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Gathering Metal / Birth of K-9

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Location: At the Market/ship
Timeline: After the bar meeting.

David exited the bar after holstering his gun with one hand as he held the rest of the items he bought earlier on his shopping trip now he had to get more. As his mind was going overtime on the ideas that were brewing on. As he whistled as he crossed the open area in front of the bar as he headed back to the Markets.

As he went quickly to the metal merchant to look over his wears. "please show me your best metals for building things." David commented as he stopped whistling. As he watched the man show his wears. or at least sample of wears. After ordering all they metal he needed and other materials. "Thank you please deliver these items to the Nightwolf." David said sincerely as he paid in cash for the products.

"It all will be there shortly." The man commented with a smile. As he yelled for the men to come and get the items that were bought and placed into a transport machine for delivery as David moved over to a computer shop and specialist.

"Excuse me miss I am here to look at computer components and Several computers as well. And replacement components for my ship computer and systems." David said sincerely to the lady.

"By of course!" she replied kindly to him. "looking for the best items I can get here." David said quickly as she was going to show him so second-hand items. As she placed the items back. "Follow me, sir." The lady as she walked through the curtained doorway as it revealed a pristine room with shiny new parts.

"Wow!" escaped Davids lips as he tried to take the room in. "What a nice assortment of items you have here." As he saw a man in the corner of the room doing his work keeping things clean and static free.

"I am looking for these items and theses. And a few new laptops and tower units. as well." As he picked them out so she can put them to the side as he continued on with his shopping spree. "And I will need them delivered to the Nightwolf as soon as possible Because I have another delivery coming soon as well." David said as he explained the issue. "Of course soon. David quickly paid in cash again like the last store. As he quickly headed out and back to the ship to await the arrival of the supplies and gear as he carried his other items back to Nightwolf.

As he put the key to unlock the door to enter the ship as the cargo bay door opened as it was ready for the delivery. The metal merchant and his sexy helpers arrived first as they all hopped out of the delivery vehicle. "Mercy?!" slipped his lips as he saw all the eye candy that emerged. "I mean Hello I am here and we can place the metal over here." as he pointed towards the back door in there should be fine.

As he went to open the door to the storeroom. it was empty and clear of debris. "Of course!" the sexy man's voice got to David as he started to feel uncomfortable as he started to blush and got a bit horny too. As he watched several men go back and forth putting the metal away as the men noticed.

David's face turned a deeper red but they weren't sure why. Thank goodness David thought. as the men focused on their delivery chores. As they finished a few minutes later.

David gave each man a tip for the assistance and proper stacking of the metal in the storeroom David did not have to change anything.

He quickly placed tie downs on the metal shipment to keep it from shifting on future flights. As he closed the door to that room and locked it with the key and marked the door as his. As he moved back to the entrance of the ship and watched the men get back into there vehicle and left.

"Damn!" David said softly as he adjusted himself as he felt the redness subside before the other truck arrived. David was calmer now and not as horny as he was earlier and not showing any incriminating evidence. About ten minutes later the lady arrived with her delivery men.

"Hello..." He said as his voice trailed off as the men got out of the truck they were hotter than the last men were. "I can't win." He said softly to make sure they had not heard anything as his face reddened again from the comment. As they opened up the back and started to deliver the other items he ordered.

"All of the Computer components for the ship's computers will go in that room. As David moved to the room he deligated there delivery. As he sorted as it entered the room. "All items were in place as he locked the door to that storeroom and placed a sign on it that the room was claimed as his.

The towers and laptops will go to my cabin as he had the men follow him to his room to drop off the computers there as he followed them back to the cargo room as they headed towards the exit. He gave them there tips as well. "Thank you!" David said with now a red face again and hard on. As he closed the doors to the ship as he locked them again and left for his cabin.

As he unpacked and set up one tower there for his private use on his desk. As he tied a subnet cord to the main computer so he could access engineering info when needed to. other than that it's a one-way connection. David made sure he had it passworded and protected As he grabbed one laptop out of its but and set the system up for his use just in case he wanted to do something anywhere on the ship or planet side without having to fight with being tied to one location.

As he placed the other computers into the closet for future use. And strapped them down. for safety sake. As he gathered his other odd purchases and put them away quickly as he grabbed his laptop and started on the brainstorming of his new project

in engineering as he started to draw blueprints and started to get a parts list together. As he turned on the jukebox and started playing some upbeat music for him to work by.

After he finalized the blueprint and design of the new unit. He started programming the code for the future unit and stored it on the laptop for later. He would download it to the new unit when it was ready for install.

