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getting to know the pilot: girl talk in the cock pit

Posted on Mon Nov 26th, 2018 @ 12:42am by Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Location: Nightwolf

Sasha came up by the cockpit to see if Jupiter needed a break,and Sasha would take over. She walked in, "Well jupiter
you getting to know the cock pit here?" Sasha smiled at her.
"I came up to get to know you better, I been busy with other ship doings, I keep forgetting to come see you." Sasha Smiled more.

Jupiter looked up from her controls at the helm. "Hey boss. How are you?" She said as she hit auto pilot and reclined back "No worries, things get busy, I get that. I am quite comfy right here."

Sasha smiled,"Well thats good." she said,"and you don't need to call me boss, you can call me Sasha." Sasha smiled to Jupiter.
"Were all friendly, and were like Family here." Sasha said with a smile on her face."Like i said before if you need a break i can take over flying she said,as she sat in the other across from Jupiter on the other seat.

Jupiter shrugged "I appreciate it, but I am quite happy here, there isn't much else to go to on the ship so I would rather keep to here." She said as she watched the woman sit down. "So...Sasha, how did you come into the business of owning this ship?"

Sasha nodded,"Hey you deserve a break. why don't you get something to eat,I don't mind watching here." Sasha said.
"As to owning the Nightwolf." Sasha said,"we were in a battle,
a while back against The Alliance." she said.
"Then i decided to further my adventures like my half brother Malcom Reynolds,and found this guy selling ships." She said."So i picked this one,and named her Nightwolf." Sasha also said and smiled to Jupiter..

Jupiter nodded and got up from her seat, heading over to her quarters, grabbing some dried fruit before returning and nibbling on them casually. "Thats cool, why the name Nightwolf?"

Sasha looked at Jupiter,"Well my half brother Malcom has Serenity from the Serenity war, with me I named her Nightwolf."
Sasha said. "When I was in my teens, I met a great fighter he went by Nightwolf he had the perfect weapons to fight i think he was Chinese or Korean." Sasha told her." as she sat down at the cock pit. "I heard he passed away a couple years ago."Sasha explained." So In his honor, I named my firefly after him." Sasha said."I'm proud to name my ship after him.Nightwolf." Sasha smiled at her.

Jupiter nodded "Thats pretty awesome. I think he would have been very happy to know that you had done something in his honor." She said, popping another dried fruit into her mouth.

Sasha smiled."I agree there Jupiter," Sasha Smiled.

"So where did you stand on the war?" Jupiter said with mild curiosity.

Sasha looked at Jupiter," oh I was for the Browncoats." Sasha smiled. I stood for my whole Reynolds family,and friends the war."Sasha said."I'm no fan to the Alliance what so ever."Sasha also told Jupiter.
"Did you ever fight in a war, Jupiter?" Sasha asked her.

Jupiter stiffened at the womans words. "Yes, though my family didn't approve much, I did my share in killing people and flying around ships. I served for a long time. Since I was a stupid 16 yr old, looking to chase around some bad guys." She chuckled a little. "Doesn't matter much now does it? War is over and we all have our share of stories to work with, whichever side we landed ourselves on."

Sasha listened to Jupiter." Thats interesting to know about you Jupiter." Sasha smiled, "and your right it don't matter now we all have our war stories to share." Sasha said, as she was making her way back to the kitchen.


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