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extended leave on White fall

Posted on Tue Apr 16th, 2019 @ 6:18pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Location: Whitefall

Sasha Reynolds and the others had a very good Vacation in Whitefall, it was time to get things together,and everyone back on the Nightwolf for new adventures. Today The Nightwolf crew was hanging in a local bar, called Jesses where some people that do not approve of a life as a Browncoat.
Sasha was with the crew talking amongst themnselves.

Dallard stopped in his tracks. A squad of purplebellies had both Captain Gillian and the FO in manacles and looked like they were about to bring out more of the crew down the cargo ramp. That is, what HAD been his crew up till this moment. “Goushi! Guess I’m freelancing again,” he whispered to himself and did a tidy pivot on his left heel and walked away in the opposite direction.

‘Nothin I have on board I really need ‘cept the coin I just got paid,’ he thought to himself, glad that he'd asked for payment before he went out to explore. He wandered down the crowded street trying his best to look innocent as hell and spotted a bar unimaginatively named Jesse’s. “I deserve a drink today…. I think.” Five years in the labor camp as a POW and forced labor after the war ended, had made him itch for a stick and throttle in his hands again and the buffeting of superheated plasmas glowing around a cockpit on atmo entry.

He’d been bouncing from ship to ship since, until ‘Jack Of All Trades’ had picked him up as second pilot for the last year. The whole crew knew it was sketchy trying to hide those 20mm cannon under the deckplating and setting down in territory well policed by the Alliance. Now the good money was no more and whoever had been on board wouldn’t be seeing freedom, such that it was under the Alliance, for some time to come.

Jesse’s didn’t seem too noisy and the clumps of patrons didn’t seem like to be startin a ruckus any time soon, so he decided to stay a bit and maybe nose around for a ship that might be lifting soon hopefully before his name was splashed all over the wave after his former crew mates named him to try and sway some favor. He checked his revolver and belt in the locker bin and made his way to the bar. Along the way a freckled faced woman caught his eye sitting and speaking with another man, and him being himself, shied away from first contact as usual.

“Could I get a beer? An Ale if you got one, Please?” he asked the bartender. The beer came, a nicely bittered ale infact, and he enjoyed a long cold first pull of the foam and bre, Dal turned around to lean back against the bar and surveilled its occupants, trying to guess the whos and the whats and the entanglements thereof.

Dal looked back at the bartender who was shining up glasses and placing them somewhere behind the bar. He didn’t seem to be washing them, only drying them. The towel he was using was a multi-hued brown, grey and tan and Dal didn’t think that’s what it had looked like when it was new… perhaps a few decades ago.

He held his glass up into the light, only now noticing all the smudges on its periphery. He scrunched his face up, then shrugged and took another long drink. “Cuse me,” he said interrupting the barkeeps diligent work. The bartender looked up over the top of his just as smudged glasses as an acknowledgement to Dallard he’d been heard.

“Hi. You know if many ships around are looking for crew? Pilots in particular? “ The barkeeps eyes shifted towards the group sitting at a table, set down his latest accomplishment and waved his hand in their general direction. He picked up another glass and started smearing it. “Thanks. Great talk!” The barkeeps head nearly imperceptibly nodded in gratitude at Dal’s thanks. He lifted his beer and decided to see if this group knew how to talk.

Sasha saw the Bartender wave as she waved back to him while talking amongst her crew members. Then she sees some person walk over to them, and sasha Shrugs,and says to her crew. "Who is that guy,coming to us?" Sasha asked them all.

David came in with his robo dog k=9 as he made it past the check point and rover as they came down the stairs. quietly ane move to a far off corner to be alone with k-9.

Dallard stopped at the table where everyone had quieted. "Hi. The barkeep said, well actually he didn't say a damned word, But anyway, he kinda hinted you all might know if there where any ships in need of a pilot or co-pilot. I'm looking to pick up some gainful employment and ... well, get off this rock."

Movement on the stairs caught his eye, inparticular the synthetic dog, which only made him think of home before the war and his families dogs. He turned his attention back to the woman in the middle of the group who seemed to be trying to add him up. "Any help would be appreciated if you could point me to a few."

Sasha looked at David,and motion him to come here with the crew,and sit, then she looked over by the bartender talking to the stranger. "I wonder what The stranger wants,and why bothering the Bartender." Sasha thought.
So she looks at the Bartender to signal the stranger to come here to Her,and crew.

"Hi. The barkeep said, well actually he didn't say a damned word, But anyway, he kinda hinted you all might know if there where any ships in need of a pilot or co-pilot. I'm looking to pick up some gainful employment and ... well, get off this rock," Dal said, ""Any help would be appreciated if you could point me to a few."

