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Medical Supply run on Harvest Pt 6

Posted on Fri Dec 14th, 2018 @ 6:16am by Colonel Sasha Reynolds

Location: Nightwolf

"I dont trust auto pilots....theyre too....automated." She said looking back over to make sure Kaylia was staying out of trouble. "But if thats what you want boss. Then alright." She said switching over to auto pilot and looked around for a radio station.

Sasha smiled as she looked at Jupiter."Good Idea to think ahead,but im waiting for full vote." Sasha said. She then looked at Kaylia with a short smile trying to be friendly.

Sasha thought to herself I better go check on our engineer. Sasha then left to go check on David to see hows he doing she grabbed the comm,"David hows things in engineering?" she asked him. "did you get a chance to get outside
of Harvest" she also asked him on the comms."I'm on my way down." Sasha said.

David listened as he worked in engineering. "All is good here captain. You're more than welcome to visit me. All are caught up." as he placed a wrench down on the workbench. "you might be surprised at how nice things are down here now. See you soon."

Sasha Smiled about hearing Davids voice as she headed down to engineering, to see what David has done with engineering,"I'm on my way down David." she told me on the comm link.

"Can't wait!" David said with a hidden smile as he heard the com close. As he finished off his duties as he put his tools away as waited for the captain to arrive.

Sasha grinned as she headed for the engineering area to see how David is doing. Sasha tried to get her stress with Kaylia
out of her mind and check other parts of the ship,especially
engineering she needed david to fix the ridge so Nightwolf can get a stronger signal for radio music sounds.

David stood there in engineering waiting for Sasha to arrive she would not recognize the place. It was clean and bright and it was more open and full of space. and all the tools were placed in their proper place and all was big enough to have a party in now. Without losing a head or falling into a crawlspace.

Sasha finally made her way to engineering and looked around."Omg David you cleaned up your engineering area, I'm
impressed with you." She smiled at David."Oh David i need your help on the Bridge of this ship please ,I was wondering if you can create a stronger wave length pulse, so this ship can find certain wave lengths like able to pick up songs,like music in certain areas of space from space stations or whatever?" Sasha asked him.

"I don't see why not I should be able to."David commented calmly as he grabbed a toolkit as he waited for the captain to get a complete look of engineering. "If you noticed there is now plenty of room here and the engines are more calm and quiet."David said with a small smile.

Kaylia giggled from the hatchway. "You know, asking about songs and music. You should be asking me. Just like I can hear that the engines are off by three point two microns from where they should be."

David was not sure what to say to Kayla's comment about the engines but he knew they were tuned for optimum performance even if there was not a three-point two micron off of standard.

"Well, Kaylia The change in deviation is due to the age of the engine for one and two deviation in the engines is now running optimally. At present till we can be at the port or a docking facility to deal with an overhaul of the engine. Which is planned but it depends on the time at the dock and other time parameters or possible restraints. Is the change bothering you?" David asked with concern. He took a breath as he finished his thought.

"But there is now a 50% boost to the engine for emergency escape velocity or whatever the extra power is needed. Running from revivers and the police or other things. Maybe more if I do the fine tuning after were in port or the overhaul gets done maybe an increase to 75 to maybe 86 percent. But I can reverse the process. captains?? " David asked as he looked between them to people. (noting both as captains.) As he waited patiently and calmly for the answers from both of the officers.

Sasha was standing near engineering watching David work hard and was happy with his work."Very good David, keep up the good work." Sasha smiled to David.

"I'm just the insane one, that's my job." Kaylia giving a giggle again. "More powah! Mister David! We'll blast them evil Reapers to hell and back!"

David was not sure of what Kaylia was asking. If she wants to be the insane one that was fine by him. He thought to himself. "I will give you all the power you need or wish." David commented calmly. As he looked at both the Captain and Kaylia. David was thinking of more ways to get more power.

Kaylia giggled, yet again, "It was from something I saw once. You are doing an excellent job, David. Lets go with what we can maintain rather than pushing it all the time unless we really need it. Though, any idea about putting some weapons on this baby?"

Sasha was near engineering looking at the 2 of them."David we need to get to Whitefall ,so i hope the engines are running good?" Sasha said.

"I think he just said they were Cap'n." Kaylia said flatly.

"I do admit that there is a need for weapons aboard the ship. And maybe stronger hatches and bulkheads to keep reavers out and us in and safe." David commented.

"There really is. I'm glad that you agree. Do you mind if I help you with that when we get on ground? I might have some unorthadox ideas that will work." Kaylia smiled lightly.

"By all means the faster we deal with the limitations of the ship the better." David said kindly to her.

