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checking on engineering

Posted on Sun Nov 18th, 2018 @ 3:28pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Location: Nightwolf

Sasha had been talking to the others on the Nightwolf, but ignoring the Engineer. Sasha felt bad and headed herself to Engineering to see how David was doing. Sasha continued herself
to engineering and looked around for david. "Hey David hows the Nightwolf engines coming along?" Sasha asked him.

David was confused by the visit from Sasha as he came to check on the engines again. He looked more confused. He was more worried about the engines and not even asked about him. where was the love he thought to himself. "Your engines are fine there like there brand new." David said without snapping at the captain. As David felt like grease under the engine that was not cleaned in such a long time. "When there is more time I will deal with the maintenance of the ship after we get to our next stop." David said calmly to her as he moved to the terminal and entered his future plans for later after they get planet side.

Sasha looked at him,"Sounds good to me." she said "Besides the engines detail how have you been doing other wise?" Sasha asked him while lurking around engineering . "I try to talk to all my crew as best as possible." Sasha also told him.

David was getting confused about the captain now. She changes gears and thoughrs his mind began to spin on him. As he noticed that she was looking for something. "I am doing fine. captain." David said halfheartedly to her. "Is there something your looking for?" David asked calmly as he could. "Did I do something wrong??" he asked as he stood there as she looked around.

Sasha looked at David."You do something wrong? I don't think so, you've done a bang up job as Our Engineer." Sasha smiled to him."I came to see you, because i been talking with others and i felt i was ignoring you." Sasha sighed for a bit . "So here i am." Sasha grinned. "I just came over to visit with you,whats wrong with that."Sasha also said.

"Nothing at all captain." David said with a small smile. "I guess its a bit strange to me for someone to do so." David said flatly to her. "your fine captain I don't feel in any way ignored I am used to being alone."David said with a straight face. (Even though that was a lie you can see the sadness in his eyes.)

Sasha looked at David,"Nobody needs to be alone, and plus I like to know my crew better." Sasha smiled as she found a folding chair to sit and visit with David."If you have any questions you know you can come to me." Sasha said relaxing.
"So is the ships engines running good? " She asked David.
"Also don't forget to check the bridge area for items to fix." Sasha said reminding him."But for now i just want to visit with you ,then you can go to the bridge for repairs or if our pilot has problems." Sasha explained.

David kept quiet for a minute or so before he spoke again. "Yes. your engines are in good working order, but as soon as we have more time planetside I will make sure they are running like a brand new system. I will check other areas of the ship as well and maybe upgrade the control systems and maybe add a more comprehensive computer system as well. Better storage and retrieval system along with adding more memory to make it run more smoothly." David commented. "I will try and remember that i can come to you with anything?" David commented with a slight red face

"David whats wrong your face went red?" Sasha asked concernly."I'm not to push your around your duties,I just want to make sure your ok, while working with the Nightwolf engines . Maybe you should take a break ?" Sasha got quite worried about David.

"i am fine Captain." David commented quickly. "But I won't argue with you." as he took a seat on a stool near him.

"I just don't want to see you over work yourself with engines," Sasha smiled at david."your a very good engineer to this ship, the nightwolf David." Sasha said."I don't want to see you get sick due to over work David." Sasha also said getting a bit worried about David, her favorite engineer.

"All I got is my engines I mean your engines at present ad I promise not to overdo it." David commented quickly as he looked at the pristine engineering section.

Sasha smiled,"well you better for my sake i hate to lose you by over doing it." Sasha said."Go get yourself something to drink,I don't want to see you dehydrated." Sasha also said.

"I am done with everything at present so lets go to the galley" David commented to the captain. Maybe make something to eat?"

Sasha smiled,"If its a date im following you." Sasha chuckled as she followed David.

David moved on as he knew sasha was following him to the galley. "A date?" David questioned. As he did not say anymore till he got back to the kitchen area.

Sasha followed him to the kitchen area, to eat with him.


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