Sasha looked at the stranger,"Well were looking for a pilot our last one had to quit do to Family Issues.." Sasha gave him a half smile."I'm Colonel Sasha Reynolds, my ship is called Nightwolf."
Sasha explained."You might of heard of my Step/half brother Malcolm Reynolds?" Sasha explained. "His ship is called Serenity, I just made a bigger version of Serenity,and called mine Nightwolf." Sasha also said.

Dallard eyed her up and down after taking the last of his beer and enjoying it’s bitterness and carbonation.
“Well, good to meet you Captain.“
“Yah, after Miranda and the Reavers, who hasn’t heard of Reynolds?”

“If ya don’t mind my askin. How soon you planning on lifting off and is there an immediate destination in mind? I kinda like to know where I’m goin. Dong ma?”

‘Oh, and also like to know my cargo.”

“Last one had …. Issues, so to speak. Certain tanglements became…. Entangled. Getting sorted out, but unfortunate for the crew whos gunna be payin the price. I’m not too keen on payin that price for getting mixed in others gou shi.”

“Not a big fan of the bluebellies.”

“How’s your crew fitted out?”

Sasha looked at the stranger."I will answer that if you tell me your name first." Sasha demanded,"Any Cargo comes in is in the Cargo hold,no one is to go near it unless its yours." Sasha also explained, while waiting for the strangers response.

"Sorry Captain, Name’s Dallard Callahan. I didn’t mean to say I wanted to snoop in anyone’s cargo. Just bein mindful about the cargo I get associated with cause the crew get’s arrested if the Alliance finds something…. Unlawfull aboard, as if it were them that brung it on."

Sasha looked at Dallard,and said"Well its Colonel to you till i get to know you better, as for the cargo were always careful bout Alliance finding Items. I'm not a huge fan of The Alliance any how." Sasha said. "If your still interested in being a member of this crew as pilot the job is yours." Sasha told him..

David sat there with k-9. As he got a waitress to finally to come over. "A rootbeer and a cheeseburger and fries." David said a bit subdued. "Coming right up sugar." the waitress commented she moved off to place the order. He was wondering why is date never showed. As he staired off in space.

Sasha looked over at David,and waved him to come here to meet the new Pilot, and to be with the rest of the crew instead of being alone with his K-nine, and his food. Sasha shook her head and felt a bit upset at David,and she didn't feel like yelling.

"Well, Colonel. Thanks for the offer. Firefly Class you said Right? I'm checked out in those. couple, three thousand hours PIC. When do you plan to lift off? Whitefall ain't my favorite rock," he asked her, "When do I get to meet the crew and where is she berthed?"

David noticed Sasha's intentions of having him being with the group. After the waitress came back with his drink he told her he was moving over there so he would not miss his food. As he stood up and grabbed his drink and k-9 hovered up and over the table and followed David to his new home as k-9 landed beside him on the floor next to his feet quietly as he did a quick scan. "Captain? I am here now wanted to make sure that the waitress knew where i went to." David said calmly but softly.

Sasha looked at Dallard."well this whole table is my crew and after we eat then we take off." Sasha told Dallard as she smiled over to David and was glad David joined the group.

Then she turned to David then Dallard."Dallard David is our engineer if you need engineering questions." Then Sasha turned to David,"David, This Dallard our new pilot, taking over for Jupiter who had to step down due to family issues,and I wish her well." Sasha told David.

Sasha was finishing her drink,and finishing her meal,then waited for the others to finish before taking off for The Nightwolf.

She Then looked at Dallard again."We'll be taking off soon off this rock,called Whitefall,and start looking for work." Sasha explained to Dallard."you can quick get a meal to go before we leave.." Sasha also told Dallard,as she looked at her crew members with a smile,and a nodd.

"welcome Dallard nice to meet you." as he held out a kind hand to share in friendship.

Sasha looked at both Gentleman and smiled."David glad to join us at the table." She said."Well everyone lets pack up and get the hell out of Whitefall, before we see any trouble, like Alliance Trouble." Sasha said in a lil higher voice, which ment bronto,and Now...

David waved the waitress down as he asked her to box up his meal since they were going to leave soon. She nodded and did a quick change on the meal order and she started to package his order up. As she came back to him and placed a bag full of food in front of him and placed a drink into a tall styro cup to go. "thank you!" He commented as he paid her for the food and a good tip as well. "Of course captain. I was trying to stay out of your personal business is why I was over there." David commented casually to her. k-9 opened up the compartment as David placed his food inside the robodog and the compartment closed. "I am heading back to the ship to make sure all is good for departure." As he headed to the door. then he retrieved his weapon from the vault and left the bar.

Sasha nodded at David, "Good Idea." Sasha told David she hailed the rest of the crew to climb aboard and get off of White Fall.


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