David went to the storeroom and gather several sheets of the metal and brought them back to Engineering. Their lightweight and ultra strong. As he carefully started cutting the pieces out he needed of the metal for the construction.

Then he started to work on the new computer system for the new project. As he soldered boards and processors and hard drives together along with other components. He did his best to make sure they were an easy plug and play technology.

He went back and started putting the frame together and added motors and wheels and hover jets and other techs to help the future unit to move and function on its own. David was rather pleased with the results of the unit thus far. as he ran tests on the mechanisms and the power source. Along with testing Sensors and other data retrieval devices and input and output systems. etc.

Hours later he had finished the main part of the construction and putting together as he prepped the unit for programming. As he tied the unit by subnet cable to his laptop for the transfer of its new programming and ai software. "Here goes nothing!" as the unit accepted basic commands and performed them well. as the computer sent the data the unit started processing all new inputs. As the machine beeped and moved as the information was accepted.

"Can you hear me? David said calmly to the new unit. A moment later the unit responded. "Affirmative Master." The unit spoke in a kind tone of an old English accent. "How did I do that? David commented about the accent. "I picked it, Master, I thought of something kind and pleasing for you. Master." The unit spoke again.

"Please run internal diagnostics to make sure all is operational." David asked the unit. "Affirmitaive master! Running Scans." only seconds later "Scans complete, Master. All systems running at 100%" the unit replied. "Are you able to access the planetary network." David asked. "Affirmative master. I have complete access master." the unit replied. "Look up anything related self-repairing tech?" David asked.

"Scan complete Master! There is little knowledge of such technology It exists but on a limited scale at present. Master." The unit replied. "Download information and store it for later so I can look over the data. And what am I going to name you??" David asked no one in particular.

"My name is K-9 Master." k9 responded quickly. "But if you wish a change I can accept and change my name master." "No, it is fine for now." David commented quickly. "Well, I am glad you are working well k-9." David commented as he unlocked the engineering room and cleaned up what was left of his mess.

"Well let's go and back to the cargo hold and wait for the others to return from there Bar trip and other errands." David said calmly as he started down towards the cargo holds and the main entrance to the night wolf. "Of course Master." as the unit followed behind him as he made it to the cargo area.

Thomas was standing in the cargo bay, his leather jacket laying on a large wooden crate with the word 'Zang' in big bold letters painted on the side. A Remington 30 06 sniper rifle, machete and a .44 Marlin Revolver rest on the jacket within quick reach. He was in the process of wiping sweat from his forehead as he had been trying to maneuver the crate closer to the wall to be properly secured. At the sound of someone entering, his hand drops the rag and scoops up the Marlin and has a dead aim on David's forehead faster than David could take a breath and let it out.

"Oh! Hello there! Welcome to the Nightwolf." David said quickly as he moved into the room as his new companion followed along behind David and stopped beside him as the unit scanned the area. "I believe you are our new weapons officer. And I see you brought gear with you as well." David said calmly to the man. "I am David by the way nice to meet you. This is k-9 here." pointing to his robotic companion.

Thomas raises the barrel to the ceiling before twirling it around and setting it down on the crate again. "Aye, That I am. The names Thomas, Captain Thomas Zang. If your one of my new crew mates, get over here and give me a hand. This crate weighs a ton." He slaps the top of the crate. "But be careful, it does have explosives in it as well as weapons and ammunition. Will make a big boom if set off." He says with a wink.

David was not sure what to say to this new crewman. He did not have any issues with helping but no pleasantries? David kept quiet as he came over to help the man with storing of his geear. He was going to comment about the amount of gear but did not do so." Nice to meet you. Captain Thomas." David said with an uneasy voice. As k-9 keep his distance from the crate and the other items that belonged to Captain Zang. k-9 scanned the items to make sure they were safe. As his ears wirred back and forth then stopped. without nothing being said.

Thomas laughed. "I was joking about it being unstable by the way. And I was a Brown coat in the war. sorry if I come across gruff, but when you deal with a few I have had to deal with, you tend to put up walls." He explains."If this turns out to be a profitable venture for me I might make it a permanent position and if I do, I might warm up to ya."

"I understand I have had my share of meeting gruff people."David did not explore his words anymore as he tried to change the subject. "I have had my share of walls. But I am hoping to lessen that." David commented. "Thank you I think." as he commented at Captain Zang's last comments. "Are you wanting this stuff in a locked room or armory?" David asked trying to keep the captain on his good side.

