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Girl talk with the companion

Posted on Fri Feb 15th, 2019 @ 10:18pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds & Civilian Rebekka IngheiĆ°ur

Location: Nightwolf

Sasha was walking to the cock pit and decided to stop by Bekka and talk to her on how shes been treated, She saw Bekka by her ship and wanting to talk. "Rebekka wait we need to talk." Sasha said with a short smile to her face."I know I haven't treated you right,I get that whore thing from my half brother Malcolm hey kept calling his companion a whore." Sasha was trying to explain. "I know your a companion and needed to be treated like one." Sasha also explained

Rebekka slipped back out of her shuttle after taking her cough meds and listened to what Sasha had to say. "I accept your apology, Sasha. Just try to not be your brother. You are yourself, first and for most."

"Oh your right." Sasha said walking over to Rebekka and giving her a hug." I was trying to be like the rest our family and being accepted as part of the Reynolds family." Sasha said.

Rebekka attempted to back up to prevent from getting hugged, but wasn't fast enough. She hissed in pain as she was hugged. "Careful with the hugs, I'm still recovering from the bullet wound."

Sasha backed off after the hug."Oh i am ssssooo sorry when were you shot?" Sasha said with worry.

She sighed heavily. "A few days before I returned here." She admitted.

Sasha sighed," who would shoot a companion?' Sasha wondered."Do you need to be fixed up?"Sasha asked her.

"Someone with a blood feud with my last client." Rebekka said with a painful smile. "I was shot a few days ago. No I have already been fixed up and my last client in on the hook for the medical, repair, and replacement of furniture bills."

"Well thats great Rebekka,and you are alright." Sasha said to her."I guess you need to stay out of feuds Rebekka," Sasha also said.

"The feud wasn't against me, but I just got caught in the cross fire." Rebekka said. "Also, they didn't realize that we Companions are trained to defend ourselves."

"But still and all you have to be careful my dear, i don't think your customers don't want to see you banged up." Sasha said hanging around with Rebekka..

"That is why I'm under doctor's orders to take some time off, and heal." Rebekka said with a smile.

Sasha smiled back."Well thats good Rebecca, really really good."
She smiled."So how are you now Rebekka?" Sasha smiled.

"I hurt." She said. "I'm having a few complications with my wound, but nothing that the doctor on Whitefall can't fix."

Sasha smiled,"Well when we get to Whitefall i order you to go to the doctor it looks nasty Rebecca." Sasha grinned to her."I just don't want to see it get infected,or worse." Sasha also said.

"Already have an appointment when we get to Whitefall." Rebekka said.

Sasha grinned,"Oh thats great,well good luck with that." Sasha kept grinning."by the way stay out of fights." Sasha chuckled.

"That is the general idea." Rebekka said with her own chuckle.

Sasha smiled as she shook her head."Maybe next time Rebekka, you should have another person with you to help you not get hurt." Sasha grinned.

"If I need to bring another person with me when dealing with a client, then I don't need to see that client." Rebekka said.

Sasha nodded."Ok Rebekka, I was thinking of like a body guard for you." Sasha said.

"Sasha, I don't need a body guard." Rebekka said pinching the bridge of her nose. "And if I do, then I wouldn't be seeing that client."

Sasha looked at Rebekka,"Well if not a body guard,maybe you should carry a gun in your garder belt or any part of your outfit." Sasha said quite concerned for Rebekka.

"A little kinky." Rebekka said. "I've done it before for several clients." She admitted. "Normally Companions, don't carry weapons, but we have them hidden in our suites."

Sasha Nodded,"Oh that's interesting to know." Sasha said looking at Rebekka. "I just want you to be careful that's all." Sasha said with concern.

"Sasha, I'm always careful." Rebekka said with a slight tilt of her head, which caused her blonde hair to fall off her shoulder.

Sasha nodded as she listened to Rebekka and sighed some to herself."Well I'm just concerned for my fellow shipmates, and that includes you Rebekka." Sasha sighed more.

Sasha left after that...


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