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Final Destination: Whitefall

Posted on Mon Jan 21st, 2019 @ 5:53pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Location: Jesse's Bar

There was the bustling of the market place as usual. Every kind of person going and coming about their business. Bartering for this for that. Kaylia had given and distributed out a certain amount of her creds to each of the crew, mostly for everything they needed. Be that food, parts, ammo, weapons.

Yeah the little insane thing still had more than enough money to help hidden away, and no one would ever find it. She felt of two souls that she should go find in the mean time.

Going back to Jesse's Bar. This time when she came in, because of the previous incident, a few of the patrons. They got their asses up and got the hell out of there.

Kaylia simply looked around a moment at them running and shrugged. Trying to follow her feelings to who she felt she was suppose to meet.

Thomas walks in, dropping his rifle and a sidearm into the rolling weapons storage. He drops the key into a pocket on his black leather trench coat. He eyes the bar and watches with a smirk at the sight of so many patron's rushing out. His black t-shirt is clean and tidy if a bit worn and his black denim jeans pressed and tidy as well. He steps back to allow them the escape they so desire.

All that he might notice of the ones that were leaving in a haste was they saw the lithe woman with piercing violet eyes that came in.

Thomas smiled and headed down the stairs, taking a seat near an alcove. He watches the room as a waiter bring him a drink.

Kaylia watched the weapons that Thomas had put into the storage. Tilting her head and when he sat down, she plopped right in next to him. Two drinks sat down as well. "Well hiya mister gunnie man."

Sasha was in the bar talking to a few people while drinking and laughing with them, she was enjoying herself.

David looked at a few shops on the way to the bar as he bought some new clothes and some odd things for the future meeting with the companion later on. As he went into the bar and placed his gun into the safe until he was ready to leave the bar as he slowly made his way down the steps. As he moved to the bar and ordered a drink and took it with him after paying for it. As he moved towards a lonely table as he spotted the captain. As he slowly moved through the crowded room to her.

"Hello, Captain I see you're celebrating early." David commented quickly to her not knowing the others there.

He decided to leave since the captain had other things on her mind and he truly did not want to bother her. He was not sure if the captain even heard him since the music was pretty loud.

Rhys stayed tucked into his little corner of the Verse head down nursing what was likely the last of his money in the form of a bottle of very cheap beer. He knew he should be looking for work not drinking. But damn it he just needed a moment. A moment to clear his mind and center himself before he got too far into planning his next move.

David moved to a lonely table in the corner and took a seat with his pricey beer in his hand with his parcels from his shopping. As he took a seat as he felt like he was being watched as he shook his head quickly as he took a drink of the beer.

Kaylia was currently occupied...sort of...with Thomas, however that did put David in the table right next to alcove they were in. Leaving it that she could hear the conversation with Thomas, but also any that came up with David. That or she could just practice this whole psychic thing so she could learn to use it when she actually was lucid.

Rhys had watched the other man pass and had almost asked him to join him... Almost... But as fate would have it he had become tongue tide and unable to say a word. Which was a shame as he had been rather cute.. Young yeah but cute. With a sigh he finished his own drink. He was not sure if it was a wise idea anyways to be having a wandering eye in his current circumstances anyways. Odds were the young man was not even Rhys's 'type' as was the common outcome in Rhys's interests. He counted out the small pittance left to him. sure enough not even enough for anther drink. The doctor started to take mental notes as to what he might have that was worth selling. Still he did keep finding himself glancing ever so often at the man sitting alone in the next booth.

David just could not shake the feeling that he was being watched but he noticed just barely the man nearby rather cute but he did not feel any danger from the man. "Excuse me?? Care to join me for a drink??" David commented casually as he waved the waitress down and ordered fresh drinks.

Rhys blinked... Could he be talking to him. He looked around and there was no one else near by. So with a smile he got up and took a seat across from the other man. "Well thank you. I could not help but notice your hands. Are you an engineer?"

