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onward way back to Whitefall Pt 2

Posted on Sun Feb 17th, 2019 @ 11:48pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds & Civilian Rebekka IngheiĆ°ur

Location: Nightwolf

Rebekka looked at Kaylia, "I'm not sure how you got my account information, but you don't need to give me money. As you probably saw that I'm independently wealthy."

Sasha looked at the two ladies as she shook her head," Rebekka,and Kaylia." Sasha frowned at both of them." Theres to be no one getting in anybodies financials." Do you both understand,and im talking bout you Kaylia as well." Sasha said a bit angry over the situation." Kaylia if you wanted to borrow money from someone just ask,not go into the persons financials." Sasha told kaylia still mad.

"Sasha, Kaylia isn't taking our money, she is giving us money." Rebekka said getting up. "Now if you will all excuse me." She stated heading for the door.

Sasha looked at Rebekka and shook her head. "Well i thought Kaylia was stealing." Sasha said. Sasha followed Rebekka to see how David was doing in engineering..

"Well Sasha if you listened to the conversation, then you would have heard Kaylia admit to giving us money." Rebekka stated when Sasha came up next to her. Then she seemed to stumble into the bulkhead and gave a couple short coughs. Looking at her hand and frowned. "Crap!" She said lowly.

Sasha looked at Rebekka," Hey i thought Kaylia was stealing your money,and i just got concerned." Sasha said as she helped rebekka out."I'm sorry for the confusion." Sasha told her,before she headed for engineering.

"Thanks." Rebekka said leaving as quick as she could.

Sasha thought she already checked on engineering,and decided to follow Rebekka instead and talk to her.

Rebekka managed to get to the catwalk, but stopped short of the hatch of her shuttle. She turned and looked at Sasha as she got to the catwalk herself. "Sasha?"

Kaylia ran over to Rebekka. "Are you okay? Is the mices in your head okay?" Shaking her head furiously. "You no can leave. You have to stay here with me and Jupiter. You have to." Biting her lips trying to keep it from quivering. Her eyes welling up and there were the tears. Not fully streaming down her cheeks. Stomping her foot. "You don't get to leave! I said no!"

Rebekka smiled at Kaylia, while she reached out and stroked her hair. "My love, I'm not leaving and the mices in my head are okay." She sighs at Kaylia. "I'm just taking some time off right now, to recoup from my...." She stopped. "Just to recoup."

Sasha was walking amongst the ship seeing what everyone was doing, and hoping they get to Whitefall soon,as she walked back
towards the front of the ship.

Kaylia sniffled and didn't even bother to wipe her eyes, smiling brightly. "Oh. Okies! I'll go get the cookies!" Bouncing off like nothing happened.

Sasha looked at Kaylia,"You got cookies?, can i have one?" Sasha asked kaylia feeling hungry,with a smile on her face.

There actually was cookies, or she thought there was. Or did she eat them all already. Either way Kaylia was in the galley and looking for them. Thing is, she forgot where she had hid them.

Jupiter hadn't said much but the mention of cookies brought it out of her "Hey! you better bring me some if you got em." She said looking over the steady controls for the ship.

"My can't find them!" Kaylia sat back on her butt and looked all pouty. Entirely to cute for worse. Almost like she was going to cry.

Jupiter peeked up over at the woman "Hey, its okay, do you have the stuff to make some more?"

Kaylia tilted her head back to look at Jupiter, "I think...but not the point...I can't find them. I made them secret for everyone and I can't find them." Uh oh...that was about it, it was fixing to be tears from those piercing violet eyes.

Jupiter cursed herself and threw the ship into auto pilot, she hated seeing people cry. "Alright lets go find them, where was the last place you remember them?"

"They..." She huffed. "They were...up there." Kaylia pointed up to the duct work.

Jupiter gave Kaylia a look "There is no way I am gonna fit up there. You're gonna have to go up. But I will give you a boost." She said, offering for Kaylia to climb up on her.

"Yrew not that big, you can fits but okays." Kaylia looked up and started to do so then slipped. Plopping down on Jupiter in a pile on the deck. Oddly enough, Kaylia was not bothered at it in the least. Actually, she curled her arms around Jupiter and nuzzled against her. "I think someone likes you."

