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Taking off from whitefall/Rescue Mission. part 1

Posted on Tue May 14th, 2019 @ 8:50pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Location: Nightwolf

As the Nightwolf takes off from Whitefall the crew gets ready for what comes at them next, Sasha and the others sitting down or whatever else the crew was doing when it took off from Whitefall.

Sasha Decided to pilot the Nightwolf, she hadn't flew her in about a while and hoping the rest of her crew can relax and get reorganzied for whats to come to them all..

David was in engineering making sure the lift-off and flight was a smooth one. As he kept an eye on all readings. And adjust the flow to the engines and stablizer for a truly comfortable ride.

Sasha continued flying the Nightwolf while flying through the stars.
She tapped the control to get a hold of David. "David hows the
engines coming along so far?" Sasha asked him.

"They're doing fine captain just doing some fine-tuning is all. How is the ride? Captin." David asked casually.

Sasha smiled hearing David's voice."That's great keep up the good work." Sasha smiled as she kept flying out into space.

David was confused by the call from Sasha. He displays would show that her enginers are running optimally. They were running like new. "Very good captain." as he closed the channel. As he continued with his work as k-9 (Vonda) was doing odd small repairs and cleaning as she went. "Forgive me Vonda but I am going to call you k-9 its weird to call you by your first name is that ok but others can call you Vonda or k-9? That will be fine master I will respond to both. I understand your feeling in this manner." The machine said politely.

"Thank you for understanding?? Wait you can understand feeling?? You can feel?? Affirmative Master!" Vonda said calmly.
"You have surpassed and my expectations Vonda. You are sentient, aren't you?? How did I manage that ??" As the unit turned. Affirmative Master." again she replied.

"Kayla"? David yelled at her. "Can you come here for a minute? I have a simple question for you?" As he waited near the door of engineering for her.

Kaylia gave a stretch and went to see David first. Heading back to engineering, "Yus, sugar?"

"Whos birthday is next on here maybe we can make something special for them or you? Like a cake? David suggested.

Tag Kaylia

Yuki Nato (NPC), a cargo expert, was in the ships cargo bay. He was looking for something. So he tapped the comlink. "Colonel Reynolds," he said, "Mr. Malkin never checked back in."

Sasha tapped the com,"What?!?!?!" what happened to him?Sasha was quite angry over this.

"He went to get us supplies a few hours ago and disappeared," said Nato, "I think the Alliance grabbed him. We might have to try a rescue attempt Captain."

Just then, the transmission from Quinn came over the comm system.

Sergeant Quinn Malkin was inside a prison cell. He had woken up there. He was supposed to meet up with the crew of the Nightwolf. He wound up being captured by a few bounty Hunters
working for The Alliance.

Sasha was at her pilot seat watching out in space, and smiling how a good day to fly with no alliance lurking, or anything or anyone.

Meanwhile Quinn sat in the cell. He knew he had to do something. He looked over at a few of the guys who were holding him prisoner. "Hey fellas," he said, "I need you to do me a favor."

"What is it jackass?" said one of the bounty hunters.

"See I left my lucky hat in my jacket over there." said Quinn, "but I need to grab it, so you have to at least let me out to grab the coat.

One of the bounty hunters opened the cell and Quinn slipped out. In the process grabbed the keys and tossed the Bounty Hunters into the cell locking the door. "Thanks guys," he said, "I have a ship to catch."

Quinn hit his comm transmitter. "Sasha," he said, "It's Quinn. I need you to pick me up! I just escaped Alliance custody."

Sasha just put the Nightwolf on auto drive,while she went to check on things.

Sasha taped the communication button."where are you at?" well be off to grab you." Sasha said angerly to herself ((Damn Alliance)) she thought to herself.

Then she tapped the ships comm. "Everyone Listen up, were picking up a new crew member, I met before, I havent talked to him in quite a while so i need some of you crew members to help me out.

That means Kaylia, David im gonna need both of your help for this." Sasha yelled on the ships comm.

"Kaylia I need your help with driving the ship." so i can get this officer back on our ship." Sasha also said on the comm system..

"Ok what am I needed for??" David asked with a lost look in his eyes.

Kaylia came in behind David. "You need me for what?"

Sasha looked at Kaylia."Yes I need you to pilot the Nightwolf."
Sasha said to her."were on a rescue mission."

"David!" Sasha said."I need you to make sure engines run right, like the best engineer you are." Sasha said. "Then I will need your help, with the rescue as well, like if we run into alliance soldiers." Sasha also said.

