the draw, however. There were bullets flying all around her. She did not get hit and her one shot didn't do shit either. That was a blind shot. She did get Sasha in the ship and as soon as anyone would tell her, Kaylia would(if Rebekka didn't) close the ramp so they could take off and get the hell out of there. Given the ship had NO wapons.

David did his best to keep things together in engineering as Kaylia flew the ship and he kept the mechanical side in check.

They hadn't even taken off yet, since no one had yet told Kaylia they were on board and(IF we're waiting on Rebekka to close the ramp) on her board still showed the ramp to the cargo bay was still open.

Once Rebekka and Sasha was onboard, she dropped her gun on a crate that was near the hatch. Hitting the controls to close the ramp, she yelled. "Het us in the air, and watch out for SAMs and fighters. Also Sasha has been shot." She said heading for the infirmary.

"Got it!" The ship was still being shot at but just the regular bullets were not going to do much. Kaylia got them up and in the air, away from them. Surprisingly, now SAMS, they had landed way to far out.

Sasha being in the infermary, she yelled." we still need to get Sergeant Malkin hes our new weapons specialists and hes got helpers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sasha hated not being out there firing at the alliance soldiers.

Nathan and josh came into the infirmary."How are you now Sasha?" Nathan asked,as he and josh were looking at Sasha.

Sasha looked at them,"I'm getting to feel better." Sasha said as she got up,and sit up on the Infirmary flat bed."Listen Josh and Nathan. I need to get up,and out of here, the shot was a scrape,it didn't go in me." Sasha said as she stood up and looked at both men."I'm getting the hell out of here, and get back to the fighting with you 2 now grab me a Rifle one of you and lets blast some Alliance brains." Sasha said angrly while heading for bay doors.

Meanwhile Malkin was making his way towards the Nightwolf. He was not getting there in a straight pattern, he was dodging Alliance members left and right. He was starting to get tired when he saw Nightwolf just about 3 clicks from him. He tapped a comm.

"Sasha," he said, "I am three clicks from Nightwolf. Tell Yuki or whoever to start take off proccedures. I am on my way there now. If I were you guys, I would start making your way back to Nightwolf."

Kaylia was already in the air, so she could just turn her around and head for Malkin as he was the last one to pick up.

David did his best to keep things together during this crazy action. the engines and the ship as a whole came through well. Little to no damage just superficial low priority damage easily fixed.

Sasha was in the Infirmory on a flat bed, laying down,very upset,she couldn't help more, and hope her 2 boys could help.

Quinn Malkin had gotten within 1 click of the location where Nightwolf was. Just as he was about to get to the ship. Three Alliance soldiers blindsided him and knocked him out. Yuki spotted him. "Kaylia," said Yuki, "I see Mr. Malkin, there are three Alliance Mercs still assaulting him. He needs help!"

Nathan Nolan and Josh evans,got on The Comms."We will aide him when we get to his position." Nathan told everyone.

Kaylia threw up on comms, "David! Keep our girl afloat! Yuki, get your ass to the cockpit. I'm heading outside. So is Nolan and Evans!" Dropping the ship low enough for the ramp to open and the drop be at acceptable levels.

Snatching nothing but a serrated piece of metal as she jumped out of the boarding ramp right in the middle of the three soldiers.

Sasha was in the infermary,and yelled,"damn shit, i cant help out with everyone and its making me mad." Sasha said to herself. She tried to get up still feeling sore.
Sasha Tapped the comm "Nathan and Josh help Sergeant Malkin, I'm not sure what Kaylia is gonna do?" Sasha said.

David heard Kaylia's order he did not question her or reasons. "Aye!" was all he said as he started doing repairs to odd things around the ship crawling through crawlspaces and ducts to get to the trouble spots quietly doing what he was good at. repairs.

What she was going to do is save people. Taking a bullet herself in the shoulder. Which was ignored. She was in a zone.

Kaylia shifted on foot to spin around and stab one of them in the eye with the piece of metal. Pulling it out and drop down, splits. Slashing another on the inner thigh. Cutting the artery. He could bleed out, screw him. Kicking the gun away. Kippupping to her feet for the last one. Looking at the gun. Bloody 'spike' in her hand. "Shoulda shot." Lifting and throwing it right into his throat. "See"

Sasha slowly got off the flat board bed,and walked up to the comms,"How is everyone handling this mess?" she asked. She was wondering how Nathan and Josh are handling getting close to Malkins aide.

David finished what he was doing in the crawl space as he heard the call come through as he fumbled with putting his tools away and grabbed his radio. "Everything in engineering came through fine I am doing some superficial repairs as well is k-9."