Rebekka only shook her head and slipped into her shuttle. Once the hatch was closed she looked around the room as the coughing fit hit.

Sasha was a little bit mad over no cookies so she headed up the stairs to see Rebekka to see what she was up to, and talk to her.

Jupiter landed hard on the floor, with an oof "Kaylia.....your heavier than you look." She groaned as she tried to get up and ended up falling back down as Kaylia nuzzled her. She gave a look to the retreating Sasha "traitor," She said begrudgingly as she was held hostage by Kaylia. "Kaylia, is there any other place these cookies could be?"

Kaylia gave a glance at Sasha running off also. Then gave a shrug. Sitting up and getting up off of Jupiter, holding her hand out. " right. My stash panel. Duh. You are so smart."

Jupiter half smiled and took Kaylia's hand, pulling herself up. "Well, I suppose we should go try there next." She blushed a little at being called smart. "Na come on now, were just retracing your steps, the smart person is the one who hid them so well."

"Bouncie bounce!" Though Kaylia didn't actually do that. She did move at a quickened pace to her quarters. Letting go of Jupiters hand. Getting on her hands and knees to pull a panel off and just throw it behind her. Smokie, which would be the American blue kitten hissed a moment. Then she purred and ran over to start figure eighting between Jupiters legs. "Yew little bitch. What did I say about no eating the cookies. Bad Smokie, bad!" She ate the one that smokie had been chewing on. That left 11.

Jupiter laughed out loud and picked up the kitten, setting it on her shoulder "Come on now you gotta give the cat respect before earning it." She gave the kitten a scratch on the head before looking back at the woman. "Well, good news is we found the cookies!" She said with a smile.

Smokie moved around Jupiters shoudlers a bit before settling to lay down wrap around her like a scarf. "We did find the cookies after all."

"And! We haz to give some to the Cap'n and Bekka!" Kaylia turned and ran out to head to Rebekka's shuttle. "We found the cookies!"

Sasha looked at Kaylia."OOhhh can i have 2?" Sasha asked,wondering what kind of cookies they were.

Jupiter followed after, giving Smokie a little scratch on the chin as she slowly followed after Kaylia.

Kaylia tossed out cookies. Carefully, not throwing them all over the place.

Sasha looked at Kaylia,"Why you throwing cookies?" she asked her.

"I didn't throw them......I tossed them to everyone carefully....I can play doctor and make sure there isn't anything wrong with your visual accuitiy or your head.." Kaylia made a face.

Sasha shook her head after that at Kaylia."Cute Kaylia really cute." Sasha told her.

Jupiter gave a shake of her head as she caught one of the cookies and nibbled on it while she went back to her seat.

Kaylia giggled since she thought it was insanely funny.

Sasha looked at Kaylia as she got her two cookies."oooh yummy." Sasha grinned.

Sasha then left after getting her cookies to see how David was in engineering,she felt like he was being ignored.Sasha left for Engineering.

David finished off cleaning up his mess that he had created as he put the final tools away. He would start updating the systems back here when time permitted as he would make his way through the ship and get the ship up to the times. As he sat there at his workbench and made plans on paper. By the time he is finished with the Night wold she would be a new ship again.

Sasha came to engineering. "david hows nightwolfs engines?" She asked him looking at the Nightwolf's engines, she has to make sure Nightwolf was running well.

David turned and saw Sasha as she came in. "There fully operational Captain there fully overhauled and are just like new engines now. And the computer system here in engineering is completely updated as well. "with all new controls interfaces and voice command capabale as well." David said calmly to her with a bright smile.

Sasha smiled at David as she tapped one of his shoulders,"David you been a god send being the best damn engineer we have here. When we get to White fall I'm buying the first round of beer for you." Sasha smiled, and gave David a hug, hope he doesn't take it the wrong way.

David commented calmly to her. "As A old show person commented. "I am here to serve." David commented knowing he doubted she knew where that came from. "And you are welcome."