*****Meanwhile down on the planet******

Quinn was still running from the Alliance bounty hunters. These guys were smart and quick. Three of them had Quinn surrounded. Quinn didn't know what to do. So he stood there thinking. They weren't advancing on him. So he knew he had a few minutes to think. He pulled two flash grenades out of his trench coat and pressed the buttons as he released them. He stunned them and he started to run again. He ran past all three of the disoriented men. He knew where Sasha was gonna land, so he made his way there. He tapped his comm again.

"Yuri," he said, "It's Malkin I need you to tell Colonel Reynolds to meet me at the coordinates I am gonna send you."

"Yes sir Mr. Malkin," said Nato, "I will forward the coordinates to Colonel Reynolds."

Malkin sent the longitude and latitude of where he would be in 1/2 an hour.

Sasha tapped the comms,"Ok Everyone, its a rescue mission of a new ship mate as our Weapons person(ooc: Jayne cobb Character).
---- Nightwolf--
"I need everyone ready,were on the way to the planet called Muir, Its a Alliance planet where bounty hunters and regular
Alliance members hang besides the ships floating by," Sasha explained. " So we need to land some where on the planet where we will not be seen by alliance,and this ship needs to powered down too so were not recognised." Sasha explained.
"Lets all be on alert while we set our sites on Muir and not be seen." Sasha also said..

David looked at her in shock. " I am an engineer, not a combat Marine." Looking serious at her. "I will do what I can..." As his voice trailed off.

Sasha looked at David."while were on the Alliance planet, you will be making sure we get off this rock in one piece." Sasha explained."also if any alliance officers peek inside here, i hope you can defend yourself with a weapon,or your new pet has something to help too." Sasha said.

"I can defend myself so can k-9," David said calmly to her as he fell silent again.


Meanwhile on Muir

Quinn was surrounded by Alliance Bounty Hunters. Quinn knew he had to stall them till help arrived. Two of the men charged at him. Quinn hit one of the men with a spinning heel kick to the head. Quinn knew some defensive fighting moves, but he was out numbered. He grabbed the other guy and snapped his arm.

"Who wants some?" he asked, 'Come get some then."

The other six men all charged him at once. He started to fight them off as best he could. He hit his comm. "Yuki," he said, "where are the others?"

"Mr. Malkin," said Yuki, "they are on their way, Colonel Reynolds is trying to find a spot to land."

=====Nightwolf landing on Muir===========

Sasha had just grabbed her weapon,and hoping this whole plan comes together, she tapped the wall comm."Ok everyone you know what to do lets get our new Weapons officer Sergeant Quinn Malkin off this rock, known as Muir,and if you get noticed by Alliance officers start defending yourself at all costs,fist and weapons." Sasha explained to everyone..

David sighed hard as he grabbed his weapon he was never in ttrouble with the alliance before but of course there is time for something new. "Come alone vonda.(k-9) Weapons on standby."

"Affirmative master!" k-9 replied as it hovered along with David as they got ready and moved near Sasha. "Did you want someone to guard the ship? To keep snoopers and trespassers away?"

Sasha quick looked at David."A very good idea, I always hated the Alliance snooping around,where they don't belong."Sasha said.

======Nightwolf ramp===========

Sasha looked around, and yelled." Alright everyone lets go whoop some alliance ass." Sasha ordered, "Rebekka your with me on our plan." Sasha yelled.
Sasha started walking outside the ship to look around.

Kaylia snapped out of her haze and plopped in the pilot seat. "This should be fun."

Sasha walked back in the ship for a bit." Hey Kaylia you coming out to help or are you staying inside,and make sure we get the hell out of here." Sasha tapped her comm for Kaylia, and she tapped off waiting for the rest of the crew.

"I'll stay here just in case."

Sasha tapped her com-walkie/talkie."Yeah you better stay here in case we need to get the hell out of dodge Kaylia." Sasha yelled..

"Didn't I just say I was staying here? Geeez..." Kaylia snorted.
Sasha Tapped the com box."Ok ladies you stay here,it be up to you 2 if things get hairy." Sasha told them, as she tapped off,and began shooting more.Hoping she could get help by the engineer.
Sasha tried to run out of the gun fire ,to contact Quinn to help out so we can get his ass out. When They were in Whitefall, Sasha hired a few men to fight with them, Sasha called them out,and they started shooting as well...

the one guy to help Sasha named Nathan Nolan he yelled to his partner."Come on josh we need to give those Alliance dick heads more power to rescue one of our own and not disappoint Sasha." Nathan said as he and Josh kept fighting with Machine guns.

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