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Onward way back to Whitefall Part 1

Posted on Wed Oct 3rd, 2018 @ 3:40pm by Colonel Sasha Reynolds & Civilian Rebekka IngheiĆ°ur

Location: Nightwolf

(OOC-Heres the new log for our trip back to Whitefall)

Sasha and Jupiter were sitting in the cockpit back to Whitefall where Sasha knew there'd be people expecting us to be back on
Whitefall soon, but the crew ran a bit late with new comers coming aboard the Nightwolf. One is a Weapons expert. We shall see who this other New comer is. Sasha looked at Jupiter "I hear we got another new comer, i'm gonna see who it is." Sasha told Jupiter as she headed back to the Barracks.

Jupiter nodded "Sounds good, I will let you know if we run into any issue." Jupiter said with a smile before turning back to the flying controls.

Sasha looked at Jupiter and smiled as she laid her one hand on jupiters shoulder, before heading back.

In which Kaylia walked by Sasha into the cockpit and plopped down in the co-pilot seat. Tossing Jupiter an actual apple. She still had her stash no one could find.

Sasha saw Kaylia pass by but not said much, she was too busy
with dealing with the new comer and introducing herself to the person.

Jupiter caught the apple without looking at Kaylia, and took a bite, smiling a large smile as the juices dripped down her face. "I haven't had a pink lady apple in....well hell, years." She said as she took another bite out of the crisp apple. "Now what are you doing hanging all over my equipment." She said looking back at Kaylia.

"Yew.. have.." Stopping and turning around, Kaylia came over and stopped infront of Jupiter a moment. Tilting her head from one side to the other. Reaching up a careful finger wiped the juiced from her cheek. "All better!" Kaylia giggle a moment and leaned to kiss Jupiters nose. "Nuh huh, not your equipment, I bought it all cause I rich. Money fluff I stolded from da man."

Sasha looked back at the cockpit door rubbing her chin wondering if Kaylia was bothering the new pilot,or not.
damn kaylia let her fly the Nightwolf safely.
Sasha shook her head with some anger, wanting to go back to the cockpit.
But Sasha knew she had to go meet her new crew members,
Kaylia your in trouble with me. Sasha thought on her way to meet new crew members.

Kaylia shook her head a moment. Giving a sigh, with a huff. 'You are aware...bitch. I can read minds but I don't like to use it. Half the time I can't even use it. However, you thinking that crap about me? And that I'm in trouble? Jupie is fine. Either of us can fly this bucket. Blind. And I do pay for most of this crap to keep her running till I got cut off. So I don't want to hear it.' Which was spoken into Sasha's head. "Cap'in?" Kaylia lifted her hand and slowly 'scrolled' up her middle finger. "Blow me."

Sasha saw Kaylia while watching the others with
their belongings, she saw what she was doing flicking Sasha
off. Sasha said to Kaylia," blow me? thats not nice to tell me that when we have company." Sasha looked at kaylia with a stern look. Sasha went back to watching the crew members
with their belongings on her way to check the medical supplies.

Sasha was down in the area where the medical supplies looking at the new comers."Hey everyone who came in,Theres medical
supplies here,and you can put your belongings here too."
Sasha explained,"other than going to your belongings,no one else is allowed down here like I said before we have Medical supplies to deliver to Whitefall,and I want no one going near them whats so ever so be quick with your belongings,and finding a room for you to live and sleep, That is all." Sasha told the new crew.

Jupiter gave Kaylia a wrinkle of her nose "Rich people always get the good stuff don't they?" She said with a chuckle as she set the apple down and pulled out her hankerchief and cleaned the rest of her cheek. She heard Kaylia sigh and looked up to see her aggitaged, and flipping off the captain. "Now that wasn't very nice. I'm sure the captain is just concerned about getting there," She said, reaching up and pulling Kaylia's hand down. "Let the captain see to the new comers. You stay here with me and out of trouble."

"She's always mean cause I'm different. I didn't do this to myself. I'd rather just be normal." Kaylia gave a little sniff and just nodded. She started humming, then started singing in Mandarin. One of the old folk songs she'd heard about before the war. It had to do with star crossed lovers whom were always stopped at every turn from being together. Then they both were finally able to kill the gods but in the process that started the war.

Sasha was down in the Cargo hold checking out the Medical Supplies while others were checking on their things, Sasha checked that every medical supply was there. When Sasha
was satisfied she headed out towards the front of the ship where the pilot was.

Rebekka stepped on to the catwalk next to the woman. "Rich people don't always get the good stuff." She said with a smile. "There is something to be said about living the life on a small cargo vessel that is very enriching and enduring." She winked at Kaylia. "You, also, have to remember that Sasha has had a hard life herself. That is a defensive measure on her part. Besides if she didn't like you, you wouldn't be here."

Sasha was heading towards the bridge where jupiter was piloting and seeing how everything was, as she walked down the corridor to the bridge where she heard 2 ladies talk.

Jupiter smiled at Rebekka's words and she turned and looked at Kaylia "She has a point you know, I think if Sasha really hated you she would have you kicked out." She said, taking another bite of the apple. "Everyone has their own story, just like you have yours"

Sasha walked in on the ladies." So whats cooking up here Jup?"
Sasha smiled. "OOH, Where did you ladies get the apples?"
Sasha also asked them,feeling hungry.

Jupiter looked over at Sasha, and pointed back at Kaylia without saying anything before taking another bite and turning her attention back to flying.

Kaylia looked at Rebekka and smiled. She always did. There was going to be a special place in her heart for Rebekka, and not just because of...well, things. "Yeah yeah...I know. Doesn't make it easy because my brain is screwed." She huffed. Giving a glance to Jupiter and then Sasha. "I have them. I always have. You may think me stupid, or insane. I have money, and if everyone would pay attention. I keep putting a thousand into all of your accounts every month. Also paying for the ship repairs and refueling. When I'm lucid."

"I don't try to be difficult, Sasha. Sometimes I can't help it and you know that. I just want to be normal and that will never happen, but I also don't just want all of you running to me because I have money. If you did, then all am is a cash cow."

Sasha looked over,"I didn't say you were but sometimes you do and sometimes you don't I just try and ignore it." Sasha told her." Just don't worry about it,and no one is getting kicked out." Sasha said." by the way do you have more apples? I would like one please." Sasha smiled.

Rebekka looked at Kaylia, "I'm not sure how you got my account information, but you don't need to give me money. As you probably saw that I'm independently wealthy."

Sasha looked at the two ladies as she shook her head," Rebekka,and Kaylia." Sasha frowned at both of them." Theres to be no one getting in anybodies financials." Do you both understand,and im talking bout you Kaylia as well." Sasha said a bit angry over the situation." Kaylia if you wanted to borrow money from someone just ask,not go into the persons financials." Sasha told kaylia still mad.



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