Sasha smiled as she had a bottle of Whiskey, she hid and decided to share it with David." Heres the Best Whiskey
I've hidden."Sasha said as she grabbed to glasses."Let's celebrate David." Sasha smiled as she poured the Whiskey
in both glasses like under a half." Let's Celebrate David, to the
Bast damn Engineer I have." Sasha smiled she took her glass and gave the other glass to David.

"Thank you, Sasha." David said as he fell quiet. As he let all the words sink in as he held the glass for her to pour the whiskey.

And there it was. Kaylia could smell that whiskey a mile a way. "I smell..." Motioning for Jupiter to follow as she turned from the galley and started hunting like a hound dog for the source. Coming into the engine room. "Ha! I knew I smelled it."

"Welcome Kaylia. Grab a glass join us." David commented with a laugh.

"That was das plan." Though obviously Sasha only brought two glasses. She went and got two more for her and Jupiter if she followed. Filling hers up and taking a sip of it. "So what is this for?"

"I guess were making it a party." Sasha said with a half smile she only wanted to celebrate with David, for him being the best damn Engineer on the Nightwolf.

Jupiter poked her head around the corner, having followed after Kaylia, worried the woman would get herself into trouble again. "Hey now! I hope I can have a glass." She said with a smile as she entered into the room. "Looks like we're celebrating something, whats the occasion?"

Sasha looked at Jupiter,"well i started off celebrating David's very good work as the Nightwolfs engineer,and that i was proud of him." Sasha said with a short smile.

"And I could smell that whiskey as soon as they opened it. Still not sure why all this other than what she just said. Either way." Passing Jupiter a full glass. "Der we are with whiskey." Kaylia smiled.

Sasha nodded," yes we all have Whiskey and celebrating anything we want." Sasha said sorta sadly but tried not to show it with the same short smile.
Sasha just wanted to celebrate with David for a bit before telling everyone else to come.

David was not sure what to say after kaylia and jupiter showed up other than turn a more red faced with embarrassment.

Sasha walked up to David as she sat down next to him,and Whispered to him,"david i just felt like drinking
as shipmates." she said very upset by the others coming in.
Sasha whispered again,"David I was gonna ask the others in about 5-10 mins after you,and i celebrated."Sasha told David still upset over the company coming in early.

"It's fine captain." David Whispered to her. "It's all good." David said calmly to her with a sigh. "What are some of your favorite foods?" David asked everyone."I will start things off I love Salisbury steak over noodles." David commented with a delightful smile.

Sasha looked at David and said " ooh I love Salisbury Steak especially over noodles." Sasha said trying to smile after being upset..

David waited for others to answer.

"Mmm....ribs, deviled eggs, egg salad sandwich, jalepeneo cheesy homeny.." Kaylia could keep going but stopped there.

"Wow! no one all time favorite?" David asked her. "Thats fine more good food to make."

Sasha smiled,"boy besides grease Monkey I should make you the Nightwolf cook." Sasha chuckled.

"Thats up to you captain but i believe there is a cook already?? David commented. "I dont want to step on others that want to show there culinary delights."

Sasha looked at David."Why no we don't have a cook, we usually make our own food," Sasha smiled. "If you would like to take on another job for us that be great David." Sasha continued on."You can be our cook-Grease Monkey." Sasha smiled. "I been hunting for an assistant for you anyways." Sasha also said.

" I can do both for now." David said calmly to them all. " ok an assistant?" David inquired casually. "For what?"

"Nope, to many choices to have just one all time favorite." Kaylia smiled and wanted another refill of whiskey. "Can I help yew cooks? I good at cooking things after all. I can be assistant for cooking."

Sasha looked at Kaylia with a weird look."Kaylia, you cook?" Sasha was a bit leary about seeing Kaylia cook,and not trusting her with cooking supplies,and especially knives. "I'd like to see this." Sasha said shaking her head."I would onlyTrust David to cook more than you Kaylia." Sasha said with a slight frown.

David Blushed. but kept quiet on the comments. ultimately Sasha was captain can decide what's best for her ship. 'Maybe having Kaylia make one of her specialties to see how things are as he cooking is." David offered.