Everything looked to be clear now since she took those three out, the last of the boys could get on the ship.

Nathan and Josh went to Malkins aide while one of the other ship mate took care of the alliance while
Sasha was trying to walk through Docking bay and
head outside the bay door to find Nathan,Josh and Malkin. Sasha was hoping Kaylia took care of business her way with the alliance soldiers..

David never got a response back so he put the radio back away and gather the tools he dropped while he had to get the radio as he put them quickly away and slowly worked his way out of the crawlspaces. As he hit the main hallway as he closed the vent doors. He moved back to engineering. He was curious of what was going on but he focused on the task of keeping the engines going. and the repairs done.

Sasha kept walking outside even though of her injuries she needed to help Nathan and Josh with her new Weapons person. Sasha kept walking as she was wondering what Kaylia is doing.
Sasha heard the engineer."Thank you for the update David." Sasha said."Sorry i didn't respond,
I was busy helping wirth getting the men in." Sasha told the engineer."Keep up the good work." Sasha also told him..

Kaylia finished with them. Getting the men in and closing the ramp when she was in, "Take off!" Though she was going to have to head to the medbay. She did get shot, though most of the blood on her wasn't hers.

Sasha was inside too with everyone,Nathan and Josh were attending to Malkin, and took Malkin to the medical area to be looked at..Sasha yelled
"Yes take off." Sasha was trying to get her breath, and grabbed The comm box. "David are engines good so we can lift off" she said

"Yes, captain all is good." David said flattley at the stupid question. A few minutes ago he said all was good.

Sasha Yelled Lets get the hell off this planet before we see an alliance ship." Sasha yelled more..

Kaylia didn't even both waiting. She just moved, sat down, sterilized some pliars and then yelped out when she pulled the bullet out.

Quinn had made it into the ship. He was barely scathed. He had a bullet wound from being grazed with a bullet, but that was normal for him. He looked at Yuki and the others who had risked a lot to rescue him "Thank you all," he said, "Sorry that there was such a fight out there."

Rebekka stood at the hatch staring at the assembled group, she had blood on her gown. "Now Sasha, and anyone else who has any injuries get your ass to the infirmary." She said with every inch of authority that she can muster.

Sasha looked over to Rebekka funny like,"I was just there i don't need attending im fine." Sasha said. She turned to Everyone else, Malkin and everyone else can go to the Infirmary and that goes for my 2 new recruits Nathan, and Josh.

Rebekka just glared at Sasha. "Sasha, you took 2 rounds to the leg. I can tell one was through-n-through, and the other is still in your leg. So unless you intend to bleed to death..." She fluffed her blood soaked skirt. "Also, this is your blood all over my skirt, not mine. Now get to the infirmary."

"I am gonna be ok Rebekka is it?" said Quinn. He knew that he had to mend himself without anyones help.

Sasha glared back,"Well you didn't have to get all bloodied, we do have a special Medical outfit like so you can protect your outfit." Sasha told her.

"Fine im coming back." Sasha snarled.
Sasha looked at Quinn,"Are you sure you don't need to go the Infirmary Quinn you were grazed i see." Sasha said,"Why don't you go to the informary for me please." Sasha told him.

"Sorry, that I didn't have time to change." She performed a feminine bow. "Between getting shot at and lugging your ass back to the Nightwolf." She said spinning on her heel and headed back to the infirmary.

Sasha shook her head whispered to herself,"Damn whore turned medical personel,well she sure knows what to do." Sasha whispered while heading to the infirmary.

Quinn looked at Sasha and smirked. "Are we not gonna admit that the last time we saw one another you had just left my bed? Sasha, you are acting like we were never lovers. Like that was the only reason you came to get me. Admit it, you still love me."

David left engineering and headed to the bridge to see what was happening and noticed there was no one there as he went to the galley to see but again there was no one there. He headed to medical. He started to hear voices then he briefly heard about something about lovers. He decided to leave that statement alone and go back to engineering.

Sasha was looking at the others to ignore quinn," Quinn, That was a long time ago, between us I've moved on since then." Sasha frowned. She just wanted to leave that past behind."Quinn rescuing you had nothing to do with love, we are just doing our duty,and hoping not to see any Alliance ships near by." Sasha said.

"Ok lets get the hell out of this planet hell hole."Sasha yelled."Kaylia shoot us off this planet with full Burn." she told Kaylia.

David went back to engineering till they were in orbit and then put things on automatic and he headed back to his cabin with k-9 to relax a bit.

"Yuki can do it, I'm kind of shot at the moment if you haven't noticed. I just pulled a bullet out of my shoulder on my own." Kaylia shook her head.