From the cockpit, Jupiter could be heard whistling through the entry ways to the upbeat music she found. She had her seat reclined and her feet propped up as she read through a magazine about some late hieress scandal a thousand years ago.

Kaylia could hear that. Remember, she was augmented and genetically altered to accent her already strange genetic physiology. Giggling a bit and started moving her hips. And song happened, "Don't youuuuu! Forget about me!" Stopping mid step and throwing one hand up in the air. - Grab someone sexy and tell them hey! I want everything sexy tonight. - Hands up uup! I put my hands uuup, put my hands uuup! We might not get tomorrow lets do it tonight!"

A chuckle could be heard from the cockpit, "Having fun playing musical chairs down there?"

Kaylia kept singing, now going to the cockpit. The levels of the ducts and the layout of the ship just carried her voice even more. Resting a hand on the back of the chair and kissing Jupiters cheek. "Now you sing, instead of humming."

Sasha decided to hang out in the engineering department before heading to the cockpit. She looked at David."Kaylia is right we do need weapons on this ship,due to Reaver ships,and Alliance ships." Sasha told David. "Maybe when we get back to Whitefall, i can talk to Bashie, or find someone with weapons for a ship." She told David with a short smile.

Jupiter grumbled at Kaylia's kiss "Ah come on you goof ball." She looked up from her magazine "No way. I suck at singing, your better at it than I am." She said looking back down at the dusty magazine.

Kaylia made a face at the grumble. That really could have hurt her feelings, since it was just a sweet gesture. The grumble being a rejection of it. "But yew can sings still, shower sing like no one is around and you just don't care." Turning slightly and motioning a hand out, "Lead the way."

Jupiter half chuckled "I am better at playing an instrument than using my voice. But if thats what you want." She belted out a off key version of twinkle twinkle little star, throwing in a random verse for good measure. "There ya go." She said in a clearly embarrassed voice.

"Really?" Kaylia tilted her head a little bit. Then gave a snort, "That wasn't singing, that was talking in a slightly sing song voice. Real singing, but you said instrument. Which one?"

Jupiter chuckled awkwardly "Yeah obviously." She scratched the back of her head before looking at the wall thinking. "I do pretty good at Fiddle, not to bad with the flute as well."

"Fiddle? Like a violin? Oh hell yes. We can do that! We can both play and you lead and I play backup and I sing!" Kaylia hugged her all kinds of excited and kissed her. Now if that was kissing her cause well....or it was just from excitement, that would have to be found out later.

Sasha got to the cockpit and saw the two of them talking and smiled."Hello you two." Sasha said.

Jupiter jumped at the sudden display of affection and fought the urge to throw the woman off her. She instead settled on gently easing Kaylia back a little, with a awkward chuckle and a large blush on her face. The captain's voice startled her again and she turned to Sasha with a slightly relieved look on her face. "Hey Boss, Want to join us for a little concert?" She said with another awkward chuckle

Kaylia tilted her head back and wiggled her fingers, "Hi hi, Cap'n."

"OOOH a Concert,i love some good music." Sasha said."Just because im the colonel of this ship You don't need to call me Boss, I liked to be called Sasha." Sasha said to them.

"We'll throw something together." Kaylia nodded.

"I thought you were making the music Kaylia.?" Sasha asked.
Sasha stuck around for a bit.

"Aye she is, along with me." She said as she watched the woman poke around for the instruments. "I will do my best uh Sasha, but I am use to professional environments, so its my comfort zone."

Kaylia pointed to Jupiter, "What she said."

Sasha smiled,"Hey I love a little concert in the cockpit." Sasha smiled.

"We shall work on something and when we have free time do that for thew crew," Kaylia nodded, giving a look to Jupiter, "Right, love?"

"I suppose we could, but dont expect me to sing anymore." Jupiter said with a sigh.

"But just agreed to," Kaylia looked confused now.

Sasha smiled and chuckled."Guess you alone for singing Kaylia." Sasha smiled then she turned to Jupiter."Its up to you if you want to sing for the crew or just a private one here in the cockpit." Sasha smiled.

"I said I am better at playing an instrument." Jupiter said, giving kaylia a look that said she was not budging on the matter. "You wanted a concert. right? You sing i will play."

Sasha grinned,"Hey i love hearing instruments play."sasha grinned."I need to hear you play jupiter."Sasha said.

Kaylia pouted a little bit, but nodded, "Ooookies." Sticking her tongue out.

Sasha shook her head at Kaylia,seeing her stick her tongue out.Sasha didn'r say much after that.

Sasha was looking around as she tapped the comms by the cock pit." Hey David hows the engines coming around,"
she said clicking off the comms.

"there running like a dream Captain. There so quiet now." David said with a smile. As he took some notes on his laptop while he waited to finish his thought on computer before retireing to the galley for him to make a special meal for all.