Sasha slightly Frowned,"David for Kaylia to be your helper in food, i'd have to have her supervised." Sasha said not looking happy about it. "I'd have to come in and watch her for a bit and see how she does." Sasha said. "I don't trust Kaylia with real cooking tools,if we had wooden and maybe not so sharp tools i'd say then for sure I'd trust Kaylia." But sharp things like knives ,and what not worries me to watch her carefully." Sasha explained.

"Of course I just never let me near fire." Kaylia rolled her eyes. Giving a glance a moment between the two of them. "See..she no lets me near fire and sharp things. Not that I need sharp things to be able to kill everyone on board in their sleep."

"All of you calm down please??? what would you like to make us Kaylia?? I am open minded and more than willing to assist you in your proof of sincerity." David said calmly to her.

"How about you tell me what you want and we will see if I can make it with the ingredients we have on board." Kaylia said.

Sasha still doesn't have trust towards Kaylia when it comes to using tools for cooking. She just stook around to make sure nothing goes wrong.

"So there is no trust there art all then why is she here if you dont trust her. Openess and trust go along way for crew trusting one another. "David said dismayed as he left them to deal with the issues.

Sasha looked at David,"Its not a trust issue."she said, Sasha then whispered in Davids ear.W- "I don't want Kaylia to hurt you if she helps you in the kitchen." Sasha backed off as she looked at both of them with worry.

David was totally lost by this issue between the captain and kaylia. "Please excuse me I need to check on the engines." as he left in a hurry.

"You know I am standing right here and I can hear both of you..." Kaylia crossed her arms under her bust. If looks could kill. "Why am I here? Because she helped save me, and I help with stuffs too. Not to mention I pay most of your alls way and the parts for the ship. I have tried to make friends, given my....unfortunate disposition, regardless. If you all cannot understand that I am not always going to be lucid, that I will be weird sometimes, then I will leave on our next stop."

She was surprisingly lucid right now, and a little pissed. "As for Sasha and I, its butting heads. Like family does, or so I thought that is what family does. Two strong minded women with different opinions."

Sasha looked at Kaylia. "I just never seen you cook before Kaylia,I didn't want you to hurt anyone. That was my concern." Sasha told Kaylia. Sasha saw David leave, and sighed after that.

David was beyond himself. He will not get into any other family bs. He will conduct himself as an engineer and be damned in cooking now. He slammed his hand so hard he dinted the medal table in engineering. as now his hand throbbed by pain. but he knew it was not broke. As he now starting repairs to the table. As medal on metal clanking started to fix the table. it took no time to fix like new.

Sasha left Kaylia to catch up to David, "David it has nothing to do with you." Sasha said. Sasha shook her head,"David i was concerned for you to get hurt by Kaylia with sharp objects while
cooking." Sasha said,and sighed.

"It's ok there is a lot of trust issues. I am now the enemy of kaylia. And everyone else. I am not bothering to do anything more than to deal with engineering matters." David commented as he checked the engine room displays.

Sasha looked at David."Its not you,im worried about your safety." she said then turning Kaylia's way. "I've never seen
Kaylia cook,or cut anyrthing." Sasha told David while facing Kaylia. David i'm gonna walk over to Kaylia and have a talk with her ,ok?" Sasha looked to David before heading for Kaylia.

David did not bother to answer it was her choice. As he did some minor adjustments to the fuel ratio. to give the ship a more economical. As he took a seat at his work station as started drawing up plans. quietly.

"Because you never asked, or cared, Sasha. I'm just a nuts girl to you to use as a weapon." Kaylia heard the clink. Giving a look at the medal and snatching it up from the table. She'd look at it later when Sasha wasn't going to be nosey. So it was shoved in her bra before Sasha got back.

Sasha looked at Kaylia," Well im sorry, i just get un-nervey seeing you with knives." Sasha told her."I didn't want you to use kitchen tools as weapons and hurt someone ,thats my fear Kaylia." Sasha explained.

" I can't just kill you with my pinky finger. Which I can." Kaylia shook her head. "You," she pointed at Sasha. "Stay here. I am going to talk to David A-L-O-N-E. Got it?" Turning to walk off.

Sasha shook her head as she headed off to see the others.


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