"Why yes, I am an engineer." David said with a small smile. As he casually looked at the man's hands as they were neatly trimmed and a nearly perfect. "Are you a doctor?" He said softly to the man in front of him. "Where are my manners I am David nice to meet you, sir." David said with a kind voice.

"Doctor Rhys Cambel. Sorry for not asking your name sooner." The doctor says feeling a slight flush on his cheeks at his unintended rudeness, and after he was kind enough to buy me a drink as well. he chased himself mentally. "So are you a engineer for a ship or planet side?" he asks genuinely interested.

Sasha smiled and watched the engineer and The Doctor getting to know each other ,as she was enjoying herself with some old friends she knew on Whitefall. But of course Bashie walked into find Sasha for another job.Sasha was trying to duck from Bashie.

Then Bashie found Sasha with a few people."Oh my dear friend Sasha," Bashie said smiling as she looked around the place.

Sasha nodded to Bashie,"So what brings you to Whitefall Bashie." Sasha said.

Bashie looked at her, you know my office is on Whitefall Sasha." She told her. "Oh Sasha I got a new job for your team." Bashie told her. " I see you brought the medical supplies they are for me so i can heal other clients." Bashie said.

Sasha nodded,"Ok go ahead and have your boys take them."
Sasha said. Sasha looked at Bashie,"So whats the job?" Sasha asked Bashie.

Bashie smiled,"Yes I have some Items in boxes, i have i need you to deliver them.Some of them are Alliance boxes so be careful not to run into Alliance ships."

Sasha shook her head,"You got to be kidding,items in Alliance boxes,where are they going to some Alliance planet?"

Bashie frowned,Oh calm down Sasha." Bashie told her.
"Your going to a non -alliance planet, your going to the planet Aberdeen, to a town called New Melbourne." Bashie said.

Sasha looked at Bashie."Bashie you better hope not to run into alliance ships,but we'll do it." Sasha said to Bashie with a very short smile."

Bashie grinned."What a good browncoat you are,and just be careful that's all."Bashie smiled as she was getting ready to leave.

Sasha looked at Bashie,"For your sake,we hope not to run into alliance." Sasha said as she watched Bashie leave.

Jupiter walked around through the market, browsing various goods here and there. From spiced meats to sparkling jewels to sleek swords that looked as though they could cut a man straight through. She settled with buying some various fruits and nuts and a couple of knick knacks for her new crew mates. She was happy with the money that Sasha had given her, but it was unneeded as she was wealthy enough. She was almost done, about to head back to the ship but then saw a few of the Kaylia and David walk into the bar. Jupiter shrugged and headed in as well. She glanced over in the direction of her comrades and decided on a drink at the bar instead. Sitting on one of the available stools and nodded to the bartender for a cold brew.

Kaylia was waiting on Thomas to say something, considering that she just helped herself to sitting there next to him. Though she felt Jupiter come in before she actually did. Her eyes turning from him to follow her once she did come in. She wanted to go over to her but she was suppose to be trying to talk to Thomas, find out about him and depending on that, recruit him. A little bit of a sad whimper sound passed through her lips.

Thomas looks this young lady over who plopped down next to him. What caught his attention the quickest about her were her eyes. He had never seen purple eyes before but they were beautiful. "G'day Ma'am. You lookin' fer som'thin'?" He asks her, curious as to what this woman wanted.

Her head snapped back over to give Thomas her attention again. Though had a waitress send a drink over to Jupiter. "It is possible. Maybe. What was, oh right. I noticed the payload you were carrying."

David casually looked around at the neighboring tables to see what was going on there too. As he saw another man big and imposing but rather handsome too as he watched him talk to Kaylia and the others for a minute and returned his attention back to his new table guest. He thought for a moment to himself where are all the good-looking guys coming from.

"So this ship your on they wouldn't happen to be in the market for a doctor would they?" Rhys asks. It never hurts to ask. But he was likely going to be disappointed as seemed to be the run of his luck thus far.

"I believe they are Sir! I mean Rhy's is it?" David said kindly to the man. " The captain is right over there." pointing towards the neighboring table next to them as the captain was drinking and entertaining others there at her table.