Sasha smiled,as she tapped on the comms in the cockpit."Good work David,very good work." Sasha tapped off as she looked out the window at the space around them.

David finished off his conversation then moved on as he dropped off his computer at his cabin. on the way to the galley and past it into the kitchen to see what he could make as a special meal. He grabbed a ham from the freezer and placed it on the counter. As he unwrapped it and grabbed a can of pineapple to decorate the ham so they could cook together for added flavor.

As he preheated the oven then placed the ham in. As he got several pans out and started to fill them with water as he peeled the potatoes and cut them into cubes for easier cooking.

And he opened some green beans and placed them in a casserole dish and added other ingredients to make old-style green beans.

He grabbed a large stock pot filled with water, butter salt and a pinch of sugar. And added ears of corn for the meal. As he turned on the burners on low. so that they would cook slow but would finish in time with the rest of the meal as he grabbed a saucepan and made up some gravy.

David stopped a moment and turned on the jukebox and played some nice upbeat music as he took a minute and took a drink a water. And went back to work.

He started making bread rolls from scratch as he got the dough to the way he wanted it as he rolled out small balls out and placed them on trays to let them rise on a proofing rack. While he started on desserts from jello to cakes and pies and puddings.

By the time he was finished. He had time to relax a bit before. doing a check on the systems in engineering and then checking the foods he was cooking.

David did not realize that the holidays had crept on him as he sat there and thought of the last time he had done something like this. it has been years but of course, this is the first time he felt like family in years as well.

As he sat there in the galley alone at the moment as he got a cold glass of apple cider sipped on it as the smells started to escape the kitchen now. He knew sooner or later he would have company.

Sasha walked in and smelled the Apple cider."Hey David hows it going." Is that hot Apple cider?" Sasha asked David. Sasha
sat down by him,and grabbed herself some apple cider.

"Sure is Sasha it's all homemade." David said with a tired smile. but it was genuine. "There is some right here in the kettle." David said as he started to pour her a glass of apple cider.

Sasha smiled,"Well Thank you David i really appreciate it." Sasha smiled. "did you make the home made apple cider?"
Sasha asked.

David looked confused at sasha. "Yes....Picked and cooked for your enjoyment." David commented. As he took another sip of his cider. as the smells of other things cooking stared to drift out of the kitchen to the rest of the ship.

"David, its for all of us on this ship,I hope. you may need to make another batch." Sasha smiled to David.

"No Need there is plenty of the cider in the kitchen." David said smiling. "There is plenty of the cider to be had." David smiled as he kinda blushed as well. "There is a big meal cooking as well."

Sasha looked at David,"Oh you cooked too,besides the home made cider?" Sasha said shockingly. David is there something your not telling us, besides being a very good engineer,and you cook too?" Sasha looked at David with that shocked look in her eyes.

"I have many hidden talents." David said as he got quiet for a long minute to let the others to think. "PLus I figured we can observe an old earth tradition that seemed to fall out of the way for some time but I think its time to revive them. Like Thanksgiving and Christmas." David commented with a small smile as he blushed. He took a good drink of the cider as he let his words to sink in to each one.

Sasha was shocked, and floored that her Engineer is also a very good cook,besides being a very good engineer. "Is there anything else that your hiding David besides a very good cook,and engineer?" Sasha asked him trying to calm herself
down from the shock,and everything else..

"You might find out someday?" David said letting them all hang on the edge of there seats. "Excuse me a moment need to baste the turkey and check the ham." David said calmly as he swiftly left to the kitchen quietly.

Sasha crept a little by David smelling the good food, she closed her eyes as she felt her her feet rising, and having the feeling of floating in one spot smelling the very good food, and floating. Sasha kept in the one position the whole time.

"Well the food is almost ready and i see it called to you?" David commented to sasha. As he gave a small chuckle as he started to get the rest of the food together. "Please check and see if the others are ready for there food?" David asked her. As he placed the food in serving dishes.

Sasha smiled,"I'll go to the comm button over there and call everyone" she said as she walked over and pushed the button for the crew to come in for fine Dining completements to Chef David,our kick butt engineer.

David thought to himself so much for an easy dismissal of her to go get them. He thought as he turned away and pulled out the turkey and placed it on the counter and then the ham. As he David mashed up the potatoes and placed the ears of corn on a platter. As he moved the times to the dining area. By the time he was finished all was in the dining room ready to eat.

David made sure all the ovens were off anffd the deserts were cooling and the rools were ready as he placed then in bowls and moved the final item into the galley.

Everyone could smell things being made. When it was ready they showed up to eat together. Moving then after the food, some friendly banter, everyone to where they went to get ready for the rest of the night and sleep, if sleep is what they did.


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