Jupiter walked up to the duo in the cargo hold, having left the bar and carried her bags of goodies in her hands. "Well then." She said, raising an eyebrow at the male who pointed his gun at David. "Your quite the trigger happy one aren't ya?" She chuckled a little and shook her head. "At least we will be protected thats for sure." She looked back at David. "Hey David, whose your knew friend?" She said motioning to the robot at his side.

"Well, Jupiter This is K9. K9 this is Jupiter our pilot." David said kindly as an introduction. "Hello, Mistress Jupiter nice to meet you." K9 responded to her. As he scanned her image into his memory banks. As his ears wirred around to side to side again.

Kaylia was hanging upside down, still from the support trusses up at the top of the cargo hold. She'd been there for the better part of three hours. Not saying a single word. Not making a single sound. Internally she giggled to herself. Just how easy it would have been to just kill them. But that is how her mind works, random thoughts sometimes, as silly as they might be.

"Wait what is that? Ooo...The toy is finished? Really now." That interrupted her thought about making rainbow colored waffles. Letting go with her legs from the trusses and flipped mid air and landed down right next to them in a crouched position. Hand on the deck plating before she stood up fully.

"Toy Mistress? I am not a toy. I am k-9" the dog replied to the person that now dropped in on them finally. K-9 knew she was there and noticed she was not a threat. David looked at her and the questionable choice of words but kept silent.

"I would be to differ. You are an indulgence of the brilliant mind of Davids. Regardless of his intention in making you and what you are now, you started a a toy, a pipe dream. However, hello, K-9."

"That is your opinion Mistress And your free to have one." k-9 commented. David kept quiet as they chatted. Maybe Kaylia was right but k-9 was definitely something more now." k-9 is a fully sentient machine." David spoke finally.

Kaylia tilted her head, " just call me Mistress?" She giggled up a storm and then 'pounced' on K-9 "That is so cute!!"

"Yes I did mistress Kaylia." k-9 commented again.

She hugged K-9, "I love it!"

David did not say a thing. He just watched the touching moment between k-9 and Kaylia.

"Thank you, Mistress!" as he used his forcefields to return the hug.

Kaylia let go and gave a pet pet. "Okay so, yew need a better name than K-9 don't you think?" Looking to David.

"Up to you Kaylia He is your new pet." David said kindly to her

Kaylia kinda blinked a few times. "What do you mean my new pet? You made him. I simply thought K-9 was bland. You should see how he acts and all, then base a name, or something dear to you, not me."

"ok, you rather have a robot-kitty?" David asked I have plenty of spare parts." David said calmly. "Give k-9 a name he will accept it or not it's his choice."

"I have a kitty. Though um..okay, I will think of a name."

"very well I will wait to see what you come up with?" as he smiled at her.

Kaylia paced a few times back and forth, talking to herself, which to low to be heard. Finally she stopped and looked, "What was your Grandfather's name?"

"The only one I know was Clarence. I don't know the other one since he was dead before I was born." David commented casually to her.

"Clarence? Mm.." She shook her head, "What about Mother?"

"Well my mother was named Vonda." David said softly to her but with a noticible crackle in his voice.

"Then what about Vonda, and why sad? That is an honor. What happened to her?"

"She died... we were very close." David said calmly to her. "She died of several things one was Diabeties. Liver faulure." His voice crackled.

"The closest thing to a mother I had died too. Saving me infact. I'm sorry she died." Kaylia hugged him.

"Thank you Kaylia!" Hugs her in return. David did his best to keep composure.

"You're welcome," letting him go and looking to K-9. "So Vonda then?"

"Sure why not!" David said calmly. "K-9 recognize Vonda as your new name." David requested. "Yes, Master new name recognized and stored. Do you wish to have vocal patterns chanced as well?" k-9 asked.

"Yes Proceed!" David said quickly. As k-9 started processing and his ears spun about a bit before stopping. "How is this Master? Now speaking in an almost perfect vocal pitch of Davids lost mother. "Perfect! " David said almost falling over at the closeness of the voice. "How did you do that k-9 you never heard my mothers voice?" David asked in a crackling voice.

David loooked to Kaylia a moment before speaking. "What do you think Kaylia."

"I think you do honor to her memory, and I had a good way to go about this idea to make you happy, so its perfect." Kaylia smiled.

David smiled briefly before it faltered as he turned away as the emotions took over as he walked away towards his cabin alone. K-9 or Vonda sat there as he started scanning again. She stayed there and waited for a bit before following David back to the cabin.

Kaylia frowned a moment, but knew why he wanted some alone time.


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