"Well I happen to be on the look out for a job." Rhys says, and he certainly would not mind one on a ship with David here. The man was kind and seemed genuinely so. Rhys wouldn't mind having the time to get to know him better.

"Be my guest." As he ushered off the doctor so he can deal with possible employment. "I will be here when you are done. same for your beer." David said calmly.

Rhys watched all the commotion at the bar and then smiled back at David and shook his head. "I might need to wait they seem busy over there." he says with a hearty chuckle.

Thomas smiled. "I enjoy weapons, why are you interested in my arsenal, miss....?"He asks, leaving the name unfinished.

"Well because its possible that we might if you are looking, have use for someone with lots of weapons. Has a paycheck in it. Usually." Kaylia giggled.

"Aye, If your lookin', I'm lookin'. You da cap?" Thomas asks. "And I like ta know with whom I'm dealin' wit' too." He raises an eyebrow.

"I'm close enough to it. She's in here some where I think actually. Though we are looking. Any help we can get." Kaylia nodded.

Sasha walked up and saw someone with Kaylia was talking to.
"Hey Kaylia whos your new friend?," Sasha wondered while
standing next to her. She looked at the gentleman,"your new to these parts I havent seen you around these parts of
Whitefall?' Sasha asked him with a smile.

David sat there quietly as he took a sip of his beer as he watched the others deal with their things that needed to be done. As he took another look around the room again casually not trying to draw attention to himself.

Kaylia held up a finger to Sasha to shush, literally leaning out of the booth and pressing her finger to Sasha's lips for her to shush, as she was waiting on Thomas' reply first. Having kept those eyes on him the entire time.

"First off before we start setting up contracts, can I get your names please?" Thomas finally says bluntly. "I'm Thomas and you are?" he stares intently into Kaylia's eyes. His brown orbs drilling into hers. He absently waves Sasha to sit. "And if your not the Captain then get him or her here to discuss my employment."

Jupiter began to drink the drink that Kaylia sent for her, but noticed the man that David was talking to went to go speak to the captain. Jupiter headed over and sat next to David. "Looks like everyone is busy, who's the one you were talking to?" She asked in mild curiosity.

"Sorry, its Kaylia." Giving a nod and dropping her finger from Sasha's lips. "That would be the Cap'n."

Sasha looked at Kaylia. "That was nice of you to shush me Kaylia, it was not right of you. Don't forget I'm the Colonel here." Sasha looked at Kaylia and frowned. Sasha looked at the person with a smile. "Hello my name is Colonel Sasha Reynolds, I'm Captain of The Nightwolf and who might you be?" Sasha asked.

Thomas raises an eyebrow at the way these two acted towards each other. It mad e him truly wonder who was really in charge. The Colonel was a person of rank yet this other, Kaylia acted like she was the one in charge. "As I said, My name is Thomas Zang and this young lady," He motions to Kaylia, "has approached me about employment with your ship. If you are the Captain of said ship and the position is available, I may be interested." He smiles an innocent smile to both Sasha and Kaylia. "But before any of that, You claim to be a colonel but was that alliance or browncoats?"

Sasha looked at Thomas,"But of course were hiring." Sasha said."If your offering your services,then congrats your in." Sasha smiled. "I have no love for the alliance, I'm with my half brother Malcom Reynolds a true Browncoat." Sasha said doing a little dance.

"Ah, the famous Captain Malcolm Reynolds. I fought at the battle of Valley Forge. The Alliance use to call me Ten thousand as I had a goal to kill ten thousand alliance troops. Didn't make it before the wars end though. I think my kill count was 7925." Thomas says as he leans back in his chair. "Now about pay. How much are my services worth to you?"

Kaylia shook her head at Sasha since Resistance ranks had no validity anymore, its more of a title than anything and prestige. Reaching for some random drink as a waitress passed by. Drinking on it while the two of them talked.

Sasha looked at Thomas." whatever the job is and how big the pay is." she gave thomas a small smile. Then she looked at Kaylia."Whats wrong Kaylia?" Sasha asked.