=======Medical Room====
"Fine, Yuki fly us off this planet at full burn,idon't want to see any more alliance ships." Sasha explained, as she was sitting in the Infirmy pissed off over her wounds. She looked up at Kaylia,"Why did you take care of your own wounds, when Rebekka was helping people?" Sasha asked her.

"Sasha quit squirming or I'm going to cut something important." Rebekka said taking the bullet from her leg.

Sasha looked at Rebekka."Geez" your hurting me,
thats why im squirming." Sasha snarled as she was feeling the pain of the Bullet. "Rebekka i think whoring around is more your speciality then Medical work." Sasha told her painfully..

Quinn had been patched up and looked at Sasha. "Well this has been a hell of a few days for me." he said, "I hope we can still work together." Quinn pulled a flask out from inside his jacket and took a swig. "Would you like a drink Sasha?" he asked.

Meanwhile Yuki was getting ready to pilot the ship if he had to. He tapped a comm. "Colonel," he said, "we have the ship ready to go."

Sasha yelled on the coms "Full burn Yuki, i want to get out of this hell The Alliance built." Sasha groaned as she took the flask from Quinn.

"Full throttle," said Yuki, "and we are off. Colonel? Where do we need to set course.

Sasha growled."Anywhere as long as we get the hell away from this part of space and not facing alliance soldiers, or ships" Sasha was in pain still..

Rebekka had been searching for the pain meds and antibiotics, and was finding both very limited. She found something to handle Sasha's pain. "We need to restock our med supplies." She said drawing up a syringe of the meds. Then she stepped up to Sasha and cleaned the nook of her arm with a alcohol swab.

Sasha looked at Rebekka,"Well have to go to ariel,
I know someone who sells medical supplies for the black market." She said.
"YUKI" Sasha yelled."Set this ship for Ariel now!!"
She also said."We need medical supplies." She also said.

"Yes Colonel," said Yuki as he plotted in a course to Ariel. Meanwhile Quinn started to wake up after he had laid down in the infirmary. He looked around and got up. He walked towards the bridge.

"Sasha," he said, "we might have sone trouble." Looking out one of the port windows he could see a few Alliance ships starting to follow them.

"Oh great trouble."Sasha said."Yuki!" she yelled,"Go for full burn, i want to get out of this area as possible." Sasha said upsettingly,still being helped in the infirmary.

"Yuki," said Quinn, "use this pattern." Quinn punched in coordinates and a flight pattern for the ship. "I am gonna go down to the gunner torrant and see if I can pick off some of these ships."

"Yuki! are we out of Alliance territory I hope so?"
Sasha yelled. "We need to get to Ariel,NOW!" Sasha yelled.

Rebekka glared at Sasha with all her yelling. "Sasha will you quiet down. You don't need to scream at Yuki for knowing her job." She said a little cross herself. Her gown was ruined, she had to play medic, and with Sasha screaming and yelling was giving her a headache.

Sasha looked at Rebekka,"You were the one who said we needed Medical supplies." she said glaring at her,Sasha shook her head in disgust, and sitting on a chair to relax."Rebekka I'll take a asprine or something stronger to drink." Sasha said.

"Sasha, I know what I said." She snapped. "Let the woman work, so you can recover." Rebekka stated as she gave Sasha the shot of painkillers. She dropped the syringe onto her work table and picked up a pair of scissors. "Stitch time."

Sasha groaned as she hated how Rebekka was repairing her leg with Stitches."damnit Whore, you know my last name ,my half brother Mal Reynolds." She yelled at her. "we Reynolds family can take pain, get used to it." Sasha kept growling and groaning over this shame Sasha took with her leg."My half brother Mal may have some pain faults, but the rest of the Reynolds family can take pain, and go on tot he Battle with all our might.."
Sasha also told her..

"Sasha I know who your brother is." She said cutting the pants leg so she can get to the wounds. "I've met the man, and I fine you a tad bit more pleasant. Except right now." Rebekka said putting her scissors down and picking up the various disinfectants. "Now pissing off the woman that is tending to your wounds is an extremely bad idea. We are heading for our next port and the Alliance is choking on the own incompetence. Now shut up and sit still."

Sasha shook her head."whatever," she said with a slight growl. Sasha hated to get wounded especially from The Alliance soldiers. She would love to go back and wound some alliance soldiers for shooting at her. Sasha continued to watch Rebekka do her job,and look over to see what others were doing while the captain is being stitched up.

Quinn looked at Sasha as he walked back into the infirmary. As he saw Sasha, he smiled. "Captain," he said, "we have escaped from Alliance space." Quinn started to walk away.

Sasha looked at Quinn and nodded."Good" She said while Rebekka was fixing her up.


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