Sasha turned a minute wondering where David was in Jesse's Bar.

Thomas thinks for a moment, sipping on his mug. "Fifteen percent of the take." He says as he sets the mug down. "I need to replenish any ammunition I might require so you will cover my ammunition but I will supply my own weapons, speaking of which, I will be having a large crate delivered to your ship after this."

Sasha looked at Thomas."You will be able to get your ammunition, Thomas." Sasha slightly grinned."Everyone here with the Nightwolf, will get their part too.."Sasha said sternly.

Kaylia shook her head at Sasha's question. Ordering another drink, okay three, to be brought for her and some cheese wontons. Just glancing at the current drink, giving a thought. Hrm...if everyone was getting equal shares now..and the adding Thomas, they all would be taking a 4.3 percent drop in their cuts. Oh..this was going to be eggshells..

Sasha looked Kaylia and wondered what she was talking about. She turned her head with questions on her mind looking at Kaylia,and was curious where David was.

David took a moment and sent a message to Sasha. As a person entered along enough to deliver the letter."Excuse me miss are you Sasha?" the person asked as he held out a letter for Sasha. after Sasha took the letter the person was gone.

Sasha grabbed the letter, and read it."Who's this from."Sasha said to herself,and kept reading.

The letter reads. "Dear Sasha I am fine just doing some errands and some side projects. And waiting for a delivery of my items I bought at the shops. All is good Hope to see you all soon. David."

Sasha smiled as she finished the letter, as she shook her head,and was pleased David, her favorite engineer letting her know where he was.

Now she was curious, Kaylia trying to get a look at what the letter said.

Sasha looked at Kaylia,"what do you want?" Sasha asked looking at Kaylia. Sasha looked down at the letter."Kaylia
This letter was from David who was telling me where he was at" Sasha told Kaylia.

"I wan see." Kaylia snatched the letter out of Sasha's hands and read it over for herself. "Ahh. My see." Handing the letter back.

Sasha shook her head,"You know Kaylia you could of asked me first before grabbing it out of my hands." Sasha said upsettingly. Sasha shook her head upsettingly,walked away with the note.

Kaylia just shrugged. "Maybe she needs to keep in mind how I
can be, or kick me off of the ship." Leaning back in her seat.

Sasha walked through the ship reading the letter.

Kaylia gave another shrug while Sasha walked off.


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By on Sun Feb 10th, 2019 @ 1:14am

Dallard stopped in his tracks. A squad of bluebellies had both Captain Gillian and the FO in manacles and looked like they were about to bring out more of the crew. What had been his crew up till this moment. “Goushi! Guess I’m freelancing again,” he whispered to himself and did a tidy pivot on his left heel and walked away. ‘Nothin I have on board I really need ‘cept the coin I just got paid,’ he thought to himself. He wandered down the crowded street trying his best to look innocent as hell and spotted a bar unimaginatively named Jesse’s. “I deserve a drink today…. I think.” Five years in the labor camp as a POW and forced labor after the war ended had made him itch for a stick and throttle in his hands again and he’d bee bouncing from ship to ship since until ‘Jack Of All Trades had picked him up as second for the last year. The whole crew knew it was sketchy trying to hide those 20mm cannon under the deckplating. Now the good money was no more and whoever had been on board wouldn’t be seeing freedom, such that it was under the Alliance, for some time to come. Jesse’s didn’t seem too noisy and the clumps of patrons didn’t seem like to be startin a ruckus any time soon so he decided to stay a bit and maybe nose around for a ship that might be lifting soon. He checked hi revolver and belt in the bin. And made his way to the bar. A freckled faced woman caught his eye sitting with another man , and him being him, shied away form first contact as usual. “Could I get a beer? An Ale if you got one, Please?” The beer came, a nicely bittered ale infact, and he enjoyed a long cold pull of the foam and brew, turning around to lean back against the bar and surveilled it occupants, trying to guess the whos and the whats and the entanglements thereof.